Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Are you all ready? I’m as ready as I ever will be! I can’t wait for tomorrow to see the grands with their happy faces.picmonkey_image
I put my faux presents under the tree in a wire basket like I see all over blogland…so neat I think!
Christmas Eve 010
Have a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Little More Creativeness

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Well, I’m not, if I’m done by Monday I’ll be happy.
This is what I did today instead of wrapping a huge amount of gifts! Not a good idea I know but I was off today and the creative bug bit me, which doesn’t happen often enough for me!
Well look at me I finally mastered PicMonkey, only took me almost a year, now remember I’m in my early 60’s so anything technical scares me until I learn it over and over again! I think I went a little crazy with the snow though which btw we are supposed to be getting tonight!
I thought I saw this cute decoration on Pinterest and knew I had to pin it because I just loved it but I must not have because I went thur some of my boards and it’s not there. So if anyone knows who made this please let me know and I’ll be sure to include her name here.
christmas 2012 001 (2)
Here it is without the holly and snow. It was so easy to make and everything used here is from the Dollar Store.
christmas 2012 001
edited. Well, I woke up this morning and logged on to see a comment from Gail at Purple Hues and Me, she is the fantastic creator of this DT decoration and she was so gracious about it. Look how beautifully she has done hers, so much prettier than mine, I did mine from memory so I forgot about the greenery which I think adds to the red and white, It’s just beautiful Gail, stop by Gail’s blog, she is such a fantastic crafter, I’ve been thur some of her posts and just couldn’t believe what she can create!
My shelves in the kitchen needed something more so I hung it below them.
christmas 2012 002
I had bought 2 yards of burlap at JoAnn’s, so after staring at my bookshelf I decided to wrap the foamboard that I had painted with the burlap for the back of the shelves.
christmas 2012 004
christmas 2012 005
They were all out of the lighter burlap so I bought this darker shade.
christmas 2012 006
I like it better than the blue paint I had on there, that’s what’s so neat about the foamboard, if you change your mind it’s a quick fix to change it!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Vignettes Around my Home

Hello all! I hope your days are getting a little better, I have been feeling down since last Friday but had to shake out of it because of family and to celebrate our Saviors birthday. So…I thought I’d show you a little of what I did around my home.
These pomegranates I found in a very primitive store a about 4 years ago, I have them in a white ironstone bowl on some faux greenery sitting on my kitchen counter.
Christmas 2012 014
For some reason I didn’t bring out my Christmas tree that I bought when I was single so I put the ornaments that I used on it in another ironstone bowl. These are sitting on the stepback cupboard.
Christmas 2012 004
I think the berries look so pretty in the jute vase I made, which was so easy to do.
Christmas 2012 015
I don’t think I ever showed this enamelware pot that my BIL gave me, I have it sitting on my shelves in the keeping room.
Christmas 2012 009
There it is sitting with my snowmen!
Christmas 2012 008
My Cupcake Santa and canvas from Tjmaxx or Marshall’s, I can’t ever keep those two stores
Christmas 2012 011
I found this plaque at a yardsale this past summer for $2.00, nice size too, about 9x12 and breakable, I should make a cocoa station in front of it…but when? I’m going shopping today and work tomorrow so maybe next year!
Christmas 2012 010
This is above my couch, I just added a wreath that I’ve had for years!
Christmas 2012 005
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Monday, December 17, 2012

It Can Happen Anywhere

This morning my daughter called me, like she does every morning, and told me how they discussed the Newport Conn. tragedy at the dinner table the evening before. Samantha who is 7 said “ I can run real fast daddy, I’ll run! Her dad had to say that she wouldn’t be able to dodge a bullet but to drop on the floor and play dead. I can’t imagine telling a 7 and 11 year old this but in this day and age especially after last Friday you have to, to save their lives.


I worked today and while there I got a call from my daughter telling me that she had received an email from the school saying they were in a lockdown…why? a man was running around in the woods with a stolen gun about a mile from the school and about a half mile from my house, threatening to shoot himself or whoever. Thank God he didn’t make it near the school but who knows what would have happened if he had. It was a call that made me sick,  shaken and so helpless.

They are fine and the only thing I can think and say is “Thank you Jesus”

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally Found…Nativity Set

Good Morning to you! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here, sunny and high of 50! A great day to get your hair done:) So I thought before I go that I’d show you what I found yesterday at a very high end consignment store The Savvy Fox! I have been looking for a Nativity set for about 7 years now and I wouldn’t just buy anything, well, last year I found one at Macy’s brought it home and Baby Jesus was missing so returned it and I’ve been on the look out again for one!
Here’s what I found and I think I got a deal on it, $39.99 for six pieces of the Willow Tree Nativity! I know to buy each piece of what I have would cost way more because I always go into Hallmark to look at it every year. Now it is Christmas to me, baby Jesus is here!
Christmas 2012 001  
I was going to put them under the tree but they seemed to wabble on the tree skirt and I don’t want them chipped or broke, I’ve waited a long time for them. So I decided to put them on my stepback cupboard, don’t they look so pretty in front of my thrifted white platter?
Christmas 2012 002
The lady told me she had just got the set in and had put them out that day, so to me it was just meant to be!
Christmas 2012 016
Stush and me just after we got back from Cabo…at my bff’s son’s wedding!
Christmas 2012 003
Don’t you just hate “arm” pictures?
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I’m really sad and heartsick about the tragedy that occurred involving shootings at a school, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those babies.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Diningroom Ready for Christmas Day

Hi all! Are you ready to see my diningroom decorated for Christmas? Well, I’m ready to show you…I really like it this year although some things I did the same and some things are newly done! I’m still loven the table legs painted with ASCP!
Christmas 2012 002
This wire basket I had found at GW last year, I’ve used it in the entryway but decided to use it here this year, when I found it I didn’t have to do a thing to it, I always love that part of finding a treasure don’t you? The handles on each side go up and down. I filled it with faux holly in a pot that I found at the flea market years ago, wrapped it in some left over burlap, used my burlap ruffled runner this way on the table and I was done!
I used DT snowflakes on my chandy like I did last year.
Christmas 2012 008
This is something new I did this year too, bought the small wreaths at DT and tied the black polka dot ribbon on, cute huh?
Christmas 2012 009
Next to the hutch, in the corner I added the wreath that I never know what to do with, on the shutter and the green plants from Ikea! I really like this corner this year for Christmas.

Christmas 2012 003
With my collection of old bottles I just added Santa and pinecones plus garland!
Diningroom 2012 005
I used different candleholders this year on the hutch white one from GW and the glass one from DT!
Diningroom 2012 004
On my mom’s piecrust table I made this vignette.
Diningroom 2012 001
Candles on a white ironstone platter!
Diningroom 2012 002

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you are almost done with your decorating!
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Christmas Home Tour

Happy Day to you all! What a wonderful season this is, how blessed we are to  decorate our homes to celebrate our Saviors Birthday!
I’d love to take you on a tour of our home for Christmas 2012, we will start in the entryway okay?
I had to use lights because we have had rain and gloomy weather for going on a week now. I also went a little simpler this year by that I mean I didn’t drag everything out like I used to.
I’ve had this quilted stocking for years and always bring it out to hang on this narrow piece by the closet.
christmas 2012 018
I used real greenery from Lowe’s my first time ever for around my front door, so I tucked a few pieces in the stocking and every time I go past I get a whif of Christmas!
christmas 2012 019
My holly wreath with the Got Snow sign and no we haven’t had any snow yet this winter, hope we get some for Christmas eve.
christmas 2012 020
christmas 2012 022
Now how about the kitchen, it’s just to the right of the entryway. I always use faux garland with lights above the kitchen cabinets.
christmas 2012 001

christmas 2012 002
On my PB curtains I tied some black polka dotted bows on and those sweet little mitten s&p’s are from Hallmark this summer on clearance.
christmas 2012 009
christmas 2012 003
This is on my work table that is right off the kitchen. The wicker sleigh was my mom’s, I remember this from my teenage years.
christmas 2012 023
christmas 2012 024
The diningroom is my fav this year!
Christmas 2012 008
Love my bench here at the table!
Christmas 2012 009
christmas 2012 013
Christmas 2012 003
Livingroom mantle and tree in silver, black and white! I added another silver reindeer and some cute little stars to the garland.
christmas 2012 014
christmas 2012 015
Oh Christmas Tree!
Christmas 2012 010
Christmas 2012 009

Christmas 2012 003
I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tour this year!
Thanks for stopping by because I know you are so busy right now!
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