Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Tour on Debbiedoo’s

Hi everyone! I’m so excited! My home is home toured on Debbiedoo’s blog today, yahoo for me. Thanks so much Deb for having me, I’m really thrilled, stop by her blog today and get your tour of my home, there is still so much we have to do but this has really made me see how much we did accomplish:)


Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Trip to Annapolis

I said I would post about Michael’s (my son ) engagement party so here it is, the weather that day was bad and I talked to my daughter who was already in Ocean City and she said the sun was shining and was beautiful out. How can a two hour drive make such a difference? It did though!
This is my son and future DIL they will be married June 21, 2013 back here in Pa. a beautiful couple don’t you think?
Here is what it looked like that day but hey, we still had fun anyways:)As you can see the bay is rough and the wind was too.
We ate here and it’s the only little bar around,  see the bench and planter there? Well across from that is this…
I did it in black and white so that I could frame it. Found a frame at the fleamarket for $1.00 and I have to paint it yet, it’s going to be so neat when I’m finished with it!
Here I am with my three son’s, Nick and Chris are to the left of me and Michael is to the right. So chilly and rainy, windy that day, we had to go by outwear because none of us had any with us except Chris!
Finally we just had to move everything to Michael’s home.
The cutest there were these twins, Ava and Sydney, they look just like Michael’s friend, Holt’s, a highschool friend who came all the way from New Jersey.
You can tell from these pictures how rainy it was, this is Annapolis ( harbor ), love it here! Love all the little shops.
All the old houses are so neat to look at.
Love the doorknocker and the pineapple and look at the pink mail slot on the right!
This cottage is in Michael’s neighborhood, for sale, wouldn’t you love to fix it up? I love how they did the roof on the porch, I’d paint it a neat color plus the door I suggested we buy it to Stush but he wasn’t interested. boo!
I can dream though, right?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Shiny Nightstand

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great weekend, we did, beautiful weather here in Pa. I think today is at about 80 degrees and a nice breeze with it too. Yesterday we worked out back to clean things up a bit, with a lot of yard you have a lot of work but we finished in time to go to a picnic!
The day before I had the bright idea to buy some Valspar spray paint in Metallic but when I got to Lowe’s all they had was metal, so I decided to give it a go on my nightstand which I had found for $15.00 at a yardsale, I’ve always loved seeing pictures of shiny, painted furniture from other blogs and thought I’d try it myself.
Here it is, not great but not bad either:
I found the gray lamp and shade for $2.00 at a yardsale this past May, I’m on the lookout for a different one and in fact looked for one Friday but just didn’t find anything I liked, I’m thinking of painting the bottom white, what do you think?
This is the only picture I could find that shows a before of the nightstand, painted white.
I even sprayed right over the ceramic knob!
It’s different…I’ll admit but I like different sometimes don’t you?
To see it better I turned the light on, I will be truthful, I gave it three coats and it came out splotchy on the top and sides and legs so I asked Stush to fix it for me and after he finished I was so happy that it wasn’t ruined.
Also while at Lowes I looked at some paint chips for this room I’m really tired of the Gold Sand, so I pinned this to the wall above my desk to see how the light effects the three shades of gray. I’m sort of leaning towards the middle one, Gravity by Valspar. Oh, and the cutie in the top left of the picture is Nicholas, he will be celebrating his 1st birthday this coming week! I can’t believe he is going to be one already but he’s walking around now and so sweet:) Blurred to respect privacy.
Thanks so much for stopping by, always love to have you visit!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I Chose With My Amazon Gift Card

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a good day, by that I mean the mailman brought me two packages that I was waiting for.
I was the lucky winner of a Amazon $50.00 gift card over at Coastal Charm about a week ago and this is what I  bought with it, I’ve been wanting to change the table that I had there for a while now and winning sure came in handy, I only had to pay for shipping so it worked out great!
I don’t know what I’ll put on top, can’t be a lamp and as you know my diningroom is right there behind it. The size of it amazed me I didn’t think it was that large but was really happy with it, when I came home from work Stush had it all put together for me…sweet!
It has a little drawer in the front but I think only pen and tablet would fit in it.
I think it’s added some elegance to the room, it you have any suggestions for what I can put on top I’m all ears, on the other one I used a basket that held the remotes, pen and paper but I’d like to do something different with this one.
I had to be a little choosey when I was picking one out , the back of it has to look as good as the front because of the diningroom, it’s works out fantastic from the back too!
Thanks for stopping by I always appreciate it!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Steps in the Livingroom

Yes, just baby steps, I found out that’s how it has to be done to get the look that I’m aiming for! Love Pottery Barn  a whole bunch as I know some of you do too! Oh, my though it can be expensive, our nearest PB is about 40 miles from here and unfortunely no Pottery Barn Outlet close either. So I haunt their online store and go right to their sale section to drool plus I get their catalog to read from cover to cover also. Here is my livingroom so far:
PB coffee table, thanks Craigslist and PB pillow cover for $14.99 online. I’d love a new sofa and I’ve been looking for months just waiting for a good deal to come my way. It’s over 10 years old and it’s time for a change I think and something else for above the couch I’d like too…but I have to remember “baby steps”.

We just painted our fireplace white this year and love it.
As you can see my livingroom is one long room that includes the diningroom!
PB’s leather chair, even on sale was just to much so I bought the Target one they had on sale one week.
Here is a better pic…I use old or neat looking bottles too for decorating.
This is the view coming in the front door.
Into the kitchen.
As a side note I can’t believe it’s coming time to close the pool soon, love it on a sunny day like today!
I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and as always thanks so much for stopping by!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OMG, I Almost Forgot Debbiedo’s Party

I know you will forgive me though, I’ve had company since July 21st, not the same people/relatives, just different ones at different times! Today my son left for Annapolis so I think we are done now.
When my husband’s sister was here their brother took us all out to dinner then we went to his home, well when I went into his garage I saw this metal stool that has to be from the 30’s or 40’s…I made a big fuss over it and he said that I could have it if I want, well, yeah and free I might add! So here it is in my home, I sat it on the fireplace hearth so you could see it better. Johnny is a fleamarketer, he sales and buys, you should see the stuff he has…wood signs, tin signs, crocks… just anything you can imagine he has it! Not just thrown around either but kept very orderly!
It has the rubber thingys on each leg and the top is so worn, see!


I don’t know what to do with it as far as painting it goes, black with a stenciled white number on it? I’ve seen them done and I just fell in love with them! In a way I hate to ruin the patina of it but I don’t have any red in my home. I think I’ll keep it right here in the room off the kitchen, can’t you just see it painted black with a white number on it?

Also last weekend we celebrated my sister Judy’s birthday and I framed this for her, I found it on facebook, my cousin had shown her dad and other people along with my sister, brother and parents. I cropped everyone out but my mom and dad, sister and brother, I’d never seen this picture so you can imagine the wonderful “shock” it was to see them on FB. The year is 1940 they had my brother and sister before the war and my other brother and me after the war was over. I enlarged it to a 5x7 but with old photos it’s hard to do without losing the facial features. Anyway when my sister unwrapped it she cried, I think my parents were in their early 20’s in this picture and the water behind them is Lake Erie! My brother standing there in front died when he was in his mid 50’s from cancer, so bittersweet! Anyway I wanted to share it with all of you.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Chair from Target

Hi everyone! So hot here today, I was off from work/kids today so I got to sleep in a little!
Edited: This morning is gray and raining! What a switch in the weather huh?
Do you like to shop at Target? I do and I’ve had my eye on this brown leather chair for awhile, in the Sunday paper I saw it was on sale for $150.00 down from $199.00… then if I used my card I got 5% off too! So I bought it and love it, only thing with the floors I find that it scoots back where it shouldn’t be, any suggestions?
A lot of light in my livingroom today, in fact to much, it’s usually to dark or to light never a happy medium! I’m looking for new stands one for the end of the couch and one for between the chairs. I have to realize though that I have to take baby steps and use things from other rooms and that sometimes life gets in the way.
The birdcage pillow is from Marshall’s, I don’t think I showed you… it’s big and fluffy.!

Here’s one that shows the fireplace, painted white, and a little of the PB coffee table. It’s starting to take shape now little by little.
I did make a change in the diningroom by adding the bench that I found at a yardsale a couple years ago.
I’ve also discovered Chip it, it is so neat, I loaded up a picture of my livingroom and it gave me paint chip colors that I should use in that room…try it, I think you will really like it!
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments, sorry I haven’t answered your comments yet… I had company last week, now more tonight, it’s been crazy around here!
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