Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on my PB Entryway

I hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did. I went to an all girls night at a casino, didn’t gamble, don’t really care for it but did dance and we stayed over then went shopping! Right up my alley, we stopped at Pier One where I found this photo frame with the clothes pin clips, I thought it would look great to my PB  entryway. It was on clearance for about $23.00 but I showed them the one pin was broken and I got it for $20.00…so thrifty and it doesn’t hurt to ask!
I clipped some old black and white photos on and loved it
My parents when they were about 17.
Sydney and Samantha when they were smaller!
I found this photo at the fleamarket, on the back it says Lottie Wise and friends!
Yep, that’s me, look at that bike, I remember it was blue ahhh the 50’s.
I added a black and white plate and I think I need something for the very top of the arrangement on here, I rather add to it slowly though.
I also found this black tray at Kohl’s but I’m not to thrilled with it, I still have that one from TJMaxx on my mind.LOL
Thanks for stopping by I always appreciate it!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Updating My Decor/Primping for 2012

Do I have enough Ball jars or what? LOL I’m serious I have to many, I have three more on the bookcase in the diningroom, but I love them and the neat aqua glass!
I’ve been redecorating on the cheap which means I’ve been using things that I have or shopping in the basement, when I changed styles I kept things that were just to good to sell at a yardsale. Like the large breadboard under the Ball jars on my Hoosier, I’ve had it for years and can’t remember how much I paid for it. Not much I’m sure.P1212091
I found this placemat at Macy’s on clearance for $2.49! I’m all for bargain shopping!
I think the sconce and picture are going to go, I’m visualizing some subway art there instead.


I did change the centerpiece and put the zebra runner back on, the white rooster, mercury votives and greenery are sitting on an old oblong box, which says varnishes on the side of it.
I’m on the look out for a new tray for here, I had one in my hand at TJMaxx and put it back; it was only $19.99 too :( The reason I did put it back on the shelf is because I thought it would be to big, like I would have had to remove the picture, it was hammered steel/aluminum and would have looked great. I know it still isn’t there…sigh!
Here’s a sneak peek at my Valentines mantel, I’m keeping the mirrors on it because it takes away from the brown brick that will be Cottage White come warmer weather. BTW didn’t January fly by or is it just me? So maybe that warmer weather will be here before we know it!
So that’s what I’ve been up to, how about you, been restyling your home?
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Magazine Copy Cat Challenge!

Hey Ho everyone! Well, I finally made it to the copy cat challenge at Debbie Do’s 
, I’m not really that late but I try to be up and ready when she posts the linky party.
Anyway, here is mine from the Pottery Barn catalog, truthfully I don’t buy magazines just to expensive for me and I’d rather put the money on something else…like Zumba.LOL
As I mentioned before I’ve been redoing my entryway and I’ve been saving this picture for a while, see the drawer thingy the one with the white knobs? I have one and it caught my eye and I thought “I have one of those” but couldn’t decide to paint the fronts of the drawers black or not, I don’t really care for the white knobs so I didn’t even consider painting them.
My version of the picture above! The book standing up is one wrapped in scrape book paper and the candle holder is from DT and painted a flat white.
I found the carpenter's drawer at a yardsale at least ten years ago for $6.00, from a carpenter, said he would put it in the back of his truck when he went on jobs, love those kind of yardsales! I had also painted the knobs black a long time ago and now they are getting chippy, sort of like the look.
I had this frame with a crossstitch pattern in it also found at a yardsale, didn’t have a small enough picture for it so I cut out this black, pendent light from the Crate and Barrel catalog…sort of neat don’t you think?

In the original picture they have what looks like a leather trunk and boots since I don’t have either I used a heavy wire basket that I found at GW not to long ago.
I need more black and whit prints to feel in the spaces on the wall, so far I’m liking it!

Hope you like my copy cat challenge, thanks so much for stopping by♥
Also a BIG hello to my newest followers I’ll be stopping by this week but right now I’ve got to get ready for work!
Stop by Debbie Do’s Magazine Copy Cat Challenge right now you won’t be sorry!
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

God’s Gifts!

I babysat a week ago on a Saturday night so that my son and dil could go out to dinner, I watched Samantha too and took her with me to Alex’s house.I took this picture of them laying on the livingroom floor, Nicholas laying on his play thingy, he was starting to get fussy when I decided to take some pictures so I only got these three.

He’s such a good baby, only wimpers when he’s fussy, here he was going to smile but decided not to.P1141952
Love him♥ It was time to go nigh, nigh!P1141954
This is what it looks like around here, this was taken the other evening and had a little bit of an ice storm, there is ice on top of the snow on the ground and it sparkles when the sun hits it, so very pretty. Like the pictures above it is one of God’s gifts!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Shelf Styling, black & white print and Zumba

Hey, Bloggy friends, hope your doing well. I’ve been busy doing some changes in my home, it’s time for a newer look so I’ve been concentrating on shelves and my entryway. Pinterest has helped me so much, I just love that site, I could spend hours/which I do on it! I’ve also been shopping in my around my home and in the basement, I have stuff down there that makes my husband just shake his head! For instance the clock was in my bedroom, the wooden wagon wheel was in the basement and the telephone I just could never find a place for now it has a home.
Here’s is some work I’ve been doing on my blue cupboard that Mr.K built for me.
This is how it looked when I was into my other style.
Once I started into my current style.
So here is what I did…I took everything off of the shelves and used ideas from pictures I had pinned onto my board on Pinterest titled (shelf styling) and went to town on it, it’s not done but for now it is because I have to get ready for work.LOL I love that my husband put a hole in it for the light cord. I painted and used stain on it, maybe someday I will paint the beadboard cottage white, I’ll have to add that to my to do list though!
Do you like? I loved incorporating some vintage stuff on the shelves, the very top isn’t done yet either. It gave it such a different look I think!


I’ve also been busy with this, I found this black and white print at GW for $1.99 and I’ve had it for a while, just needed a frame, finally found one also GW.
P1171959 P1171958
and here it is!
All for about $4.00, love black and white prints and I’m thinking of doing a wall of them in my entryway since the mirrors are being kept on the mantel.
Thanks for stopping by I always love having you! Oh, and one other thing that has been keeping me busy, Zumba classes! I love it and I’ve been sleeping like a baby, that’s just !one of the many benefits of taking these classes. Just Do It, like Niki says, that has been what I keep repeating to myself this new year
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photography Course at It’s Overflowiing!

Hi bloggy friends! I hope you are enjoying this weekend we did get some snow Thursday night. As I look out my window while doing this post the ground is still covered and it is cold! We went out to dinner last night with friends and I had to get out my heavy winter coat, I guess January is really here now!
I have an Olympus camera which I had really started to hate, none of my pictures were never good, I think there are only a few that turned out good and that was on the nature setting, it does take good pictures of flowers.LOL Not of my home though so when I came to It’s Overflowing last week I immediately thanked God for someone out in blogland who so generously decided to have a photography course on her blog, Finally, I can learn about my camera in terms that I understand, thank you Aimee and her husband who is a photographer btw!
Last Friday we learned about all the buttons and gadgets on our dlsr cameras which some I already knew, I confess I really don’t know what is going on when I press the menu button though but this Friday I learned all about aperture, something I hadn’t a clue about but you see now I do/a little and I’m so excited! These are photos of flowers on my desk in the bedroom, the wall color, when I would take a picture was always an ugly gold, now to me they are fantastic! Here are some pictures I took with different aperture settings! I could only get down to F/4.1, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I’ll learn!
These are just a few of the apertures that I did and I’m thrilled with the pictures that I took, it’s great to learn something new!
So stop by Aimee’s blog and learn all about your camera!
I’m joining her Photography Friday Party today!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giveaway at Northern Nesting and Some Changes!

Hi everyone! How are you today? The weather here, for January in Pa., is wonderful the sun is shining! So much so that I’m going shopping, I know again? but remember I have those gift cards burning a hole in my wallet!
I did want to congratulate Martina at Northern Nesting for her first year of blogging! She is one of the nicest bloggers out there, always leaves me a comment…thank you Martina, I so love her blog and she is also a wonderful decorator  you can tell she loves her home!
Martina is also having a giveaway, how about this cloche huh? Fabulous!
Isn’t it neat? With the spring and summer months coming (hopefully) it would get so much use filled with Easter eggs, greenery or some feathered friends the possibilities are endless! Go on over to Martina’s Northern Nesting now and enter for a chance to win! The giveaway will go on till midnight January 17th and Martina will announce the lucky winner on the 18th, easy peasy♥
Now I mentioned in my title that there have been some changes going on in my home, something about taking all the Christmas decorations down (finally) giving you a clean slate. My daughter said this morning that when everything is taken down the rooms look so empty and they do but she’s been enjoying fluffing her place too:)
I finally got the lamp I’ve been wanting for a while!
Bought it at Target and I already had the shade, I don’t even have it plugged in yet, just sat it down and took the picture so you could see!
Did you notice I changed the table, for now anyway! It was my mom’s.
Love these that I bought from Pier One!
I have more pictures to share but I have to start getting ready, have a wonderful day where ever you are! Oh, I forgot in my last post to thank all that left a comment on post about our neighbors, thanks you so much and I sure hope it never happens again!
Don’t forget to stop over at Martina’s!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Linky Party!

I love linky party’s and try to join as many as I can sometimes I just can’t but you can bet I’m there the next week the hostess’s have them. I found a new one, Before and After at Shine Your Light I’d try to explain but Lisa does a much better job than I ever could, stop by Lisa’s blog to find out more! I really think this party will help me get the job done on alot I want to do around here. Here is Lisa’s description in her own words!
I am so happy to welcome you to the first "Before" party, part of a new series I am hosting on the first and last Fridays of each month!
The first Friday is for sharing your newest project, and the last Friday will be your chance to show it off! If you aren't complete by the end of the month, no worries, update us on your progress this month and share your big reveal at next month's "After" party. Any and all before-and-afters are welcome - home improvement, a craft you've been wanting to try, or maybe a
weight loss goal you're working toward.
Let's accomplish some of our 2012 goals and inspire each other along the way!

Here’s my project to get done in a month, keeping my fingers crossed that I do:)
This chest of drawers is outdated and in the  small guestroom I’ve always wanted to paint it but could never make up my mind on what color to chose, finally I went with gray bought at a little mom & pop hardware store in my area. I’ve had it since this past summer (this is why I think the Before and After party will help) just never did it but always saw the chest of drawers every time I’d be in the hallway, I think now is the time! I did decide though that I’d keep the top as it is, it’s in perfect condition and I do like it!
The walls are painted Buff, maybe I’m choosing the wrong color? If you have any suggestions I’m sure open to them. I know I didn’t want to go with black or white so I thought gray would be the way to go.
Pretty in it’s day, I’m thinking 60’s or 70’s.
I’ll be changing the top four knobs but maybe keeping the bottom ones.
None are broke and are in good condition.
I’m sure I’ll have to go over these stencils with primer before I paint!

Well, this is my project and we will see if I get it done in a month so I’m joining this party at Before and After at Shine Your Light be sure to visit Lisa and join her party, it’s going to be fun!
before & after1