Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi everyone, hope your having  a great Monday.
I just got on here to say that I’m sick with a cold/flu, my husband had it… now me.
Hopefully I’ll be back soon, I hate being sick!

I had so much planned to do, I’ve had it since Saturday so I’m
keeping my fingers crossed that it will go away soon.
Be back soon♥


Friday, February 21, 2014

Crock Lamp

Do you see the jug/crock lamp in the picture below?  I still have it even though everything else has
been sold even the punched tin shade. I was just wondering if I could use it now even though
I have a different style…I consider what I’m doing now to my home to be Electic style.
I know I need a new lamp shade, if anyone knows what type I should get please let me know!


Stush and I have been kept busy for the past couple weekends with a baptism and a
wedding so I’ll share some past Spring pictures with you since I’ve been to busy to work on anything. I know I can’t wait to see
some green grass and pretty spring flowers.



Front Porch 2 005

I can’t wait to see all this again, it seems like it’s been forever doesn’t it? I
guess after a hard winter everyone is looking forward to spring.
Have you bought anything springy yet? I haven’t but I’m so tempted.

Show and Tell Friday


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Red Owl

Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend and a great Valentines Day!
Speaking of Valentines Day…I went shopping and Kohl’s had their Valentines Décor 80% off and that’s where I found
him…isn’t he cute? You won’t believe what I paid for him, they had a lot there but what stopped me in my tracks was
that I knew Anthropology sells them for at least $80.00 and here he was for $5:99 regular for $39.99!
I see that I forgot to take the tape off from around his neck.lol
Owl 005
Do you think he looks to Valentiney? I figured I could spraypaint him white or a blue when this weather
ever goes away.
Owl 004
Owl 003
I think he is a cutie, I always wanted one but didn’t want to pay the high price.
Owl 002

So if you want one to have or to spraypaint I’d stop by Kohl’s soon to pick one up!
Owl 001


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Update on Entryway

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day, we stayed home tonight
the Mr. has a cold and we all know how it goes when a man has a cold! Complete baby!

I am taking decorating the entryway slowly seeing what works and what doesn’t plus seeing if I
like it for a couple days…so far so good.
I added a vintage crocheted runner that I found at an estate sale for a $1.00 on the washstand I
painted a week or so ago with the American Deco Paint Treasure.

estate sale runner 008

estate sale runner 007

I had this frame from Michael’s for a few years and just never knew where to
put it, love it here on the door.

estate sale runner 002
Found this picture at TJMaxx I bought it because I liked the blue in it and thought it
would go well in my bedroom which it would but when I put it in the entryway I
knew it was staying.
estate sale runner 004

I’m looking for something to go under the clock on the opposite wall but I’m going
shopping this weekend and I hope to find something but first I’ll shop my house.
estate sale runner 001

PicMonkey Collage

Well, it’s getting late, have a great night and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rag Heart

I’ve seen these rag hearts all over the internet and Pinterest for years now and I’ve always wanted to make one, so finally I did. I bought the white muslin at Walmart at 1/2 a yard, ripped it down the side
cut to the length that I wanted and tied it on the wire I had shaped into a heart. Easy!
Look how cute.
rag heart 006
They look sweet anywhere I think.

rag heart 007
You can see I’ve been fooling around with the china cabinet by putting books on a shelf and I
think the rag heart just added to it.

rag heart 005
I love it and I’m so glad I took the time to do it, I’m working on another project so stay tuned for it.

rag heart 002

I knew this wouldn’t be the best picture but you can see how it looks outside without me going out in it! We are still having cold temps and had more snow yesterday, I saw on the news that my
southern friends might be getting hit again, my advice is just stay in if you really don’t have to go out.
rag heart 001

Keep warm and craft, I made the rag heart while we watched Captain Phillips
Saturday evening, what a great movie, I don’t think Tom Hanks ever made a
bad movie do you? And those Navy Seals…thank God for them.
Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Decor Art/Treasure Blue Chalkpaint

HI all, how are you? Has anyone babysat ,more than 2 times this week?LOL
It has been so cold …I read where some of you are at –40 below and I just
can’t imagine being that cold. At –2 degrees I’m shivering!
First I’d like to thank Jamie-So Much Better With Age for featuring my Valentine mantle
at Give Me the Goods linky party. Thanks so much Jamie!
For Christmas I had on my list a gift card for Home Depot so
that I could purchase the Décor Art Americana Chalkpaint.  I ordered
the chalkpaint named, Treasure, I really loved the blue for my washstand
that I was not liking at all in the white I had last painted it.
foyer 015
I waxed the top with clear and the blue with the brown wax.
I really like the blue washstand in the foyer I think it needed it!
I do like the paint, it covered in two coats and went on smooth. The wax is very nice too
but I’m going to order a brush from them because I don’t think I did a good job with
the brown wax and cloth…maybe I’ll try it again.
bar cart2 001
Hard to take a picture in my entryway because it is either to
light or to dark.
foyer 005
I still have to fiddle around with it but wanted to show you what I’ve
been up to. The black hook laying there I think I’ll use on the wall, have to see about
that though.
foyer 006
My husband was glad for a mirror to be back on the wall. Found the
cute owl at Kohl’s.
foyer 008
foyer 009
I bought the handles at Target.
foyer 010

I had this washstand painted blue a while ago but got the bug to paint it white with
black handles…didn’t like it at all so I went with a different color blue.
foyer 011
That’s about all I’ve been up too lately besides watching kids, thanks for stopping by and
visiting my blog!
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