Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today I Need a Bit of Funny

Totally crazy I know but oh so funny! I still laugh when I look at this picture. Of course I found it on Pinterest and here is my So Funny board if you want to have a few laughs today, it made me laugh then and still does now:) Buster sat so still and let me make him look ridiculous because he loves me.
Buster with eyebrows 001
Trouble was it was very hard to get off, for a few days he walked around with very faint eyebrows. My husband just shook his head and said “ I take him with me everywhere so you should start taking it off of him, I couldn’t I was laughing so hard!
This is the picture from Pinterest
c4907577a372c21c3ea70cad4b59eb07 (1)
A few more: This one cracks me up!

So true!
So… I promised I’d tell you about my mamo review I had this morning…I have to go back again this Wednesday for a biopsy, they found what looks like grains of sand, not a mass or cyst, and they don’t know what it is. I won’t know till Monday the results but that’s okay we leave for North Carolina Thursday and won’t be back till Monday anyway. I’m taking my laptop with me so I don’t miss anything that you all do:)
Thanks for stopping by and prayers will be very much appreciated even if your doing the dishes or vacuming/dusting God will hear you♥

Monday, February 18, 2013

On Top the Old Hoosier

I’m playing around with PicMonkey this morning so please excuse the pictures as I learn how to do everything they provide, also excuse the ball jars on the floor to the left. I hate to take them down to the basement in case I would want to use them again since I’ve been playing around the rooms of my home. 
hoosier 001
I like this arrangement better on top but still disliking the heat return vent, I think it’s the problem I have when I go to decorate it.
hoosier 003
I’ve been shopping my home and put a wire basket that I had under my end table on top with some books in it. Also the plant holder that I found at the church sale for .10!
hoosier 002
Two demi johns that I found at Goodwill and wicker candle/bottle holder on the left side.
hoosier 005
I added the black and white tea towel on the side but would like to get a grainsack one with a black stripe.
hoosier 006
The basket I found for pennies and for those that are new to my blog the chair I found at the side of the road years ago. Love when that happens but are few and far between for me!
hoosier 004
Thank you to all my new followers, always appreciate you stopping by!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day & Other News

This morning I had to get the girls on the bus so I had to wake up early, I came out to put the coffee on and found these on my desk!
Hoosier 2013 007
About an hour after I got home a florist van pulled into the driveway and delivered this beautiful bouquet from the girl’s. A very nice Valentine’s Day for me.
Hoosier 2013 008
I still have to get drawer pulls for the desk but it is so nice to sit here and blog even with out the hardware on them, I can also see who pulls in the driveway too, which is nice, I’m enjoying watching the View again and my other programs on my TV that’s on the bookshelf.
Hoosier 2013 013
I love having my own space… plus cleared out the room too, it was time for a change in here!
Hoosier 2013 014
I finished the hoosier and still have to distress it and the desk
Hoosier 2013 001
I already changed the top of this, you can see my dad’s yardstick on the top but it doesn’t stay on very well, I used those glue pads and they didn’t work so it’s back in the corner again.
Hoosier 2013 010
My other “news” is they called me in for another mamo I was supposed to go tomorrow but they called to say the doctor wouldn’t be in that day and he had to be there for the tests, so now I go on Monday at 9:30 in the morning.  Gheece, now I have all weekend to worry! I know I shouldn’t worry but as you know it’s easier said than done, the what if’s keep popping into your mind!
Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone of you sweet people that stop by, I’ve really enjoying this part of my life, to be invited into your beautiful homes is such a honor!
It’s not all about the comments and stats, it’s about the niceness and friendliness of people who count.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Cloche

Hey everyone! How are you tonight? Got home from work had dinner and then got on here to join all the great parties going on today!
I found this cloche at TJMaxx a couple weeks ago and just put it out Saturday but really couldn’t figure what to put in it that I haven’t done before, this one is different, it has a pedestal that came with it.
So I went to my pinterest board Cloche Ideas and decided to do the one with the book pages tied with twine. It’s the first picture on the board and if you want to follow me on Pinterest I’d love it!
Cloche ideas 002
I don’t tear up old books just ones that weren’t a good read and are usually from Goodwill.
Cloche ideas 007
Cloche ideas 003
I also bought a white mat for the picture of New York City now just have to get a black frame. The scale I found for $5.00 at a community yardsale a couple summers ago!
Cloche ideas 009
Cloche ideas 012
Here is a sneak peek of what I put on the very top of the now gray painted Hoosier, I hope to finish it tomorrow!
Cloche ideas 010
Thanks for stopping by and your comments do make me smile:)
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sofa Covered with No Sew Dropcloths

I don’t know if I’m the first to ever do this but I thought you may want to know how I bought drop cloths from Lowes and covered my sofa with them, maybe  you have a sofa that you are tired of and would like to try it too.
My sofa is blue denim and more then 10 years old and it’s still going strong, in fact I don’t think it will ever wear out! I’m tired of the blue so I decided to cover it with a slipcover BUT my sofa is so big 96” long and that’s the problem I have with it. The only slipcover that would fit is from Pottery Barn at $179.00… not happening!!!
I knew there had to be a way to deal with this problem, I just had to figure it out! So I bought the largest drop cloth that Lowes had, it cost about $25.00 and (I’ve washed it about 3 times so it’s starting to get soft.) threw it over my couch, immediately I liked the off white look. Then the other day I happened to find that I had a smaller dropcloth in my stash and wondered if I could use it to cover just the seat cushions. here’s how it turned out!
You can see how huge the arms are!
Livingroom 2013 005
You can see how I covered the seat cushions with the drop cloth I found.
Livingroom 2013 002
My husband lays on the sofa almost every evening and all I have to do is smooth it out, doesn’t really come out of where I have it tucked in!
Livingroom 2013 003
I think it has pulled the livingroom together and it only cost me $25.00!
Livingroom 2013 009_thumb[3]
Here is my diningroom without the bookcase in it. Gives us a lot more room.
Livingroom 2013 007
I also changed the top of my step back cupboard…change is good:)
Livingroom 2013 010

Thanks for stopping by, we are going out to dinner tonight then to a Valentine’s dance Saturday night. Thank goodness the blizzard has missed us but I’m thinking of you that are in the New England states, we have relatives there, so stay safe!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prettying Up the PB Coffee Table

Today I thought I’d give my coffee table a new look, spring is next month, although looking out the window you would never know it, just to much snow. I’ll be glad when it does go away, Monday night, coming home from work the roads were so bad, so I want it all to just go away!
I like using my basket tray, with everything grouped together, the ceramic popcorn holder crock came up from the basement to hold these green Hydrangeas yes, they are faux and I love them, to me they look so real and the green color is so welcoming. You can also see the fabric hearts in the middle there, I only have a few of them left from my prim decorating days.
Also in the upper right hand corner you can see my new pillow I got on clearance at TJMaxx for $10.00. The candleholder is from the Dollar Tree which I spray painted white a while ago.

Dumpster desk 010
When I was at Michael’s I bought some burlap ribbon, you don’t get a lot for $2.99 I found out so I decided to tie some around some books that I keep on the lower shelf.

Dumpster desk 008
Doesn’t it look like a first grader wrote the word “books” with the chalk? I’m just not good at writing with chalk. I see other’s do it and I’m amazed at how nice and pretty it looks.

Dumpster desk 009

On the other side of the wire basket I have my two wooden bowls and I think I need more, I should have more some where around here:)
Dumpster desk 011
This is as far as I got on it, had to leave for the good old mamo and GYN appt.:) Yes, I shaved my legs but forgot to paint my toenails, I’m sure he didn’t
Dumpster desk 012
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Desk Finished…well almost!

I sure hope your not getting tired of seeing the dumpster desk, it’s taking so long to complete what with being sick and then lack of energy. I do want to thank each one of you who commented for your get well wishes, brought a smile to my face and I think that is so important when you aren’t feeling well. Now I’m feeling better so I did manage to finish (all except for the waxing, which I do not like to do) the desk.
I think she turned out adorable and I can’t wait to start using her.
Dumpster desk 002
I had the two glass knobs and I’m thinking of going with the cup handles for the three drawers like I have on my kitchen drawers.
Dumpster desk 001
Hard to believe it’s the same desk that I dragged out of a college dumpster! There was not a thing wrong with her that a little paint wouldn’t fix!
PicMonkey Collage
I have also been playing around on the bookshelves and referring to my Pinterest board Shelf Styling here if you would like to take a look at my pins. Having these boards have really helped me with trying getting it right.
I moved my GW basket onto the shelves with the green apples that I bought at Walmart for a $1.00 a piece and you also can see Miss Mustard Seeds book “Inspired You” which I love!
Dumpster desk 006
I’m painting the hoosier now, this is just the first coat!
Dumpster desk 005
Thanks so much for stopping by, always enjoy your visits and comments. Oh, did you watch Downton Abbey last night? Loved it!
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sick and Featured Again

Hello friends! How are you on the last day of January, just think tomorrow we can say “spring will be here next month”!
I started getting sick last Sunday it sure has put a damper on all I’ve wanted to do around here but I did manage to give my dumpster desk the first coat of gray and that’s as far as I’ve got on it! Just not enough energy folks!

dumpster desk 001
The drawers…I’ve been thinking of painting the sides of them like of seen it done, just have to come up with a different color for it!
dumpster desk 002
I can’t wait to get my office done and use the lamp on it, such a cutie!
dumpster desk 003
Now on to my 2nd feature…
I was featured Wednesday at New House, New Home, New Life for the $3.00 basket I found at a church sale, I painted it with ASCP in Paris Grey!
Owl lamp and basket 001
Thanks so much Heather, it’s really gratifying to be featured when you do these projects, and sometimes they are the simplest and cheapest things to do, like the basket, only took me ten minutes if anything but oh, what an impact it made!
Also, I’ll be visiting all of you who have commented on my last two posts, as soon as I feel better, OK?
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