Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Subway Tile

Yes, I painted over the chalkboard paint, I wanted something lighter to bring out the counters more,
so I decided on beadboard wallpaper which I have had for a few years so this makeover would have
been no $$$ BUT my hubs wasn’t to keen on the idea of the wallpaper. He keeps remembering when
I had it in the bathroom and entryway then me wanting to remove it, which at the time we both swore
we would never have it again in our home! So he suggested subway tile and I’m thrilled!
Michael's birthday 023
Here is a picture of the primer on the backsplash.
iphone March 021
Here is a part that’s almost done…it sure is making it look a lot brighter!
iphone March 022
I took these with my iphone so I’m sorry for the terrible pictures but I wanted to get these
up fast since we were so busy.
In other news I still haven’t got the baskets for my tv/dresser but I read that Michael’s baskets
are 40% off this week, I’ll be sure to show you when I get them!
thanks for stopping by I always appreciate it!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finally Got a Rack!

Isn’t it a beauty? Our friend gave it to me yesterday and I’ve been putting it here and there
to see where it looks the best!
He has so many of these that I didn’t feel bad begging him for one every time I thought about it,
he just didn’t understand why I wanted to decorate with antlers. LOL
Valentine flowers & antlers 004 
I think he gave me a really nice one don’t you think?
This next picture is a little blurry, sorry but you can still see the size of it!
Valentine flowers & antlers 006
Well, I still haven’t got the Carbon paint but not their fault, I read where they are now selling it in
the stores so I figured great but didn’t figure on the weather, which has been terrible here for going
any where. I wanted to go to Home Depot tomorrow (Saturday) but we are expecting snow tomorrow
thur Sunday.
Valentine flowers & antlers 005
It is still right where it was when I posted my last post, I bought the herb/flowers
at Kohl’s and the Nate frame at Target!
Valentine flowers & antlers 008
I’ll be truthful when I first saw the antlers used in d├ęcor I wasn’t a big fan of them
but still wanted to try them out and I’m so glad I did because I think they go so well in all
the vignettes I did.
Valentine flowers & antlers 007
Valentine flowers & antlers 003
These beautiful roses are from my granddaughter’s Sydney and Samantha (Chloe) for
Valentine’s Day…notice the vase it’s a Ball jar only the word on the side of it says
Ja dor, neat huh?
Valentine flowers & antlers 001
My son and dil bought me a black storage bag for Christmas, right now I have old
wooden spoons in it but I have a lot of old wooden rolling pins downstairs that I’m
going to put in there too…sort of a farmhouse look!
Valentine flowers & antlers 009
Sweet hubs bought me these pretty flowers for Valentine’s Day too, it’s so nice to
have fresh flowers in the rooms, I’m lucky that they are lasting too!
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Yet?

This is how I am feeling lately…bored so bored that I’m taking pictures of myself, could
be worse I guess. Lol Chambry shirt Marshall’s!
February! 004
I thought I’d be done with this dresser by now but they sent me the wrong color
of chalkpaint, they sent me white(Everlasting) instead of black (Carbon), now I’m waiting for the black to be delivered.
I’m going to paint the inside o f the top two drawers black and buy two matching baskets
to use to hold movies and any other stuff! I’ll also be using the four drawers for runners and
tablecloths that I have in the bottom of my hutch which will give me more room for dishes in there!
February! 007
I know…my diningroom again but hey, remember I was bored.Smile
At least I took it from this angle with the afternoon sun streaming in!
February! 001
I’m keeping the white paint they sent by mistake, there are a few pieces of
furniture I want to repaint especially my white end tables one was my husband’s
mother’s and this one I found at Goodwill.
February! 005
February! 006
The basket I bought at Marshall’s finally got filled, I remembered today that I had
some faux red apples in my stash in the basement!
February! 003
Don’t they look real?
February! 002
I think they do:)
Can you see my new watermarks on my pictures? I tried different sizes and designs,
I still have to practice more but found it easy to do and not as hard as I thought!
So I’d  like to thank sweet Dawn @ Creative Cane Cabin for posting about how to
create a transparent watermark on Picmonkey! Thanks also for always sharing Dawn,
without you I would never try but your tutorials are always easy and doable!
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Happy Valentines Day♥

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snowy February

Hi everyone! Well, we woke up to more snow and the schools had a two hour delay!
Plus cold temps…someday it will be over and I can look out my window and see green.LOL
In the meantime I’ve been playing around the rooms in my home,  seeing what I like and
don’t like. In the livingroom I didn’t like the burlap and red lampshade that was on the
lamp so I had this lamp in my stash and decided to use it instead, the lamp that was there
originally is now in the guestroom and the snowball wreath is hanging in there, I’ll be so
happy when I put that away! Anyway, I think this lampshade goes with the black and white
I have going on in the room!

valentines livingroom 003

I finally decided to paint the bamboo mirror, my hubs spray-painted
it in the garage for me since it was so cold out, I used flat black, do
you think I should have used the enamel one?

valentines livingroom 006
Here is my mantel nothing spectacular but you can tell I do love the black
and white.
From left to right… picture New York…glitter hearts in glass holder Khols
…mirror flea market long time ago…McCoy vase from Goodwill…tulips from
Michaels…Love picture from Marshall’s.

valentines livingroom 001

Here is some cute vases from Target a few years ago in their dollar
section. Also the little tureen that I found at Goodwill a while ago!

valentines livingroom 002

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to all week, this type of weather makes me
so sleepy how about you?

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Moving Things Around

Hello all, to those on the east coast… are you tired of snow?

I know I am although we haven’t got it as bad as some.

I know a lot of you are preparing for the Super Bowl forgive

me for not being to excited, I’m a Steeler fan! But I do know

who I want to win and that’s the Seahawk’s!

Now on to more exciting things, I’ve been changing things

around and it sure has given the house and me a little bit

more energy to play!


january 002

In my livingroom after all the Christsmas stuff was

put away I switched from the red to black and white.

You can see my furry pillow there from Walmart! The

snowball wreath I found at Marshall’s and I left it out

because it sure goes now! I also bought a new lamp at

Target for there on the end table…I’ll show you soon!

january 009


Now my hutch had all my tureens on top, I think I have six, I

left the bread basket there and moved the tureens to my step

back cupboard!



january 008

I’m pretty sure I have a small tureen to put on top

of those books on the bottom shelf!


january 006

I always have to move this desk out so I can put our

tree in it’s place and I’ve been thinking of painting it



january 007


I changed the top of it too!

january 010


I hope your team wins but right now at half time they

are tied!


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Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Blahs

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been gone for a while
but I guess I just hit a brick wall with blogging
plus it is January only three more days and it will
be gone for another year! It’s been hard doing
projects because of the weather and temps, we
have had some cold weather here in Pa. I asked
Stush bring in a dresser so that I could paint it.
I got a lot done on it but then ran out of paint,
we ordered the Deco Art paint from Home Depot.
So here it sits in the keeping room which I am turning
into a tv room and I don’t know if I’ll keep my desk
in here or not. The drawers are all done just have to
put a second coat on the body of it then wax it!
PicMonkey Collage
I’ve decided to clear out a lot of “stuff”I
see many of you doing the same and I know one
thing it has made me feel better. We have the
snow and cold here in Pa. until March so I try
to do some changing around like moving things
that have been in one spot for a year or more
and changing vignettes too! This is my coffee I
I did I’m loven the black, white and green!
january 004
Of course shopping is the best therapy, I
love to shop! I took the wire baskets from
where I had them above the stove and moved
some cookbooks over but then I was stumped
until I saw these cute little bowls at TJMaxx!
i phone 018
I always have trouble with a centerpiece for my
diningroom table because we do use it practically
everyday so I was looking for something that could
be moved easily. I found this basket on the
clearance shelf and knew this would be easy!
january 011
Thanks for stopping by, I promise to be back
again this week…happy hump day!
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year and Favorite Posts of 2014

Happy New Year everyone! We had a great Christmas and New Year although my son Michael came
home from Annapolis and got the flu so I didn’t see him until a few days after Christmas as he was
at his in-laws when it came over him! A lot of people out there were sick and little ones too, can’t wait
for warmer weather but that’s not happening any time soon, we have had cold weather but no snow and that’s
what they predicted in the Farmer’s Almanac this year.

Here are my favorites from the year 2014:
Last year in January we started out the new year with a trip to Pittsburgh  where we had a really great time!

iphone 014

My Valentine’s Mantel, I’ll be doing this soonSmile:)

bar cart 008

Freshened up my Hoosier

hoosier 1214 007

bedroom 2 012

Nate's rug 007

flowers 2014 007

new york city 029


Christmas tour 2014 016

I hope you enjoy looking at my posts from 2014 and I’m really excited
to look forward to this new year!