Thursday, October 23, 2014

Off to Vermont



Hi Everyone!


I’ll be gone for about 6 days, we are off to Vermont to visit relatives!

I’m hoping I get some great pictures, last time we were there it

snowed 4 inches. I hope it doesn’t this time…I’m so not ready

for that.!



Got to go and finish packing!



Monday, October 20, 2014

Lamp and Boxwood Wreath

Hi everyone, how are you? I’ve been reading how the tree leaves are finally
turning in some of your states, ours trees get more naked everyday what with some
of the windy weather we have had.
I did want to show you what I did after seeing this on 21 Rosemary Lane,
I loved the look of Rosemary’s lamp so I decided
to do the same but then remembered I had one in the basement that wouldn’t need the
Boxwood wreath 007
Didn’t take me long to wrap and hot glue the twine, I also took the burlap shade
from another lamp and put it on this one. The only thing I’m missing is the cute tassel
Rosemary used on hers. 
Boxwood wreath 008
I think it turned out great and such an update on something that I already had and
didn’t cost a penny! Do you like my two little pumpkin spice tins? I’ve had them for
years and always bring them out every fall!
Boxwood wreath 010
Now I want to show you my boxwood wreath that I got with my credits
from Josh and Main,  I’ve always wanted one! I have it hung on my window that
came from an old milk house.
Boxwood wreath 001
I’m trying a little bit of red in my home and remembered it was down
in the basement, at first I thought I had sold it but finally found it,
so relieved!
I love ribbon that is used on some things that you buy, this was
wrapped around throw so I always save them to use.
Boxwood wreath 003
So hard taking pictures of this wall! I hung on the narrow wall
coming into the livingroom/diningroom
Boxwood wreath 006
Remember to stop by Rosemary’s blog to see her lamp, much more amazing
then mine I promise!
Thanks for stopping by hope you have a nice evening!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Little Bit of Fall Entryway

Hello everyone! What a windy warm day we had today, leaves were just flying off the trees and
it was so nice to have a warm day because soon they will be gone until next year!
I wanted to show you my entryway for fall, I had the front door opened to let more light in
while I took some pictures. As you come inside the closet is on the left of the entryway!
entryway fall 2014 001
I tried not to over do with the fall d├ęcor in here so a little garland over the mirror and
wreath on the inside of the door and a pumpkin that was a giveaway win is all I put in
entryway fall 2014 002
I had an empty space to the right and figured on using a chair but the door swings open so
it had to be a smaller type chair which I don’t have right at the moment. So I used some wooden
boxes and a carpenters tool chest and I finally found a place for this frame, that is meant to
be hung empty. I’ve had it for awhile and had bought it at Michael’s on sale!
entryway fall 2014 003
This is to the left of the left of the blue washstand !
entryway fall 2014 004
Love how this all looks together, gold, beige and grapevine with a burlap bow!
entryway fall 2014 006
Found the pictures at a yardsale in a bottom of a box and she only wanted a $1.00 a piece!
entryway fall 2014 007
Thanks for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Love

Hi Everyone, It’s getting colder here…Saturday night down to 37, it just came to fast for me.
I’m in the house today because it’s really windy out and hard rain coming in as the forecaster
says, so I’ve been taking a few pictures of fall around here for you to see!
Fall vintgnets 012
Since I’m stuck in the house I wanted to see if my fall plates and glasses were okay for the holidays, plus found and washed the napkins.
My centerpiece is from around the house this year also except for the mini pumpkins I got those at Walmart!
Fall vintgnets 006
Love the glittery pumpkins on the tea cart they seem to shine on the tray!
Fall vintgnets 011
Fall vintgnets 010
I’m thinking of painting the hutch a light gray because when the walls in the kitchen
and where my desk is are gray we won’t be painting the livingroom or diningroom…so
I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to do the hutch gray! I do like it white but I
think it’s time for a change.
Fall vintgnets 002
My son was throwing this rug in his garbage when I stopped him I’ve always loved it and
now it’s in my diningroom!
PicMonkey Collage
Fall vintgnets 009
The hoosier always gets a pumpkin and an old pumpkin pie spice tin!
Fall vintgnets 016
I hope you enjoyed my fall vignettes, thanks for stopping by so appreciated!