Wednesday, February 8, 2012

25 Things

So here goes, I loved reading everyone’s 25 things and decided to join in, I think it will be fun.

1. I am addicted to Pinterest, there I said it!!!

2. I’ll be married 6 years May 26th, second time around.

3. On that date we will fly to Cabo

4. I was named after my maternal grandmother.

5. I love skinny jeans.

6. Friday I’ll be visiting Hobby Lobby for the first time.

7. I love to shop for anything ,well almost anything.

8. Love to many decorating styles!

9. I miss my mom, dad and brother.

10. I have to have coffee in the morning with Delight!

11. We have a yellow Lab named Buster, I swear he’s human!

12. I secretly feed him a cheese and pepperoni plate sometimes.

13. I take the vitamin Biotin 5000mg once a day.

14. I absolutely hate stink bugs.

15. My husband cooks all the time:)

16. I recently clicked on Google + and got off real quick because I was totally confused.

17. I’m watching my grandson tomorrow.

18. I just flushed a stink bug down the toilet!!!

19. I still like to color in a coloring book.

20. I’m going to pay someone to design my blog soon.

21. I read Gone With the Wind when I was 12, don’t ask me where I got the book can’t remember. LOL

22. I love my Kindle!

23. I have four children who are all grown now, I’d love to have them back little again for a week/day if I could.

24. My birthday is April 7th and my husband’s is April 8th.

25. My favorite toy when I was little were cutouts…remember them?

This wasn’t to bad to do, just makes you think a little and that’s not a bad thing!

I’m joining Shaunna @ Perfectly Imperfect 25 things linky party.



Gina said...

That was fun, Rondell. It's always nice to get to know you better. Have a great day!

bj said...

Hidy Do and thanks so much for coming by and following. I am following right back. :))
Loved reading the 25 things. I like your blog just the way it need to hire someone to make it prettier.
We have a son in law with a birthday on April 1st, Mr. Sweet's is the 10th and our 52nd anniversary, and daughter's is on the 29th. So April is a big birthday month for us.:)
xo bj

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How much fun! I loved getting to know a little more about you. I do not understand Google+ either!!! WTH? I keep getting requests from people I have never even heard of...what does it do, anyway?? I cannot figure it out!

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I enjoyed reading your 25 things, and I am now following on linky followers.

Michelle said...

Enjoyed reading about you. Hi I am Michelle,I am now following you on Linky followers. I would love it if you followed me back. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers.

Nona said...

I have a chcolate lab named Boomer. He's neurotic. He's afraid of the outdoors, and water, and bugs and everything.

Tera Leigh said...

I just did a 25 Things post, too! Great way to get to know you! Happy to find your blog through the Linky Blog Hop! I'm a new Linky Follower! Hope you will come visit me at if you have a free moment. Thanks!

Dusty McRae said...

Happy to find your blog through the Linky Blog Hop! I'm a new Linky Follower! Hope you can swing by and visit me at if you have a free moment. Blessings!

Sherry said...

Great way to get to know each other better for sure. I keep seeing these but I haven't done one. YET. Enjoyed reading yours. That stink bug!!! I'm a new linky follower :)

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Great job was a bit harder than I expected. So...I can't believe you have never been to a Hobby Lobby. You will have to share what you think. What does Biotin do? I'm just curious. I don't take many vitamins but really think that I probably should start. Have a wonderful weekend!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

So does the Biotin really help your hair? I've heard it does, but I haven't tried it yet.

It was fun reading your list! I hate stink bugs, too.

Heidi said...

I found your wonderful blog via Cheri's Linky Followers Party. I am your newest LINKY FOLLOWER & GFC Follower and I would love it if you'd follow me back and link up this post to my party - the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop.

Jennifer said...

I can relate to so many of your Top 25! I love my Kindle, I'm addicted to Pinterest, and Goggle+ confuses the heck out of me...just to name a few!
Just stopping by from the Linky Party Hop. I hope you will visit and follow back.


Serendipity and Spice said...

I found you on the blog hop, I'm your newest LF follower- would love it if you followed me too!

Debbie said...

LOL...soooo you hate stink bugs, huh?

andrea said...

Cut-outs as in paper dolls?? I used to LOVE paper dolls! Kept them all tidy in a big envelope... think I still have some somewhere in a scrapbook, too... now following you one LINKY, andrea@townandprairie

Teresa@Magazine Your Home said...

Haha that was great, now i feel I know you! Thanks for joining my blog and yes I am following on LF and GFC. Oh and that Hoosier cabinet, I absolutely adore it, I've been wanting one for soooo long. I say creamy white!

Brandi said...

I enjoyed reading more about you! Hope you had fun at Hobby Lobby!

Pieced Pastimes said...

Found you via the Linky hop and have become your newest Linky follower. Look forward to reading your future posts. Hope you have a chance to visit and perhaps follow me back.

Becca said...

Loved learning more about you ... not a stink bug fan, either! And, love the pics of your precious grandbaby and awesome finds! Thanks again for your kind note about my master bedroom. *Becca* (following along by Mr. Linky now, too).

Justine said...

Stopping by from the Linky Follower Party Hop!

Maki said...

Loved reading your 25 things! Everyone should do this to help fellow bloggers to get to to know one another. It's another "good thing" that I had never thought of. Maybe I'll do it too.

Your grand-baby has such beautiful, big blue eyes!!!

Hugs, Maki
Maki's Little Red House

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I am happy to be your newest lf follower. I am coming to you from the linky followers blog hop. If you'd like to follow back, I can be found at

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

What fun, great list!

Found you through the new linky followers blog hop. I'm so happy to be your newest follower, it would be great if you follow me back. :)

Tomorrow I'll be hosting a "What does your blog want to be when it grows up" blog hop with a few of my blog buddies ... have you thought of your blog's hopes and dreams? The party will be open for a week! I'd be so fun if you want to link up.

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