Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Painting My Furniture White

Hello friends, it’s late but I just got home from work a little while ago and you know how that is…takes a while to unwind for me. So I thought I’d show you my very first piece of furniture that I have painted white. I was putting the first coat on when I remembered to take a picture. You can tell by the legs that it was a barn red, I painted it Clean White by Valspar Premium which has a primer in it. I’m not experienced in this but I do know that I’ll never buy it again, it took five coats to cover it!!!
 Sorry about the pictures but it’s night time and with the flash it was just to harsh looking. I love the legs of this piece, I found it a few years ago at our annual community yardsale for $25.00!
 The foot of it, very dainty!

The drawers that are on either side!
I’d love to find some French letters to put in these letter holders, I’m really lovin the white!

The top of it lifts up and I just put some stuff on the top for the photos. I’m going to add some glass knobs when I  find some I think it would make it more shabby looking.
Please, if you have any suggestions on painting or on how you would decorate this I’d love to hear. Remember I’m a babe in the woods here with this style.LOL  I think I’ll be painting the chair white as well!
All in all it wasn’t to bad to do but like I said I’m such a newbie when it comes to this white style but one thing I know I love it. When I walked in from work tonight my livingroom was so much lighter and prettier. I know I have alot of work ahead of me but looking at all the fabulous blogs out in blogland, I know it will be worth it♥
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Friday, July 23, 2010

It' Friday!!!

Hello Friends! It's Friday already didn't this week fly by? I'm just amazed at how fast this summer is going ...soon we will be talking back to school!!!
As I said in my latest post I've been painting and I finally finished these four 40's or 30's lawn chairs that were given to us about 5 years ago! I had painted them in the primary colors before but this year they got a fresh coat of pastel colors.
From left to right Meditarrean, Ballerina Slipper, Butter creme and Pistachio from Krylon spraypaint purchased at Walmart. Now, they aren't perfectly painted in fact they are just for looks as no one sits in them, I think they give the pool area such a pretty look and I just love them but I'm glad I'm done with them!

After I was done with them I went to Goodwill and found a few things, I did stop at Big Lot's first but just kept thinking the real deals were right next door! Here's what I found:
another piece of milkglass and for only .21...yeah, I know what a deal huh?

Here is another picture of it, it's so petite and cute!

Now do you know what this is used for? I only payed $1.49 for it but I didn 't know what you would put in it...any suggestions? All are welcomed to tell me because I have no clue as to what it is used for or what to put in it! It's cute though, should I paint it white?

I've been experimenting with the different colors of spray paint so I decided to go ahead with this and paint it Ballerina Slipper (love that name) I don't know if I like it or not, I can always go white with it, I didn't get a before picture because Mr. K had my camera with him at the parking lot and just got to take these ones before he was off again this morning with the camera.
They wood container was a dark wood and the pots were an olive green so I sprayed them lightley with white...I guess I could sand it and use something to age it, I had bought it at JoAnn's a few years ago...on sale of course!
Remember when I mentioned that our Goodwill gets "stuff" from Target? Well, I scored with this dark, aqua lampshade and I know just the lamp I want to go with it, it's the glass one from Target that everyone in blogland has and I just love it! I put it over my jar candle for now I don't have a lamp big enough to show you how it would look...

I only paid $1.99 for it!

It is really a dark aqua but the camera is making it look country blue which it isn't, oh well, I'm sure you know what I mean.
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 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend where ever you are!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Around My Yard


It’s so hot and muggy here in Pa. but I did spend some time outside today in spite of the weather doing what else, spray painting!!! I also watched the girls then came home to clean the pool and finish up the last 1940’s chair that I have around the pool. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and show you! Here are is my window box right below my kitchen window, the window boxes are painted a barn red…I have so much painting to do that when I stop and think about it, it becomes so overwhelming to me!


This one is under a room just off the kitchen, I used to call it the Keepingroom but now that I’ve switched I don’t know what to call it. LOL They are alot fuller now I took these pictures earlier this month.



My rocking chair Mr. K bought me for Mother’s Day…the pillow I found at Goodwill for a $1.00, brand new, so I asked the lady who works there where they were getting these new pillows and she said “Target”. I was happy! I’d love to get my door painted black sometime soon but Mr. K is building a parking lot, we live near a college town and they decided to not have parking on the college campus so that is taking up all his time what with engineers and pavers!



I found this tin tub at a yard sale for .25, petunias and lavender is what grows in it.


This is the road that comes up to our home, as you can tell we are surrounded by shade, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to brighten my home up.


I’ll leave you with a photo of my baby “Buster”, he’s a four year old yellow lab and loves me just the way I am…


it can’t get any better than that:)



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Weekend, Wedding & Yard Sale

A happy Sunday to you!
I’m sure tired today it was one busy weekend starting Thursday night when Michael and Carrie came home from Annapolis. My youngest was best man in his friends wedding, my first outdoor wedding and it was so nice and pretty! Here are a few pictures:
The bride and groom!
The Terrible Towel…all are big Steeler fans!
The Best Man & Maid of Honor!

My son’s and I (Chris & Michael), now don’t forget I have two more kids but they were at another wedding!

The Bridal table…notice her colors, aqua and green!
The Bride’s Maids bouquets! I’m sure they are Hydrangeas.
Floating Candle centerpieces!
Birdcage card holder and guest signing table!
Mr.K and I, we were married 4 years this past May 26th and we both forgot about it until a couple days later…we just blamed it on age.LOL
After church we drove home so that Mr. K  could get into more comfortable clothes, on the way back we stopped at a yard sale just up the rode from us, I spied this bench and just knew it would be so pretty painted white with different fabric for the seat…she had $20.00 on it but I got it for $15.00!!! I’ m pretty sure I’m going to take out two chairs from the dining room table and use this instead, that’s the plan right now anyway and yes, I stopped like I was dressed to get this bench. LOL The sun is shining on it in the picture but it’s an orange so it’s from the 70’s.
One more thing before I go, I saw this on this great blog Three Ring Cottage Gina had come up with such a neat Pottery Barn idea! I already had the pickle jar which had been filled with old cookie cutters, emptied it out and bought pea gravel and a candle from Dollar Tree and here it is! Love it, thanks for the idea Gina!
I hope everyone has a wonderful summer evening where ever you are!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Entry Before and After

 I’ve been busy this morning trying to get things done before I head to work this afternoon, I was reading blogs while having my cup of coffee and I got so motivated to do something so I decided to clear out my entryway and use what I have on hand here.
The first two pictures are before pictures of my entryway so very hard to take pictures in here, I can never get a good angle of it and the weather always is a factor but if I waited on Mother Nature I’d never take pictures! The first picture is a more recent one…
I even changed things around when I was prim as you can see.
Here is the after…the chair is a really chippy off white, I have two of them that were given to me and they have been in the basement for a little while and really never thought I’d ever use them. They look like there are from the 30’s or 40’s and I can see from the picture that I have to take the suitcase off the chair looks just too big! I’m liken it though, like I said I can’t get everything in the picture, above is a chippy, green peg board and I have a straw beach bag from the Bahamas hanging on it but now even that looks to big. Next to the chair is a washstand I found at Goodwill for $15.00 last year, I don’t know if I should paint it white or not.
I went shopping Friday with my friend Linda and found this neat suitcase at TJ Max for $12.99 with the Eiffel Tower on it and just fell in love, but again to big for the chair…darn! I didn’t even realize it until I viewed the picture on here.
I also got to go in Pottery Barn for Kids and found the letter K on sale for $8.99, they sure are expensive but beautiful things in there, I didn’t get to go in Restoration Hardware to look around but maybe next time!
Here’s the K next to the very first thing I painted…the lamp, I need a new shade for this lamp too.
I painted this black frame today also


Used this antiquing medium that I found at Jo-Ann’s with a linen white.
This is how it turned out, pretty neat I think for the first time, I used a folder that I bought at the Dollar Tree and cut it to use for a picture. You can’t tell by this picture but using the medium brought some of the black out on the frame.
well, just got home a little bit ago from work so I’m finishing up this post, did you think I’d let my entryway alone? Nope, tweaked it a little when I got home and now here is how it looks right now. I switched the washstand and the chair.
What do you think?
Should the suitcase sit on the floor or chair?
I know I need more “stuff” like rugs, lampshades and I know I need to paint so many more things, I’m really stumped on what shade of white to get…anyone know of any? I know everyone talks about a Heirloom White on blogs…what shade of white should I go with?
I hope everyone is having a good evening where ever you are♥
PS. What size picture do you use if you are using Live Writer? I so appreciate it if you know and leave a comment for me!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Estate Sale Today

Hello everyone,
Today was my first estate sale this summer, I was there early to try and beat the heat! Still got hot though.
I found some neat things but the prices could have been a bit lower, nothing was marked and I don’t blame them since there was a ton of stuff inside and outside, shed and basement, I wasn’t interested in tools or Christmas decorations or Halloween stuff and that’s what they had alot of. There was alot of things I could have bought but I’m really, really trying to buy only the things that I love and want in my home plus there is a garage sale tomorrow!LOL
They had one lady there who told everyone the price of what they wanted not once did I hear her say anything was under a $1.00…sort of turned me off if you know what I mean. Like this pitcher, myself I thought it should have been .50 but  nope…a $1.00! I liked it though, I think if you enlarge the picture you can see the cluster of grapes on it.

I rearranged my cupboard and have it on the top shelf to the left.
I think this is milk glass I really don’t know but liked it anyway and yep, it was a $1.00.
I dug thru alot of linens and this runner was the only one that I loved so I didn’t think a $1.00 for it was bad at all.
See the milk glass tooth pick holder? It was my mom’s and I always remember it being on the kitchen table growing up, I’m so glad now that I grabbed it up when she passed away, although I didn’t use it until now…so I guess I’m collecting it milk glass now.LOL
These rose printed pillow cases were a $1.00 a pair…
I saw this seashell stuffed in back of a cabinet and was afraid she would want $5.00 for it…nope a $1.00 too!
I thought these were neat, terra cotta candle sticks covered with tiny sea shells, I think I’ll use them outside.
I think my neatest find of the day was this aqua  suitcase for $5.00, its from the 40’s or 50’s, terrible picture of it but was in a hurry.

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