Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Around My Yard


It’s so hot and muggy here in Pa. but I did spend some time outside today in spite of the weather doing what else, spray painting!!! I also watched the girls then came home to clean the pool and finish up the last 1940’s chair that I have around the pool. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and show you! Here are is my window box right below my kitchen window, the window boxes are painted a barn red…I have so much painting to do that when I stop and think about it, it becomes so overwhelming to me!


This one is under a room just off the kitchen, I used to call it the Keepingroom but now that I’ve switched I don’t know what to call it. LOL They are alot fuller now I took these pictures earlier this month.



My rocking chair Mr. K bought me for Mother’s Day…the pillow I found at Goodwill for a $1.00, brand new, so I asked the lady who works there where they were getting these new pillows and she said “Target”. I was happy! I’d love to get my door painted black sometime soon but Mr. K is building a parking lot, we live near a college town and they decided to not have parking on the college campus so that is taking up all his time what with engineers and pavers!



I found this tin tub at a yard sale for .25, petunias and lavender is what grows in it.


This is the road that comes up to our home, as you can tell we are surrounded by shade, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to brighten my home up.


I’ll leave you with a photo of my baby “Buster”, he’s a four year old yellow lab and loves me just the way I am…


it can’t get any better than that:)




Kindra said...

Rondell, can I come and sit with you under the tree with some icy drink. :) Looks inviting! I know what you mean...when switching over decorating styles, it gets kind of overwhelming on the long list. But it's so worth it!

gena said...

Such an inviting yard - I especially love the purple flowers, just beautiful ! The doggy is adorable too !!!!

thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

I have so many things to paint too. I'm so overwhelmed...that I haven't even started painting any of it, but I know that I need to as my rooms look so mixed up between styles.

Buster sure is a cutie!! My little Chloe turns 4 yrs old next month.

Gina said...

Your flower boxes are blooming beautifully!
I'll be right over to sit in your shady looks so relaxing.

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Rondell, I know what you mean about the hot and muggy weather here in PA...I'm spending most of my time indoors... Did manage to get to the community yard sales in New Alexandria last weekend...found some cute items from Roadman's Country Living Store in Latrobe :) Haven't posted my finds yet, but will in the future...stay COOL!

Caths Pennies Designs said...

Well goodness gracious, here you are!
I was finally taking some time to catch up on my fellow Pa bloggers only to discover that you became a turncoat!
It's ok, I like you enough to accept you just as you are.
Shame on me for not keeping up with my blog reading. I'm looking forward to lots of aqua from you!

theolde stone house said...

Hi Rondell
Love the color of those chairs. They look great around the pool. I am a sucker for milk glass too.
I walked early this morning with the new puppyand it was hot and sticky at 7:00am.
Have a good weekend.