Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Everyone!

So sorry for being away so long but I’m having a hard time with pictures loading and then not finding them, it is just not like Windows 7 and I
do get discouraged, plus I have to wait for Chris to stop by like he did this morning and I know he just cringes
when I ask him to try and fix it!

It’s football season here again, I’m not talking about the Steelers but highschool football, my son coaches, so every Friday we and the
whole family it seems sit in the bleachers and cheer him on, so far he has won every game! The picture below is of
Alex, coaches daughter, Samantha holding Nicholas, I’m using my iphone to take pictures because my camera is not working right!


After the game, talking to the reporter for the newspaper!

This summer I noticed my hair, after the operation, looking bad (all those meds) so I had Renee, my
hairdresser, do me in my natural color with a little bit of blonde feathering on the bottom.
Here I am with my oldest granddaughter Sydney,school shopping in August, I can’t believe
she is going to be 14 this year.
I’ve also been watching Nicholas on Thursday’s, he goes to Pre-School
but is off on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s! He has fake glasses on here
and he held the puzzle up so you could see how he put it together.


This is my grandog she is so adorable and I sure love her so much… her paws
crack me up, they look like mittens to me!

I’ll be back tomorrow and show you some of my fall and yes, I did put out a little, tiny bit of Halloween decorations,
I figure I may as well do it all so that I don’t have to get it from the basement twice!

Have a wonderful week ahead!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Love!

Fall is right around the corner friends, days are shorter and you can just smell it in the air! Tomorrow is the last day for
our 90 degree weather and then they are calling for much cooler temps, one night is supposed to go down to 50!!!
I’m totally ready to put away the sea shells and sea glass aren’t you?  I’ve been pinning a lot lately, just can’t resist
those great fall ideas that everyone is putting out there!
Here are some of my favorites:

This neat mantle is from Just Destiny love the chalkboard fire and the “Welcome Autumn” sign is a free
printable plus she used some half pumpkins that I’ve seen at Michale’s!

This one is from HGTV, look at all the printables, they look great all grouped together!
Love the gobble gobble one!

How about Pottery Barn? They always have great holiday items!


Be still my heart…a grain sack pumpkin from the old white house. Love it!
I have two velvet pumpkins which I usually place on my coffee table but this is a
cute idea with the basket and…looks like raffia. For some reason the lettered cottage
blog can’t be hyperlinked so be sure to stop by her blog!

Thanks so very much for stopping by, I always appreciate it!
Stop by my Fall pinterest board to see other fall ideas!