Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chloe and Some Summer Switches

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday evening, we are having great weather… not hot…just right! My daughter and her family are in Ocean City, Maryland and she said it’s “Hot”!!! I’m glad she is having good weather and while they are there I’ve been watching sweet , little Chloe! She is so adorable and a smart little pup too.
Here she is on my white couch, you know I love her!
Chloe 001
I took these pictures this evening so don’t mind the shadows, I’ll be watching Alex and Nicholas tomorrow so I know there won’t be time to take pictures plus having Chloe it will really be crazy around here.
I don’t know if I like the shade of gray here or not. I did distress it since I showed the last picture of it without hardware!
Chloe 002
Since I have chalkboard paint on my hoosier and underneath my kitchen cabinets (I just finished the other side of the kitchen yesterday and I’ll show you in a later post) I decided to move the framed one in the diningroom out and use this picture instead…
I’ve been trying to do somethings differently with some color hopefully I’ll succeed, it’s such a giant puzzle to me sometimes, trying to tie everything together, is it like that for you? I do like the picture there though, I found it at the Salvation Army for $5.00 they had two more to go with it but the colors just weren’t right for my home so I didn’t get them.
Chloe 003

Chloe 004
My hutch is one thing that I have to get to, I think I have everything in there, that’s what summer does to you I guess! Just stuff it in.LOL
Chloe 005
I did find a new basket at of all places Walmart I loved the finish on it and the liner for $9.97. I love how well it goes with my pottery collection too!
These are just some photos to show that I’m still decorating even though it’s been a busy and fun summer.
Chloe 006
Thanks for stopping by I’m so glad to have you!
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Chair With Behr Paint

Hello all…I know I’ve been a bad blogger this summer but truthfully I’ve just been enjoying the hot days and pool, the grandkids and just not having to do/go anywhere types of days! Plus I don’t work anymore so I think that has a lot to do with it: I’m sure you know what I mean.
Anyway, I still visited Pinterest on some days and found this pin that has proved to be right on! Go to my chalkpaint board to pin this. You will be so glad you did! I wrote down the chalkpaint colors and the Behr paint colors and while shopping stopped at Home Depot and picked out the colors that are so very similar to ASCP. I decided to paint a chair that I had during my prim days…a very sturdy chair but painted the wrong colors for me now.
green chair 005
I bought a sample of Behr Caterpillar 430B-6 that is so close to the Antibes Green, see if you think so.
green chair 006
Now I haven’t seen the Antibes Green in person but I bet this is sure close, don’t you think? I’ve haven’t put wax on it yet because I want to order the dark wax so that will have to wait, I did distress it though!
green chair 012
green chair 007
green chair 008
Here is where I thought it would look good.
green chair 009
green chair 010
The chair that I had at the desk I put in the enterway.
green chair 011
Some changes going on here at Something Nice and Pretty but like it says in my header “My Home is My Hobby” it’s just that some time you have to take time off from it.
I hope your summer has been going great been hot here so the pool got good use this year!
Let me know if you have tried the paint colors, I only chose ones that I wanted, I have a big project to do with the quart I bought of one color.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June in Review

Hello everyone! I thought I’d better do a post because this summer has been so busy as I’m sure it has been for you too.  So this is my June Review:
I redid my mantle by adding the topiaries  that I got on sale at TJMaxx or Marshall’s, I can never remember which one.LOL
washstand and online pics 014
I did get hardware at Lowes but didn’t get a picture yet of it, I might change the paint on the washstand because I’m just not sure yet if I like it.

washstand and online pics 017
Found the cutest little cowboy boots to use as planters for $2.00.

cowboy planter 001
I also started a new collection…McCoy Pottery, so far I have 3 McCoy and 1 Cookson and 1 USA. I love the colors and even the texture of the pottery and it’s a lot of fun to collect!

yardsale, Pirate game 036
I also took the time finally to paint this file thing a ma bob! I just slapped some paint on it and called it a day!
yardsale, Pirate game 051
Of course what kept us all busy was the wedding of these two! They will be home tomorrow, they flew from Aruba to Chicago to go to two Pirate games out there. I can’t believe the wedding is over, I think I’m still recouping from it!
wedding June 22 004
I also did some Ball Jars by first painting them with chalkboard paint then painting a color over that. They turned out great but one thing I noticed was that it was hard to sand, the color just didn’t want to come off so I think it was the chalkboard paint!
plannters and ball jars 009

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend, thanks for stopping by today!