Friday, May 25, 2012

Come See My Fireplace


I’m so glad you stopped by, I’m so excited to show you my newly painted fireplace! What a difference it made, it’s so amazing what paint can do isn’t it? I still can’t believe it’s the same fireplace, I smile every time I look at it! Stush did it for me, I didn’t even have to hold a paintbrush, I did though take the vacuum sweeper attachment to the brick before he primed it and I decorated it which is the fun part right?


Everything shows up so well on the mantel too, the etc sign is the one from the Salvation Army store for $1.49, I took the hooks off that were across the bottom and painted it black. The two books it’s sitting on I covered in drop cloth scraps, the urn on the right I found at one of the yardsales last weekend for $2.00, yardsales are the best for picking up items for the home I think!


I never took a picture of my fireplace unless I had to, but I found this one from last fall, you can see how dark brown the brick was! Now it is white as can be!PA111557


This will be my last post until after June 2nd, I’ll be gone a week to this place…..


Cabo San Lucas! We are leaving this Saturday, our anniversary #6!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yardsale Friday and Saturday

In our neck of the woods we have what they call National Pike Days, three days of yardsale galore all along historical Rt. 40! I got to go on Friday and Saturday and of course I was in heaven, most of the sales had pretty cheap prices oh, there were some that wanted store prices but they didn’t sell very well, I think the highest I paid for an item was $5.00. That’s what I paid for this Coca Cola crate, I bought it to plant some flowers in it, down the road a bit was a man selling flowers and he was a big help in showing me what plants grew in shade only. I can’t wait to see it all grown in!
Isn’t it pretty on my table on the back porch?
Also found this Burpee watering can for a $1.00
So cute with the other ones!
I couldn’t pass up this wrought iron shelf with hooks for .75 yes, I know so cheap! At another sale I found these two faux (brand new) plants for .50 a piece then I added the watering can which was a yardsale find too a few years ago, and the little shovel from the hooks!
Look what’s blooming, we planted it about two years ago, a friend gave it to us and this year it bloomed!

I bought more but it’s getting late so I’ll show you in my next post!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dumpster Diving on Mother’s Day

Did you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day? I did too, rained all day though and it has continued to this morning! A little tired of it so hopefully the sun will come out today for a little bit, I know one thing it sure is green outside!
Guess what I did on Mother’s Day? I went dumpster diving…we live right near a college town and Saturday was graduation and you know what that means don’t you? Everything is put/thrown out to the curb that they don’t want or can’t take back home with them. One year we found a beautiful, white lounge chair for by the pool, from Lowes and we knew it sold for $45.00. This year I found this…out by a dumpster, I had went to the store and decided to take a look at the dumpster across the street from our college rental and there she sat waiting for me. She’s heavy but I finally got her in the back of the car, poor thing look at the different color markings they/she put on her?
But wait look at the one side of her, She is a Basset and has great bones, this will be my new desk!
Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment so after that I decided to go to the Salvation Army Store, a much neater and cleaner place then GW but more expensive, I did find a few things though.
This bottle, on the left, caught my eye since I need more to fill up the tray that I took bottles from for my PB Copy Cat, I still have them sitting on the table. Anyway I think I paid a $1.99 for it, it’s not old but that’s okay!
I found this for $1.49, I’m going to paint it black and remove the hooks, where I will put it I’m not sure yet.
Here was a great find, I love it and the colors in it, a very well made picture and frame and looks to be an expensive one at that. It had $9.99 on it but it was 50% off yesterday so for $5.00 it was mine!
A closer look!
I just hung it here so I could see what it would look like on my wall. If I keep it here I’d lower it a little.
As you can see in this picture I’m moving things here and there, stay tuned for my big project that Stush is doing for me!
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

She is the Picture of MY MOM♥

This is Sam, she looks just like my mom…amazing how God gives you gifts that are so precious!
She turned 7 last month♥ She wanted her picture taken with this
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hanging Baskets

Happy Almost Friday! Sure is gloomy here today and rained all day yesterday! So gloomy that I wish it would just go ahead a rain already!
I ‘m feeling okay, I went to the doctors Monday and I have good ole Bronchitis, so I’m on some meds to hopefully clear things up and get better, we leave for Cabo, Mexico on the 26th, our anniversary and I want to be better so I’m taking care of myself. The doctor said to rest, yeah right!
So this morning I went around and took some pictures of the hanging baskets we bought last Saturday, they are huge and were only $13.99 a piece…so thrifty I think when you compare them to ones I’ve seen for $22.99. I grabbed as many as I could!
Yes, that’s me in my work outfit! Love this one, I was going to get a Boston fern like last year but thought I’d try something different since they were so inexpensive.012

Here are my window boxes, I thought I’d try some different plants in here too, I think it will look good once they all fill in a little.
I think this is the last year for the window boxes they are getting tired looking, I can’t   complain though I got them a few years ago from a yardsale both for $2.00 so I’ve got my moneys worth out of them and more! They were white then I painted them barn red now they are khaki like the garage door!
This basket is at the end of the driveway and that’s my plum tree that we planted last year, I was so glad that it took over the winter, and it did have little pink blossoms on it last month. The tree that was there was hit by lightning and we have sure missed it.
The Rhododendron is a lot fuller since the last I showed it and as you can see we still need to weed out and get some new mulch.
We are in the back of my house now…gorgeous isn’t it? I n the back you can see one of the two Boston ferns I bought, I always hang them there because they do so well and always make it look cooler on hot days for some reason!
LOVE! You can see the pressure washer which Stush used last Sunday on the back of the house!
Now can you say Climates? lol Look at it, I just wish it would stay this way thur summer but it hasn’t yet just blooms in the spring. My mom would be so proud! The white stuff that looks like snow on the ground is from a tree that grows way to the right, it gets all over everything.
Red Geraniums, wouldn’t be summer without them around!
Here are some that I still have to plant, I fell in love with them and have never planted them before.
Earlier this morning I went to my oldest, Sydney, grandaughter’s spring concert, this is her last year in elementary… next year she is in 5th grade which means Middle School, just can’t believe it! She is right next to the girl with her hand by her mouth.
I got a shot of her when she came down off the stage.
I’m so happy to be back and joining these parties:
I’ve missed you all and so glad to be feeling better, it gave me a chance to think about what I want to do with my home so I’ve been writing it down and can’t wait to start on some projects that I so want to do! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and for stopping by…means a lot to me!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Tweaking is All I Can Do

Things that don’t require a lot of energy but things I needed to do, it bothers me to just sit around. So I ‘d tweak something little and then rest, it has taken me all day to do these few things.
The picture is sitting there and has to be hung but I did put the clock knobs from Hobby Lobby on this stand in my entryway. I had glass ones from Target on there and got tired of them, this gives it a more Pottery Barn look! The little tray I painted with homemade chalkpaint in Cottage White

Have I ever showed you my vintage fan? It was given to us from a friend of ours it works but it is noisy. It’s right off the entryway and you can see it when you come in the front door.
When I left work yesterday I stopped at GW, shouldn’t have bothered because there wasn’t anything there…so pitiful! Really! I have to find a new place to go because our GW is nothing but junk anymore but I didn’t walk out empty handed I found this faux fern that still had the price tag dangling off of the plant and it said it was $14.99 and I got it for $2.49!
I needed some height between the baskets and this worked out great! Ahh,I still can’t believe the cabinets are white. lol
Now lets go outside…here’s my wreath I made for spring, I took out the pink tulips and added these two pink flowers for summer.
Stush brought up my rocking chair from the basement and I put the same pillow on as last year just didn’t feel like going down and looking over my outdoor pillows so this will have to do until I feel like myself !
In the back yard my Climates is starting to bloom, it blooms in the spring but not summer and I can’t figure out why. It’s going to be beautiful when all the buds are open, I think this is the third year for it!
We have so much to do in the front and back yards, I never knew how you bloggers in the south got to be outside way before us Pennsylvanians until I started blogging, your homes are all so finished looking for the summer and oh, so pretty!002
Here is my Rhododendrons,blooming so pretty! Did you know this is my favorite time of the seasons? Love it! Today it was 87 here, and no humidity so beautiful!
I’m joining these parties and so happy to be able to , you see today I found out that an old, past friend, I think we all have those, has been really sick and I’ve felt bad but the only thing I could do was say a prayer for her.
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Have a wonderful weekend ahead! Thank you all who left a comment on my last post, I’m feeling a little better♥

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Under the Weather

I really, really dislike being sick when it’s so nice and sunny outside plus not getting anything done and missing all those great parties out in blogland. I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow… I’ve worked the past two days but tomorrow I’m off. All the while I’m at work I keep hearing my mom say that I need to rest when I ‘m sick and all the while I’m sneezing and
I just thought I’d let you know why I haven’t posted but I will be back as soon as this cold lessens and I have more energy!
My window boxes last year!
I hope your having a great evening with family and friends!