Saturday, February 25, 2012

Made My Own Chalkpaint

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by didn’t it? Plus this crazy weather!
Well, I finally bit the dust and made some chalkpaint, yes, I did! Here’s the recipe for it:
1/4 cup of Plaster of Paris
1 cup of paint
Add water, not a lot and add as you go if it thickens on you.
Just keep stirring until it’s all blended and stir again while using it, I found it helped a lot by doing that. I also used a sponge brush which did make it go on smoothly but then switched to a brush because with the other I couldn’t get into all the detailing this table had on it.
It’s trail and error really, I guess anything is when you try it for the first time, will I use it again? Yes, most definitely, I thought it was a lot of fun to use and a big plus is you get to use any shade of paint you want! I used Cottage White only because I have a lot on hand.
Maybe I should have tried it on something smaller but I had picked up this end table at GW for $6.99 and really couldn’t wait to get it in the livingroom all painted up! Plus picked up three knobs at Hobby Lobby to use one of them on it.

I haven’t distressed, glazed or waxed it yet because I worked on it up until last night and just didn’t have time this morning because I wanted to get this post up and join the Friday parties.
I decided on this knob, I felt it tied in with the black I have in the rest of the room.
On the bottom of the table I have an old crate that I bought at a fleamarket years ago, I think I paid $8.00 for it and now I ‘m pretty sure I got a deal. Recently my son Michael, who is a history teacher, showed me what was on the end of it, something I didn’t notice about it until he pointed it out.
This was made during WWII, how neat huh?
Now I’m wondering if I should do the coffee table too!
I’m also fooling with my mantel which to me I do all the time and is never ending. lol
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shabby Chic Curtains are Up!

Yes they are and oh, they sure change the look of the room so I thought I’d take a few photos  and do a quick post because I have to leave for work at 12:30.
I couldn’t take a full view of them because we are having a sunny day here in Pa. and I know there is a way to get by that with the camera but I just don’t have the time to fool with I forgot to mention in my last post that the bedding is reversible, I think I like this side better!
This also is the real color of my walls at night it takes on a golden shade…I have a love hate relationship with it! I was thinking of moving the candle chandy to right in front of the window, Debbie Do’s has done that in one of her bedrooms and I just loved how it looked!
The aqua pillow I found at TJMaxx, it’s a Ralph Lauren that was just $16.99, I love how I bend it in the middle and it stays, also has a zipper on it so it can be washedSmile
Also you can see the black ticking stripe pillowcase on the left there, I bought those at Macy’s, they are by Martha Stewart and were regular $89.00 but got them on sale for $39.00!
Here is the other window, it’s tall and skinny!
I know I have a lot to do in here yet, I’d love a new headboard and I do have a rug to put in here to hide this wall to wall a little bit, I also need to move Audrey up a little bit on the wall there. I’m happy though that it’s coming together at least a little bit♥
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Perfect Around Here

A couple days before Thanksgiving we finished painting the kitchen cabinets, Whew…it was close let me tell you.LOL I loved them though and really didn’t mind that I would have two different counters for a while being that Lowe’s was back ordered on their custom counter tops for the holidays. So I put my big girl panties on and decided to wait and wait, which really I didn’t mind I was just so happy to see my kitchen lighter and brighter looking. Seriously it can be the dreariest day out and the kitchen stays cheerful! I’d like to paint the walls a different shade of paint but right now I can’t decide on what color I’d like so it stays.

Soon all my counters will look like this, the man from Lowe’s is coming to measure the counters this week and I’m so excited!
This wall in my livingroom isn’t perfect either, I just bought the clock at Big Lots the other day and it seems lost and I just don’t know what to do about it, maybe something on either side of it? Of course the biggggggg tv screen doesn’t help matters.
This room I doubt will ever get done, I’ve had three sets of bedding for it, I saw a picture on Pinterest that I loved only the bedding was white with black dots. I of course deleted it by mistake and even when I went into find it, it couldn’t  be found so I’m doing it from memorySmileand of the curtains need hung too!
I put some plates on the wall but need more and the chandelier in the corner needs moved!
So it’s not perfect around here and I doubt it ever will be but it’s fun dreaming isn’t it? I’m joining the Nester for her IDHTBPTBB party and Met Monday today…stop over and have some fun!
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Friday, February 17, 2012

What I’ve Been Up to and Nicholas Won!

Nicholas won and I’m such a proud grammy , look at the cute button Danice of Blessed Holidays and Baby”s Blog made me, isn’t it cute, I love how she put Nicholas in the baby carriage too! Thank you Gina, Debbie, Martina, Debbie Do, Gail, Diana and Mary for taking the time to vote for him♥ Danice is also sending the cutest picture frame with his name on it, I can’t wait to see it! Stop over at Danice’s blog and follow her she has the Linky Follower on her sidebar♥

I’ve been just trying to get some things done around here, it seems every room needs something done, mostly painting trim which is my least favorite thing to do. So I did a little crafting in stead and made this pillow, did I sew it NO just used this handy stuff from JoAnn’s Fabric. Neat stuff and worked really well I was surprised actually.
I had this kitchen towel from Target for months and didn’t know what I was going to do with it so I stuck it in the cupboard. I found a small pillow form at GW and figured I’d give it a try. It turned out so cute I think, the directions on the fabric fusion said to pin after gluing until it’s dry so this picture is still with the pins in it.
Looks good on the chair I found along side of the road.
As you can see it dusk outside so the pictures aren’t the greatest but will give you an idea. Mr. K finally, finally put my curtain rods and curtains up they are the Shabby Chic ones from Target that I’ve had for almost a year still in the package, come April and the rods will be a year old in July.LOL
You don’t know how many times I’ve been tempted to do this myself but I just knew it would be a disaster so I waited and waited!  This is the guestroom and as you can see the trim in here is just waiting for some white paint…Gee, I just noticed the drill on top.
I’m thinking that painting the kitchen really took the omph out of us.LOL
They do look pretty though don’t you think?
Now maybe Saturday we can do the other bedroom, I won’t hold my breath though on that one!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Need Your Vote for Nicholas in a Hurry♥

Since I entered Nicholas in the Cutest Holiday Baby Contest a little late, only because I wanted some up to date pictures of him, I need your vote, Nicholas and I would so appreciate it!  Please stop by Danice’s blog Blessed Holiday and Baby Blog and vote for Nicholas!  We only have until February 15th so hurry up. LOL
Nicholas and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts♥ He always smells so good, remember that baby smell? I do!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

HomeGoods, Kirklands, TJMaxx, Marshall’s and Hobby Lobby!

First though I have to be a bragging GrammySmilefor a moment.

Isn’t he adorable, I took so many pictures of Nicholas as he was bouncing away in his saucer. He’s 5 months old and the picture of his dad, I have a picture of Nick at 4 months and they could be twins. I baby sat  him at his house Thursday, I just love kissing those cheeks.

Red heartP2092306

His dad trying to get him to smile.


Here’s one where I didn’t cut the top of his head off. He’s such a good baby tooSmile




Friday was shopping day and I bought something in each store, you see I don’t get to go to Homegoods this was just my second time there and my first to Hobby Lobby which I  loved! You ladies are so lucky to have one close to you, ours is about 35 miles away which is ok but you have to fight Pittsburgh traffic to get there and home and leave at certain times to avoid the traffic, Lynda and I already have plans to go again in the springSmile

Here’s what I bought:

First we went to HomeGoods and I found a subway art that caught my eye, it’s all about wine, my favorite wine is the sixth one down! Love it next to my white corner hutch! Not to bad of a price for it…$24.99.


Next we hit Kirkland’s which is right next door, a lot of sales going on there and was happy to find a chalkboard rooster on clearance for $6.99. It had a homespun ribbon on it but I cut it off and used black and white French ribbon that I already had.


Then guess what? At TJMaxx I found the hammered, silver, oval tray, Lynda found it for me, I couldn’t believe it but the greatest was that it was on clearance for $15.00 down from $19.99. Score, it was meant to be. LOLP2112315

It was made for the place that I wanted it to go I think.Smile


Marshall’s had these wire baskets just waiting for me at $7.99 a piece.


When I went to pay for them the cashier said that they had been very popular that day, so glad I got the two of the three that was left, later I saw one young lady carrying the last one around. I added the chalkboard tags and was happy.Smile


Our last place to go was Hobby Lobby, what can I say, it was huge! They had everything you could possibly want, loved this framed glass with our initial on it, I hung it in the bathroom.


Loved the clean lines of the distressing too


I also bought some burlap and some upholstery tacks for a project I want to do soon.


The first place in the store that I headed to was the knobs they were half off so some were either all gone or picked over and I don’t blame the person because it was such a deal! I bought these three knobs for the end table I found at GW couldn’t make up my mind so I got all three. It will be fun deciding on which one to use.


I had a great time, sometimes shopping is such great therapy don’t you think? SmileEspecially with a great friend!

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