Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I’m Finally Back!


I finally feel better, thanks goodness, I didn’t have the flu but bronchitis, I did get the flu shot while I was at the doctors last Wednesday and the cough is finally going away!

Those days I was sick sure put me behind in my painting so today was beautiful here in PA. so I grabbed a paint can and went outside!

Remember this? I bought for $15.00 at a yardsale the day of a wedding we went to…it’s from the 70’s and needed to be painted white and updated from the orange seat to some pretty fabric that I found at JoAnn”s. So here it is…


I don’t know where I’ll put it right now it’s in the room off the kitchen, I at first thought that I’d use it in the diningroom you know, take two chairs out and use this in place, but the rest of my chairs are painted black and it just doesn’t look good to me.


Here’s the fabric I found, I just fell in love with it!


Pretty huh? It turned out better than I dreamed it would and was really easy to cover♥


I’m linking to Faded Charms White Wednesday’s and Transformation Thursday also Show and Tell. So glad to be back to join up for these parties.

Have a great evening♥


Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi guys!
Just wanted to let you know why I haven't been on here lately...the flu visited me last Sunday night and hasn't left since. My advice...get your flu shot because it's nasty, I don't know if I should get one now or not. Just to weak to do anything didn't even go to the Steeler game gave me ticket to my oldest son I knew he'd have more fun than me, just couldn't face all that tail gating and walking! One good thing though I have no appitite:)

I'll be back as soon as I can♥ Thought I'd leave you with a picture of my daughter, me and the "girls" I'm on the left (red top)! I know it's not a good picture I think my camera is dying!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My First Painted Mirror & Fall Fireplace!

It turned out so pretty didn’t it? I didn’t take a before picture because I know you can imagine it gold with flaking areas on it. The picture on the bottom is of my dad and me, I was born in April so I think I’m about 4months old there♥
I hung the mirror in my entryway, now Mr. K can put on his baseball caps and have a mirror to see if they are on right! He’s very happy with it!
What a difference a mirror makes in a room!

I’ve also included a better picture of my mantel…It needed some height so I added the small, wooden box I had.
and here is an over all picture, I fought the idea of the wood stove for a couple years until the electric heating bill got to be a little to much. So I gave in two years ago and he was right it cut the heating bill in half and on a very cold winter night it is so cozy warm in here. That brown brick still upsets me to even look at it.LOL Not my choice, believe me but the X’s!
I’m linking up to Kath’s Faded Charm for White Wednesday and Domestically Speaking power of paint party! Stop by to see all the fantastic projects these talented ladies have accomplished!
Well, I work tonight and have to get something done around here! Have a great day, it’s been rainy here for at least three days but we are promised a great, sunny weekend!