Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Subway Tile

Yes, I painted over the chalkboard paint, I wanted something lighter to bring out the counters more,
so I decided on beadboard wallpaper which I have had for a few years so this makeover would have
been no $$$ BUT my hubs wasn’t to keen on the idea of the wallpaper. He keeps remembering when
I had it in the bathroom and entryway then me wanting to remove it, which at the time we both swore
we would never have it again in our home! So he suggested subway tile and I’m thrilled!
Michael's birthday 023
Here is a picture of the primer on the backsplash.
iphone March 021
Here is a part that’s almost done…it sure is making it look a lot brighter!
iphone March 022
I took these with my iphone so I’m sorry for the terrible pictures but I wanted to get these
up fast since we were so busy.
In other news I still haven’t got the baskets for my tv/dresser but I read that Michael’s baskets
are 40% off this week, I’ll be sure to show you when I get them!
thanks for stopping by I always appreciate it!