Friday, April 25, 2014

Nate Berkus Rug

If you have followed me for a while now you know I change the rug in here almost monthly,  I
just couldn’t find the right one that had all my requirements for this room.
It needed not to show dog hair and not show the crumbs that come from the kitchen that is off of it and has heavy traffic from the garage,
so I had to deal with the dirt and grease that comes from there. Couldn’t use a light colored one and it was hard to find a darker one
that I liked.
A trip to Target solved the problem, a Nate Berkus rug (I think you have all seen this rug in the rug aisle.) I loved it but not the price!
I walked out of there with it for $28.99 on sale.
And it’s reversible!
Nate's rug 008
I took a picture of the whole room with the rug but it just didn’t turn out, the sun was shining thur the big window with no curtains
that I took down, getting ready to paint here guys…so happy the colors on the walls will be gone that I have grown so tired of!  I’ll
try to get better pictures of the rug in the room and post them. You can see a little of it below.
Now here is my dilemma with lamps…remember the crock lamp that I talked about here?
Well, now I feel it just doesn’t go but Nate says to decorate with the things that matter and I do love it
but I feel it would bother me every time I looked at it.
hoosier 1214 019
Here is one that you can see a little of the rug also the paint swatches I did, none worked, to much blue
which I don’t want!
I have this lamp on there now.
Nate's rug 004
Tried it with the burlap shade and didn’t like it with the lamp base.
Nate's rug 010
Nate's rug 006
I’ve also been busy with my gallery wall in my diningroom, adding pictures here and there to get an “added as
time goes by look.” Different frames and colored and black and white photos all mixed together.
hoosier 1214 022
Loving the simplicity of this centerpiece
and the vase I used rope on.
hoosier 1214 024
hoosier 1214 025

I took down a tureen to put a basket of faux hydrangeas on top of the hutch.

hoosier 1214 021
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I can finally say that spring is here in Pa.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter ♥

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, it’s beautiful here in Pa. Easter
day will be in the 70’s, so we will have our Easter egg hunt!

I’ve had a great Birthday week, shopped and got to see the Penguins play from
a box at Consol Engery Center last Sunday and tonight I’ll be at the Pirate game
in a box again
at PNC park, so glad the weather is as nice as it is!

So adorable!
images (2)
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He has Risen!
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Thanks so much for stopping by!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It’s My Birthday!

Yep, it’s my Birthday, been around a long time, longer than I ever expected to be. I’m celebrating
my 63rd birthday to day(April 7th), I took a selfie of me, took four and this one was the best out of all.
Technology is not my strongest suit, I do try though, you see in high school I just had typing and shorthand now
neither of them are used, talk about feeling old. lol No kidding aside ,I’m very happy to be here, I know
a lot of classmates were not as lucky as me. So I feel very blessed to be able to still see and be around
people that I’ve went to school with in the 50’s and 60’s, I will say though to be a child in the 50’s was wonderful
to be a teenager in the 60’s was really neat , I was in 7th grade when the Beatles came on the scene!
So here I am on my second marriage the best I must say… all my children professionals and have given me four
lovely grandchildren, I’ve been blessed many times over and over!
Last year I didn’t acknowledge my birthday on my blog and can’t remember why I didn’t but this year I decided
to because of the grandchildren. I wish I could go on here and see my grandparents lives or even my parents,
that would have been great!
Thanks for stopping by and a big HELLO to my new followers!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mirrors in My Bedroom

bedroom 2 012
As I said in a post a couple days ago I have just been trying to find something for my wall
above my bed, I’m not very good at this it seems but when I saw Angela’s( Number Fifty Three) wall in her
diningroom I drooled and decided to try it in my bedroom. Love, love her home! I just adore how
Angela combines different decorating styles in her home…perfection! You can see in the photo
below how neat this wall looks!
I changed the nightstand again!!! Just trying to find what works, it needed something because of the dark
wood top, I found this tray at Kohl's that did light it up a bit.
bedroom 2 007
I moved the picture over by my mirror/jewelry holder
bedroom 2 008
and moved this black stand in front of the window.
bedroom 2 011
I’m certainly not done with this room it needs painted and a dresser that has been in the basement painted and brought upstairs and another one taken out of the room. Things that will get done just not right
away, especially with warmer weather coming, we are hitting 63 today and it is so welcomed!
Show and Tell Friday