Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hi Everyone!!!

How are you? Busy I bet…I know I am too! Well, we finally figured out posting
pictures on Windows Live Writer and also loading them on to my laptop, Windows 10
is much easier for the younger generation, I know my son loves it but for me
not so much. Nothing to do now but learn it I guess I will say it is quick and the
colors are more intense. This is why I was gone so long from blogging but today is
my lucky day because I’m back at posting…I have missed you all.♥

So, I have been decorating for Christmas  and I changed up my colors a bit too! I went from
all silver to red, black and white especially on my tree. Here it is…
love my curtains too!!!


No silver garland this year, I used red that I have had for years, red ornaments
and red berry sprigs!

IMG_2039 ,
 Also have a little theme going on with cars and trucks carrying Christmas trees, I
think they are so cute and I’ll be sharing more on my next post. This one is from
Pottery Barn!

Every year I look forward to unwrapping my Christmas S&P’s!
I buy a set every Christmas to add to my little collection.The
grandchildren always rearrange them..


Can you tell I love black and white…


Well, I’m so happy to be back again and hope this doesn’t happen again!

Have a blessed Sunday!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Door For Fall

Fall has really arrived in Pennsylvania today was the first cold day of the season at least for me! I thought I'd show you My basket on the front door! The wall basket I found at a yard sale and I bought some floral leaves and berries at Hobby Lobby and just stuck them in the basket also the burlap sunflower pics are from Walmart! I'm posting this from my iPhone, now for some reason my phone isn't loading my newer pictures on to my computer, it did before and now it isn't...fustrating to say the least!  

I have orange lights around the door a first for me but found out I like them so they will
be on there for Thanksgiving too! I think though that I'll by more leaf garland!

Here is my rocker each year I try and do it a little bit different  than the year before. Also my thermos that I found at a yard sale this year for a 1.00!

My Pumpkins in a galvanized pail right by the mailbox to make the mailman happy!     


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Vignettes

Hey, tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend, football game Friday night
than babysitting Saturday, Sunday I just plan to relax… what about you?

Here is my entrance to the diningroom/livingroom, I like the mirrors here from Target, they
were in my bedroom but I brought them out here and they fit perfectly!


My owl planter from Walmart from a few years ago, this year I added some leaves.


See the white vases in my hutch? They are now all sitting on top
of my gray chest of drawers, I’ve seen that in a couple homes and
always wanted to try it! I moved furniture around in my bedroom
so I’ll have to take some pictures for you!


My coffee table with the lantern from Target and the ceramic leaf
that I found at a yardsale for $3.00, I almost sold it last year but
decided to hang on to it, I like the white pumpkins on it.

My livingroom, the little pumpkins I got at TJMaxx and the galvanized container
I found at Goodwill. The basket on the hearth with the birch logs in it I found at
a church sale and painted gray!


That’s it lady’s, I hope you are all enjoy your weekend!  So glad you dropped

I’ll be joining these parties:




Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Bit of Fall

Hello everyone! I’m so happy, I’ve finally learned how to load and post pictures from
my iphone onto windows 10…how did I do it? What I should have did in the first
place… Googled it! At least two months of this and what I’m surprised at is  my son
not doing it. Oh well, I’m just glad that I’ll be able to get back into blogging again, I’ve
missed everyone and all of the parties that I wasn’t able to join in, now I’ll be joining
in on all the Friday ones today!
These pictures were taken with my phone and at night so please bare with me!
I have this cloche on my desk in the livingroom, doesn’t the pumpkin look real? Wish I
could remember where I bought it!
I have painted a few things on my bloggy break such as the little cupboard from Michael’s that
I had painted black and the child’s chair that I got from the curb! Now I have a fall pillow on it!
See my new knob from Hobby Lobby on the cupboard, I can’t stay out of that store.lol 

Here is a closer look at the pitcher.

I printed this I think last year so I forget who I got it from, let me know it is you ok? It is sitting
on my kitchen shelf with my .50  glass squirrel from Avon!

My mantel, funny how I do it different each year but with the same “stuff”
do you do the same thing or buy new?

Okay guys, I took more pictures so I’ll be sharing those soon…now here are parties I’ll be joining, It’s so
good to be back!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Everyone!

So sorry for being away so long but I’m having a hard time with pictures loading and then not finding them, it is just not like Windows 7 and I
do get discouraged, plus I have to wait for Chris to stop by like he did this morning and I know he just cringes
when I ask him to try and fix it!

It’s football season here again, I’m not talking about the Steelers but highschool football, my son coaches, so every Friday we and the
whole family it seems sit in the bleachers and cheer him on, so far he has won every game! The picture below is of
Alex, coaches daughter, Samantha holding Nicholas, I’m using my iphone to take pictures because my camera is not working right!


After the game, talking to the reporter for the newspaper!

This summer I noticed my hair, after the operation, looking bad (all those meds) so I had Renee, my
hairdresser, do me in my natural color with a little bit of blonde feathering on the bottom.
Here I am with my oldest granddaughter Sydney,school shopping in August, I can’t believe
she is going to be 14 this year.
I’ve also been watching Nicholas on Thursday’s, he goes to Pre-School
but is off on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s! He has fake glasses on here
and he held the puzzle up so you could see how he put it together.


This is my grandog she is so adorable and I sure love her so much… her paws
crack me up, they look like mittens to me!

I’ll be back tomorrow and show you some of my fall and yes, I did put out a little, tiny bit of Halloween decorations,
I figure I may as well do it all so that I don’t have to get it from the basement twice!

Have a wonderful week ahead!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Love!

Fall is right around the corner friends, days are shorter and you can just smell it in the air! Tomorrow is the last day for
our 90 degree weather and then they are calling for much cooler temps, one night is supposed to go down to 50!!!
I’m totally ready to put away the sea shells and sea glass aren’t you?  I’ve been pinning a lot lately, just can’t resist
those great fall ideas that everyone is putting out there!
Here are some of my favorites:

This neat mantle is from Just Destiny Mag.com love the chalkboard fire and the “Welcome Autumn” sign is a free
printable plus she used some half pumpkins that I’ve seen at Michale’s!

This one is from HGTV, look at all the printables, they look great all grouped together!
Love the gobble gobble one!

How about Pottery Barn? They always have great holiday items!


Be still my heart…a grain sack pumpkin from the old white house. Love it!
I have two velvet pumpkins which I usually place on my coffee table but this is a
cute idea with the basket and…looks like raffia. For some reason the lettered cottage
blog can’t be hyperlinked so be sure to stop by her blog!

Thanks so very much for stopping by, I always appreciate it!
Stop by my Fall pinterest board to see other fall ideas!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I’ve been Up To and My New Ride!

Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the rest of this summer,
I can’t believe it’s August already and reading blogs have found that some kids
are going back to school already.
I’m trying to enjoy these last weeks too but to say this hasn’t been the best 
summer of my life is so very true!
As you know I was discharged from the hospital the beginning of May having
a perforated gallbladder, well last week I rammed head on into a car in front
of me
that had stopped to turn left, I took my eyes off the road for two seconds and
that’s all it took to total my white car! I was taken by ambulance to the same
hospital, I was laying there thinking “I can’t believe I’m here again” oh, and did
I say that I had my granddaughter, Samantha in the car with me? She was fine,
thank God the air bag didn’t go off on the passenger side because she doesn’t weigh
a lot. Yes, every Grammy’s nightmare, we are both bruised from the seat belts and
my right arm was cut and bruised from the air bag, but we are both alive and okay.
We had a rental car… then yesterday we bought this car a Ford Escape which we both
really like, I haven’t driven it yet though…still nervous I guess! Anyway, that’s why I
haven’t been back to blogging and also computer issues, learning how to do everything
on this new laptop with Windows 8 and soon Window 10!
So I think I’ll just randomly share some pictures that I’ve taken over this period of
not being able to blog regularly.


Sorry about the iphone picture of my Hydrangea but I’m so happy with it,
to have it bloom so fast is just amazing to me:)

Shopping at Kohl’s… I did buy the blue ceramic basket!

I shared this Pyrex casserole dish on instagram and a very nice lady who collects Pyrex said
it is called snow garland. It is my son in laws late mothers! After I poked around
more I found a glass lid for it and a smaller version of this one with lid, I
think it is such a pretty blue. I


I have been playing around a bit with my livingroom and actually took all the colored
pillows out and had the room very neutral
But…it just isn’t me, I need color although I do adore the whites/neutrals and you
ladies that have it do it so well. I even moved my little, wood ladder by the sofa for
an end table. I still have it here and seeing if I still like… so far so good!


Well, friends this post has taken me so long to do, learning this tech stuff is so tiring…
my brain is fried with it. I’ll keep on trying though because I’m missing all of you so

Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Monday!

How is everyone today? Our rain here has finally stopped and we are having 90 degree weather and

sun, so everyone is in a better mood it seems!

I wanted to show you how my flowers have progressed, the picture below shows when I just planted

the window box this spring,

Summer 2015 008

here it is now! Whoa!

July outside 008

The butterflies love them!

July outside 007

Remember my hydrangea that I bought with my fingers crossed?

This is what it looked like after I had cleared all the dead leaves

off of it!


outside 2015 003

I about fainted one day when I noticed this bloom, boy, would my mom

and dad be proud, both had green thumbs!

July outside 006

I have know idea what this is, coleus I think, looks cute in my blue

rusty watering can!

July outside 002



Now on to some things I have found!

I finally found a pom pom throw that didn’t cost an arm and leg, I found

this at Target online. It’s so soft!



July outside 001

These croquet balls caught my eye at the antique fair this past May! I’d love

to find more!



Summer 2015 005


July outside 003


I’m thinking on painting this wash stand a light gray or white, will see what happens!


I’m so glad to be back blogging again and so happy many of you supported me also!

Love you all!

I’ll be back soon!


Amaze Me Monday!

Inspire Me Tuesday




Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Laptop Died

That's why I haven't been posting, well that and  recovering from my operation. When I was recovering I really didn't feel like posting because there wasn't much to post about except for
how great my family was at the time and how well the nurses on my floor took care of me. Also
 just thankful for being alive, it was touch and go there for a while that night! I'd like to say also
that if I hadn't stopped smoking over two years ago I know in my heart that I wouldn't have made it!

My laptop was old with windows 7 and not being computer savvy I didn't want to go on to windows
8...scared to death but here I am now with windows 8 and soon it will be windows 10!!! On my old
laptop it would get so hot you couldn't touch it an then would shut down without any warning,
it did it once while I was writing a post and it was all gone so I decided to wait, my son had my new
laptop and had to return it. So I'm back now and ready to decorate!!!

Now I can't load my pictures from my iphone or camera, my son is coming for dinner tonight so maybe tomorrow I'll get back in the swing of things after he shows me how!

Here are two oldie but goodies, I don't like to post without pictures, for you!
This bench I found at a yardsale for $15.00, Michael was home this past weekend, he is putting his
cottage by the bay up for sale and I gave him this to put in his mudroom.


I have so much to show you!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th to you friends! I hope your having fun with your family and friends!



I pinky promise to be back soon



Monday, May 25, 2015

Outside My Home

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend, we are and I’m
glad to be up and around and enjoying it. We drove to the mountains where our
friends camp and had Buster with us , he loved being around a lot of other dogs.
We also stopped at an antique fair where I found an aqua McCoy planter and
also three croquet balls, which I had been looking for. Maybe one day I’ll find the
rest of them!
I haven’t been doing to much, can’t lift anything heavy but I have been outside doing
what I can. Here are some pictures that I took this morning.

outside 2015 001

I love my clematis, it gets prettier every year, not done yet but wanted to show you.

outside 2015 002

The birdhouse I bought at Marshall’s aren’t the petunias pretty?
outside 2015 004

I did buy another clematis for my light at the end of the driveway, I hope it grows.

outside 2015 005

The birdfeeder I found at Tractor Supply, I hung it from my light at the end
of the driveway, hopefully Mr. Squirrel won’t be able to get at this one!

outside 2015 003

This was a complete surprise when I cleared the dead leaves away from it
because I really didn’t think it would grow. It’s a Hydrangea that I bought
last year and planted, as you can see it is growing but I know it can take
a couple years to show some blooms!

outside 2015 006

A little of my front porch, still not done with it, just have to take it slow for a while!

I appreciate all that stop by and always read your comments!