Monday, June 30, 2014

New York is Where I’d Rather Be!

Not really but that song from Green Acres runs thur my mind =) We stayed in China Town which wasn’t bad
but next year we are renting an apartment in either Shoo or on Orchard Street. We had a great time, we
always do shopping and sightseeing and walking, the only time we got a taxi is when we got there and when
we were going home.

Here are some photos I took while there I also have a couple on instagram

1st day in NYC!
new york city 007
I thought I got more pictures of the apartment, I must not have, you can see the bedroom from
this photo, most of the furniture was from Ikea. In the bedroom were two closets from Ikea that
had frosted glass on the doors, I loved them! I wished I would have got a picture of them.
new york city 009
China town is mostly all Chinese, most that we encountered couldn’t speak English!

new york city 017
Oh, the hotdogs on the streets of NYC are so good and only $2.00!
new york city 010

We passed this market everyday…
new york city 022

Look at the flowers, I just loved them!
new york city 020
Pretty sunflowers
new york city 021
We shopped and stopped in the boutiques, this one below is a vintage one, I saw a lot of 70’s clothes and
they were expensive.

new york city 024

new york city 034
Now for some beautiful brownstones!

new york city 028

new york city 029
I loved this one below, if I lived there I think I would
have did the same as she did. The door is fantastic!

new york city 036
Here is the rent for apartments… not even near Broadway or Times Square!
new york city 031

This is the Washington Park, I think, they had a couple musicians playing there.
new york city 037

Further into the park they had jumping rope contest, I could never jump that fast!
new york city 040

Here was the best thing of all to me,
new york city 033
A bookstore, sort of like on You Got Mail! I could have stayed in there
all day long, it was so neat and much bigger than this pic shows!

new york city 032
This is what NYC kids do, they swim in the fountains!

new york city 042
new york city 044

Of course I could have taken a lot more pictures but I just had my
iPhone with me and got tired of taking it in and out of my handbag and juggling
packages too!
If you ever get a chance to visit NYC do so, I’ve been there four times
and I still haven’t seen everything that the city has to offer. We opted out of
seeing the 911 museum I just didn’t know if I could handle it…maybe next time!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Time Fun

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around lately but I just have been enjoying being outside everyday,
after the winter we had I promised myself that I would enjoy spring/summer this year no matter what!
Plus watching the grandchildren and getting ready for my 4th trip to New York City with my best friend
Lynda,we leave on June 20th, can’t wait!
I’m still checking out your blogs though and loving them, so much inspiration out in  the blog world  that
I can’t help being inspired.
So here is my summer mantle for 2014.
summer mantle 2014 014
I actually have two versions for you to look at, I like them both…don’t you hate when that
happens and you have to chose which one to go with?
I made this banner it’s burlap triangles that I bought at Walmart, just hot glued them on
the twine and then used stencils that I had (also from Walmart) and used a black sharpie
to fill the stencils in. Did not take long to make at all!
summer mantle 2014 005
I needed a summer wreath and remembered this grapevine wreath in the basement, I had
some burlap ribbon and stuck a starfish in it and I was good to go. It’s nice just shopping from
your home sometimes.
summer mantle 2014 003
The burlap ribbon is from Walmart too! You see one just opened a hop skip and a jump from
here so it’s so easy to jump in the car when you need something, but go in for one thing and
come out with five!
summer mantle 2014 007
Here you can see the burlap bow I made.
summer mantle 2014 004
This time I used seashells, I have a ton of them so it’s a little more neutral
summer mantle 2014 008
Close up of the vases I filled with sea shells, the filler is of really teeny, tiny seashells.
summer mantle 2014 012
Found the terra cotta pots at a yardsale last weekend.
summer mantle 2014 014
Have a wonderful rest of the week  and thank you to my newest followers, you make
my day!
summer mantle 2014 013
Thanks also for stopping by and visiting my blog!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Outside …2014

This year I decided to go with a black and white theme, I found the rocking chair pad at
Walmart and the pillow I bought at Goodwill a few years ago!
flowers 2014 007
The spring/summer has got away from us, the tent/bag worms slowed us down so on
June 6th we are just getting the cover off the pool  and the back porch  settled. You
see the thing with those worms was that when you knocked the nests down they took
the paint right off of where you knocked them down from. My husband said he has
never seen them so bad!
flowers 2014 015
I saw on one blog to use plants that loved the shade for the areas you
had, mine are growing so much and with out sun.
flowers 2014 009
My first hydrangea, I’ve been babying it so much, so far so good’ I hope it grows into a
beautiful bush.
flowers 2014 005
Here is a close up, it’s been in the ground for a couple weeks do you think it’s
doing okay?
flowers 2014 006
This is on the second step of the front porch, I spray painted the pot black!
flowers 2014 004
We have had days of rain, pouring so bad as you can tell by the pot and how dirty
it is.
flowers 2014 011

This is under my favorite tree in the front yard, we were given a few hostas so I planted some
around the tree, I have been trying to grow some for a few years. I heard that deer don’t like
the smell of marigolds so I planted a few around the hostas, hopefully this will be the year
that everything goes well.
flowers 2014 013
This year they are doing a lot better than before, a friend gave us a few and we have put
them around the house.
flowers 2014 014
They are pretty and maintensce free, so next year I’ll be able to divide some and
put them along the fence in the back of our property.
flowers 2014 012
This is right beside the garage door as you can see the pot is aging so well.
flowers 2014 018
I did get a coat of paint on the tool box I I found a quart of opps  paint at Lowe’s
for $2.00. I can just see it full of red geraniums!
flowers 2014 001
I boat is still in our drive way, it’s for sale btw, we would love to get a pontoon boat.
flowers 2014 017
I hope everyone is doing well…I’ll be joining these parties

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stopped at an Antique Fleamarket

Over the Memorial Day Weekend we headed up the mountains to our friends camp and on the way
we stopped at a antique fleamarket all out in the open and the weather was wonderful, sunny and
not to hot…just right!
I found this cute little metal box all chippy and rusty, I put it on the shelf and I think I’m going to
keep it there…minus the price tag of course.
braddock fleamarket 001
Here’s the top of it, I have no idea what it was used for, I was surprised it was still there!
braddock fleamarket 002 
From the same man I found this tool carrier, it needs painted, I bought a Folk Art Paint
called Robin Eggs Blue but do you think I can find it? I hate when I put something
somewhere and then can’t remember where.
I just bought some pink impatients for it at Walmart, I think it will look so neat
with the blue…if I can find it!
braddock fleamarket 010
My favorite was this basket but when I saw it I thought it would be
at least $35.00 so I looked it over but no price on it. I’m like well
it’s probably more than $35.00, I asked the old man how much and
he said $20.00 but I’ll let it go for $15.00…ok says me.LOL He also
told me that it was used to carry bread.
braddock fleamarket 003
I like it better though with faux Hydrangea’s!
braddock fleamarket 005
Right now it’s on my table in the diningroom but I was thinking of on top of the
braddock fleamarket 004
Here is my Clematis every year it never disappoints, it blooms in the spring
and that’s it so I wanted a picture of it before the flowers fade. We are so
behind in doing are back yard and opening our pool, living in the woods has
it’s pros and cons. Right now we have bag (tent) worms so bad, we have never
seen them so bad as this year, they are all over the back of our house and on
everything out there. My hubs has used a pressure washer but we don’t know
if they will come back. Oh, well:0
braddock fleamarket 011
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend coming up!