Monday, July 30, 2012

Remember When I Wished For?

Well, the wish came true, took me a while but I did it! This is a picture of when I did a copycat for one of Debbiedoo’s copycat party’s, it’s from a picture in a Pottery Barn catalog, and in my post I said how I wished I had the glass coffee table that was shown in the picture, well thank goodness for Craiglist!

Here it is in all it’s glass glory! Love!!!
I just stood and stared, I couldn’t believe it was in my own livingroom!
We have company from N.C. so I didn’t have the time or freedom to play around with it, see the paisley pillow cover? I ordered that from Pottery Barn a month or so ago and got it on sale for $14.99!
How much did I pay? Remember it sells for $399.00 in the catalog!
The lady wanted $200.00 but I asked if she would take $180.00 and she did!
Some changes going on so stay tuned oh, there is another copy cat party scheduled at Debbiedoo’s… it’s Wednesday, August 1st be there or be square, remember that phrase? Believe it or not it was before my time too. lol…
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michael’s and Corrie’s Cottage in Annapolis

That’s exactly what it is too a cottage, he lives in an area where years ago they were summer cottages on the bay!  Now people live here year round, , we were here for Michael’s and Corrie’s engagement party so in the mean time Michael did some work in and around his home. He painted the door and it so suits the place I think.
This is the livingroom, love his sofa.
To the left is a wood burner
I just adore his wood beams!
This is on the other end, the chairs are from Ikea and the pillows too, the afghan in the basket there is one my mom crochet years ago.
The house has all the original doors and trim but first, don’t you just love the industrial ceiling fan?
Here you can see the trim and the original door from the inside!
Bedroom doors
This is the diningroom area and heads right into the kitchen.
Love the cabinets in the kitchen, sorry for the glare but I was hurrying before a lot of people started to arrive.
On the back is a screened in porch which I wish I had! He has a nice back yard for his dogs to run and play!
The porch ceiling is neat.
and some festive lights.
Michael did the outside too, this is in front of the home, yes, the pot and sign were mine,
and the herb sign and the bench. You no what though they look so pretty and right at home around his cottage!
He also planted these too.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed seeing my son’s and future DIL’s home. My next post I’ll show you some pics of the bay and party!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bathroom Quick Fix

Do you ever get tired of things, I know I do and my bathroom was just not doing it for me anymore. So at Marshall’s one day I decided to buy a new shower curtain, I’m loven gray these days so I looked for one that had gray in it. There is no window in here so it had to be light one, maybe for fall/winter I’ll find a darker one and use that instead.
I  found the black tin container with some pretty good looking faux ivy in it to use up on this cabinet which I found at a fleamarket for $5.00! Yep, couldn’t believe it either when the guy told me that…I think it needs repainted but can’t make up my mind though what color I should paint it. I’ve been reading all about the chalk paint and milk paint that’s out there and I’m really intrigued by it. The price is a lot but they say it goes a long way so it sort of evens it out.
bathroom 012
I did spray some Metallic paint on a paper plate and with a small brush I hurried and painted the knobs, had to hurry because it dries real fast on the plate:)
bathroom 001
Bought some gray and white hand towels and added the vase of shells!
bathroom 004

bathroom 003
I love the gray towel hanging there and the faux flowers that I found at Gabe’s for $7.99 also bought a new soap dispenser. This bathroom is so small that to take this picture I had to stand in the tub!
bathroom 007
I do still love my sink though! You can see the new wastebasket to there on the left.
bathroom 006
You can see the shower curtain a little better here plus the new shower curtain rings!
bathroom 011
So there is my quick fix for my bathroom, sometimes you just have to spruce up something to satisfy the decorating/nesting urge we get once in a while don’t you think?
bathroom 013
Thanks for taking the time to stop by, I haven’t been around to you lately and I’m sorry about that, I’ve been working and on my days off I’ve been watching the girls so my time and energy is Tomorrow we leave for Annapolis, MD. Michael is having an engagement party on the Bay, I hope the weather is good for it. After that we are going to Ocean City, Md. to surprise the girls, they will be there and they don’t know we are coming, so it should be fun!
Here are some wonderful parties I’ll be at, be sure to stop by and get some great inspiration!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Whisper Wood Cottage Talent Scouting Party ~Autumn Decor

Hi all, hope your weekend was a great one! I just got on here to blog hop when I came across Whisper Wood Cottage, they are having another talent scouting party and if you win you could be featured in Cottage& Bungalow’s magazine, the theme is Autumn Decor, neat huh? So I thought I’d dig up some fall pictures I have and join in on all the fun! The party starts today, July 16th, so here’s a few picks of my fall d├ęcor! First is the diningroom:
I love my black pumpkin that started out as an orange styrofoam but then I painted it black and tied a white bow on it!
Full view of the room…these pumpkins were the same only I painted them white and used black ribbon on them!
Just used some raffia (bought in a package at a yardsale) to set them in!
Livingroom: I used candle holders from the Dollar Tree, painted them white and sat some white painted pumpkins on them, the crows are also from DT! It’s hard to see but in the lines of the pumpkin I used a silver glitter, glue pen to define them a little.
The coffee table got dressed too, I used two, glass pieces from DT and glued them together to put some tiny, little gourds in them, co cute!
Kitchen: The top of the frig with faux fall stems collected from the DT too.
We have a community yardsale every August and another lady sold next to me she wanted something of mine so we traded, I don’t know what these are but I know I like the color of them so much!
On the kitchen counter, I used flowers and leaves and other things taken from arrangements sold at yardsales for $1.00 or $2.00 that I didn’t care for but knew I could use the stems and berries for my own arrangements!
Entryway: The wreath is a yardsale find and just filled in the empty spaces with fall picks from DT and JoAnn’s!
Last, my front porch:
Love my black door! The wreath is another yardsale find and just filled it in with some fall picks and a bow that I made!
Although a lot of things have changed in my home when these pictures were taken last year, I’ll still use them this year again, everything I used was inexpensively done and that’s what makes it so much fun!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Found a New Mirror, Now Which Lampshade?

I love mirrors they can be any kind and I love them! As long as they can be painted they are a sure hit! I’ve been looking for one for the entryway and the room off the kitchen, I took both of the ones I had there and had put them on the mantel a couple months ago then when we painted the fireplace I didn’t put them back so they have been moved around…a lot! The other day I went to Marshall’s and found this mirror!
I’m sure it’s made of wood and covered with fabric with the French writing on it, I thought it was pretty neat. I’m using two lampshades with this mirror to see which one I like best. Do you ever do that? Amazing how pictures show you what you want to know!
Leopard one?

Or the black? The black shade doesn’t fit on the iron lamp… to wobbly. This is how it looks as I type this. Both lamps were from GW the wooden one I painted!
I  also used this idea that I found around blogland to hang the mirror and it works great!
Let me know which lampshade you like the best? Okay?
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