Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday and Saturday Finds

A week ago Friday I went to my hairdresser’s and across the street is a consignment shop with some pretty high
end things inside.
I try and pop in there once a month on the same day as my hair appointment, I love looking at all the “stuff” for
sale there, furniture, linen, pictures, mirrors, centerpieces, dishes and other things all in good condition and marked for sale.
That day I found a brass candlestick and on the bottom was the mark of the name Party Lite! The candle was
included and I paid $3.00 for it, I know I got a good deal on it because I’ve been to a few Party Lite parties
and their prices are really up there but I must say good quality. I knew it would look good with my other candlesticks.
Here are five of them grouped together on my coffee table.

finds 003
I also found this Italian made accent mirror that is hand carved for $6.00. It goes well with my
picture gallery wall in the diningroom.
finds 001
finds 008
The following Saturday I stopped in a thrift store called Hidden Treasures, that I had never been to before a really nice one,
everything all separated nicely and marked, it makes shopping so much easier doesn’t it when it’s taken
care of that way?
The Party Lite one is in the middle with the candle and the two I found at the thrift store are on each side of it.
The one on the left is brass and copper and heavy the other one on the right is all brass and both were marked
$2.00 a piece but it was 50% off everything in the store that day so I got them $2.00 for both. I love getting
deals like that sometimes!
finds 002
I also found some black covered books that were $1.00 a piece but since it was 50% off  I got them for .50
a piece!
finds 007
That’s it, not much I know but I’ve been just enjoying being outdoors again, planting flowers in pots and my
flower boxes! I do the flower boxes different every year, last year was purple petunias this year a mixture
of everything, I seem to like that the best!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Not Doing Much, Just Moving Things Around

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing great and that your ready for the weekend.
I haven’t been doing much decorating just been watching grandkids which wears
me out but I do love them…they crack me up at times!
I did move things around so I thought I’d show you some pics of it!
I moved the cabinet, which was from Michael’s and moved a picture
from the livingroom and the chair from the desk, to this corner.
The white faux hydrangea’s are from Pottery Barn, they were on sale and free shipping!
I can’t wait to see these walls gray with white trim!!!
My hubs hasn’t been feeling well though and has an
appointment with a heart dr. , the same one I went to. If
you could find it in your heart to say a prayer for him I’d be so grateful.
I know when you prayed for me that time it sure worked!



Like I said I’ve been moving things around, this is the top of my bookcase, don’t you
love the jug/vase up there? I was looking on line /Pottery Barn and was loving
their jugs/vases but of course not the prices, then I remembered seeing this one
at Walmart on the clearance shelf but figured it would be gone. Nope, it was still
there so I brought it home.

The pillow on the chair I found at a church sale $2.00 and it was mine and
brand new too!

I also used one of my Mother’s Day gifts from my daughter, a gift certificate
for a pedicure, felt good ladies and I so needed one after all those cold months
in boots!

That’s about all right now, I did by two things at the consignment store right by
where I get my hair done, nothing earth shattering but cute just the same, I’ll share
next time!
Thanks for stopping by.


Show and Tell Friday

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Chloe and

I watched this little lady while my daughter and her family were at Disney, it was like having a baby! But what fun
she was so feminine so unlike Buster, who by the way was a little peeved at me and couldn’t wait for her to go home!
Chloe is a bishon/poodle, doesn’t shed but barks to high heaven! Her Mommy picked  her up yesterday., she is such a
good girl and I miss her sleeping by me!

Another thing I did was go to Art. com after I had been to Stacy’s blog, she had a picture that I loved and I immediately asked where
she got it,, so I bought this print, it is made to look like a chalkboard and it was hard to photograph!

I love the little banner on it, I made a New Year’s Resolution to go to the flea market more this
summer, haven’t went yet but I plan on it!

My mantle for now…later on I’ll put sea shells out and some white wicker!

Standing beside the coffee table, I bought the table between the chairs at Khol’s, I like how it’s
open since the diningroom is right behind it. I exchanged the teacart and the white little ladder
from their corners too!


Thanks so much for stopping by on this busy weekend,have
a wonderful Mother’s Day everyone.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Decorating Mishap!

 The other day I got the idea to put all my black books together on my bookcase shelf, I’ve
seen it done and loved it each time! But the basket was up on top
of the hoosier and my hubs wasn’t home. So instead of getting the
little ladder I use around the house I tried reaching and lifting the
basket full of books up and over the little ridge on top of the hoosier.
easter and grocery sign 006
Of course…. I dropped it and everything came tumbling down
easter and grocery sign 005

My poor plant and what hurts worse is the terra cotta pot, it had aged on it’s own so nicely
and I sure liked it but
now it’s gone! Here is what it looked like before

hoosier 1214 013

easter and grocery sign 008

Have you ever had this happen to you?

What a
easter and grocery sign 009

Thank goodness the wicker bottles didn’t fall and break, everything is now
back in place! Why didn’t I get the little ladder in the garage or wait
until hubs got home? I guess I just wanted to see the end result to fast … the book-
case shelf did come out nice!
easter and grocery sign 007
Here are my grandkids at our little Easter egg hunt!
easter and grocery sign 001

easter and grocery sign 002

easter and grocery sign 003

easter and grocery sign 004

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, thanks for stopping by!