Monday, February 28, 2011

Working on My Bedroom!

As you can see it’s pretty bare looking but looks alot better than it did, I took my time in choosing  something I really loved for the bed and Friday I found it at Target (love that store). I had seen it on line but was so happy to see it there on the shelf to really get a good look at it and feel the material. I may put the blue washstand that I painted cafe blue (and still need to get hardware for, just don’t know if I should get black or the brushed silver) on the other side of the bed, what I have there now is to small so I’ll be on the lookout for something bigger. I can feel GW calling my name…I haven’t been there in a while, yikes!
The two decorative pillows I found at TJMaxx, in the next photo you can get a closer look at them.

Love them!
I have the shabby chic curtains just need to get curtain rods, I also moved the basket I found at Michael’s in the bedroom.
The picture isn’t good of the paint job on the washstand which was free by the way, I only spent $2 .49 on the Behr Cafe Blue paint sample:) the weather here is windy with rain so I didn’t really expect good pictures  anyway, the paint is as I said Cafe Blue. It had all been stained oak so I painted it…  then with dark brown craft paint mixed with a medium(which I already had) I did the top and all over it and quickly wiped it off…came out great and I’m happy with it!
I thought you would like to see where I blog from, not the best home office but I’m working on that in my head.LOL  TJMaxx had a white leather and chrome computer chair, I sat in it and loved and wanted it but didn’t have the extra $125.00 to take it home, oh well wasn’t  meant to be as I always tell myself! Here is a question for you, do you think I should paint the diningroom table legs Cottage White? Looking at the picture I think I should.LOL The dry sink there is now a catch all but it will be leaving soon and the bench that I still have to do the seat on will be there in place of it.
I love to decorate but still find time to go to Sydney’s basketball game, they won the championship and she also made a basket!
I hope everyone is having a good day wherever you are and I for one am so glad this is the end of February!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Entryway…I Like This Better!

I found this basket at Michael's Monday for the bottom of my bookshelf but it's to wide for it...Michael's had their baskets half off that day:)

I think this looks alot better than what I had before, the aqua chair just wasn’t doing it for me(see last post) and as one reader said “it looks like it is overpowering it” and I couldn’t have agreed more:) So I moved/tweaked around a little and this is what I came up with! I think it gives the washstand center stage now.
It’s amazing isn’t it when you look at a photo of your rooms and realized how many of your pieces are from GW or yardsales. Everything in this pic is from GW except the little bench(it was my mom’s) and what is on top of the planter, I found it at Lowes in the garden dept. and just loved the birds on it, the greenery is from the Dollar Tree! I’m going to paint that cord it would blend in so much better!
Here’s a better look at the little bench…love it!
Also changed out the flowers here! As you can see the sofa is still a blue denim, the slipcovers I bought at Target on clearance were to small by about 4 inches but I found out that I loved the look of it so I have to find one that is a least 100 inches across. The only one I found is PB at 148.00 on sale. If you have hesitated buying a duck cloth one from Target…don’t, the blue didn’t show thur at all and it was good quality, even had a seperate cushion cover, believe me I was so sad but had to return it!
I thought I’d show you the opening into kitchen, the burlap looken bench and the black birds do tie in with the black clock and black cupboard. It’s all coming together little by little
I hope you are doing well where ever you are!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Painted White!

I have looked all over for a before picture of this washstand that I had found at GW for 15.00 and in good shape too! It just needed some painting done to it, I was in the prim style then and painted it black…didn’t like it so used a beige paint on top of that and just didn’t care for look of it after all that painting. Now it is Cottage White and I’m loving it!
Knos from Target that I  had and I did more distressing than I usually do, wish I had thought to move the cord there!P2230280
A view of the bottom.
  The handles, you can see the black coming thur.
I tried two different chairs with it in my entryway and I’m not liking either one:)
I did the lamp too and just did a little distressing on it, the bird is from the Dollar Tree, the only one left! I left it as is for now.
This photo is taken from the hallway leading to the bedrooms…just not liking that chair there, any suggestions?
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Monday, February 21, 2011

A GW Redo!

Hi everyone! I took a little bloggy break over the weekend, Mr. K and I attended a dance for MS and had a great time with friends. I also worked Sat. and Sun and by 9 PM last night I was in bed…I feel great this morning though wish I could do that every night!
Remember this little plantstand I bought at GW for $2.99? Well, here it is after I did some work on it…

I don’t intend to keep it here in this spot but it’s a rainy, dreary day in Pa. and this was the only spot that got at least some decent light coming in.
I painted it Cottage White and then glazed over it with the acrylic dark brown paint and a medium, doesn’t show up well in the photo here but in the corners you can see a little bit of it.
I may use it outside this year to hold some pretty flowers from the greenhouse, Oh, I can’t wait to see some green and flowers hanging in baskets and grass that has just been mowed…sigh!
Here’s a little piece of sunshine!
My granddaughter Alex, who didn’t want to take the time to pose for a picture…she has my son’s eyes, a miracle that we sometimes forget to look for♥

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kindra's New Party!

Do you remember this? It’s a little stool that was my mom’s, it had been down in the basement for a while and before that I had covered it with homespun when I was into prim. So when I started this style (that I love by the way) I covered it with a pink rosebud pillowcase that I had found at an estate sale this past summer. Loved it but I think my taste is moving away (again) from the total shabby chic look to something that I just don’t know what to call. I love Pottery Barn but yet I still love the white furniture and lighter colors so I’m just going to do what I love and see how it looks and just go from there. 
Anyway I decided to redo it again only this time with a drop cloth that I bought at Lowe’s for about $5.00 it’s not a real big one, after all I  knew I wasn’t going to do a slipcover:) I used black craft paint that I already had and a small paint brush, I like it alot better.
I also used painters tape and made the stripes about a quarter of an inch! Here’s a close up!
I think I’ll paint the legs a Cottage White too because when I spraypainted them last summer it just didn’t take very well.
I have it here sitting on the bench that I’m going to do the same way. Now that I look at this picture I know I’m going to paint the legs soon!
Here is a peek at my new throw from TJMaxx, love the ruffles, I’ve always wanted one and when I saw it, because sometimes that don’t have them, I grabbed it!  I also bought slipcovers for the sofa but with Stush being laid up with his knee I haven’t tried them yet.
I’m joining my friend Kindra she is having a new linky party… Terrific Under Ten Tuesday’s stop by and see all the neat things for under $10.00! Also Nifty Thrifty Tuesday and Tuesday's Treasures and Good Life Wednesdays ! I'm also joining another party that I just found Transformation Thursday, Thanks ladies for hosting!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Him and Me!

I knew Mr.K ever since 7th grade, back then you went to Jr. High from 7th grade to 9th then on to high school  9th thru 12th, I was a sophamore in 1967 and he was a senior. I always thought he was a nice guy but we never dated or anything and so we went our seperate ways. We both ended up married to the wrong people even though others would tell us that we were making a mistake but when your young you tend to think you know it all, so we both went thur years of heartache but we each say it was worth it for having the kids we had…me with four…him one!
I meant Mr.K again about ten years ago he was 52 and me 51 and I can say with all my heart that I fell in love with him right then and there. I knew I had found my soulmate, a good man, my prayers had been answered. You know it’s not easy dating at that age and the dating culture sure had changed since the 60’s we had both been single for a while, so we went into our new relationship with caution on both sides but after five years of dating we knew we wanted to be together forever so we married on May 26th 2006! the best decision I ever made…he makes me laugh everyday, we will think of the same things and the same time and we were born exactly a year and a day apart me April 7th, him April 8th!
It makes you wonder why we didn’t know this back in 1967 but as my dad used to say “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders” how true! Maybe we went thur what we did so that now we can so appreciate each other…maybe.
Do you see the letter e in my name, Mr.K said he remembers hesitating when writing my name because he wasn’t sure how to spell it, and I remember reading it and thinking “ he didn’t say I was “tuff”… a word back then that meant you were “hot”!
Thank you Karen for having this linky party over at My Desert Cottage!
Happy Valentines Day to  everyone of you and I hope with all my heart you have found a love like I finally did!
Love You Mr. K!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Favorites

Hello everyone! This is the 2nd try on trying to join Chari's Sunday Favorites. This post is about our annual yard sale that we have had every year at my sister's home for the past 30 years a real tradition, my mom always loved it♥ I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!

Yes, every year we have our annual yard sale at my sister’s home, she has a huge yard and there is usually 5 to 6 people selling in it with canopies helping to keep some of the sun out, unfortunely not the heat, it was in the 90’s both days hot… is not the word for it:)
We had a wonderful time though like we always do, it not only means getting to sell things you don’t want anymore but getting together with family, we have been doing this since the 70’s, my BIL sells hotdogs and kobasie sandwiches and pop and we all wait to eat them, they always smell so good!
I didn’t walk around to the other sales, just to hot so I shopped at the ones that were set up by me…look at these roses, I bought them from my sister Judy for .50 and put them in the milkglass GW vase, they look real don’t they?

I found these two prints for $2.00 and on the back was a label that said Pier One $4.98 a piece! They measure 16 by 8 so far Walmart and Target haven’t any that size but I’ll keep looking!
This piecrust table was my mom’s, I can remember playing on it when I was little, my sister had it and said she wasn’t using it anymore and would I like to have it…I love it, I don’t know where it will end up but I’ll find a place!
I traded my sister a crock bench for a box full of these blue and clear glass ball jars…so neat to find so many of them at one time! One of them is old because you can see the bubbles in the glass, I got about twenty in the box and different sizes!

At first I thought this was a sugar bowl but now I think it’s a candy container, I guess you could use it either way, I bought it from my niece for a $1.00!
Here is another picture of it!
Of course these two wanted to be on Grammy’s blog so here is Sydney with her cousin’s yard sale find...a Sponge Bob lunchbox!
Samantha bought three Barbie dresses still in the package for .50 she is a little bargain shopper! The kids had it alot cooler in the pool!
I did really well close to $600.00 but I had alot of prims to sell, some I didn’t sell because I just paid to much for them and knew I wouldn’t make a good profit on them. I was very pleased though.
I did buy some things at Target and Lowes so I’ll show them in my next post. I’m starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel with this decorating change over, I spray painted some more today seems like that’s all I do but it needs to be done before cold weather sets in.

I’m linking to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm and Today’s Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality stop by to see everyone, it’s like looking at a great decorating magazine only better!


Friday, February 11, 2011

I’m Featured and So Thrilled!

Hi everyone, Nurse Rachett here…no just kidding, Mr.K is doing fine and resting on the couch but boy have I been busy, picking up prescriptions, groceries and to the bank, I didn’t realize all he did in a day.LOL Anyway, here is my sweet hutch/china cabinet, I still have to distress and stain but loving it anyway, and guess what is featuring me, yes, me!!! Can you tell that I”m thrilled? Thank you so much Deb, I’ve been floating on a cloud all week since you emailed me:)
I put these handles on myself BTW and they are on sale at Lowes too! I kept the original ones on the doors, I just couldn’t find any I liked instead.
This is to the left…
and this is to the right!
Put my GW cloche in here on top of a white book.P2110247
I found this galvanized pail at a yardsale for .25 and when I did the framed chalkboard I painted a some on here and added a 7 with some chalk and do you know it’s not easy to buy white chalk, at least around here. Lowes doesn’t sell it, Walmart was all out of it and finally found one package left at Rite Aid.LOL
This is a quick one ladies but wanted to get this post up, now I”m off to red up the kitchen and then hopefully sit and look at the new Country Living:)
I’m joining for her Show and Tell party♥
Have a wonderful night wherever you are!