Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Entry Before and After

 I’ve been busy this morning trying to get things done before I head to work this afternoon, I was reading blogs while having my cup of coffee and I got so motivated to do something so I decided to clear out my entryway and use what I have on hand here.
The first two pictures are before pictures of my entryway so very hard to take pictures in here, I can never get a good angle of it and the weather always is a factor but if I waited on Mother Nature I’d never take pictures! The first picture is a more recent one…
I even changed things around when I was prim as you can see.
Here is the after…the chair is a really chippy off white, I have two of them that were given to me and they have been in the basement for a little while and really never thought I’d ever use them. They look like there are from the 30’s or 40’s and I can see from the picture that I have to take the suitcase off the chair looks just too big! I’m liken it though, like I said I can’t get everything in the picture, above is a chippy, green peg board and I have a straw beach bag from the Bahamas hanging on it but now even that looks to big. Next to the chair is a washstand I found at Goodwill for $15.00 last year, I don’t know if I should paint it white or not.
I went shopping Friday with my friend Linda and found this neat suitcase at TJ Max for $12.99 with the Eiffel Tower on it and just fell in love, but again to big for the chair…darn! I didn’t even realize it until I viewed the picture on here.
I also got to go in Pottery Barn for Kids and found the letter K on sale for $8.99, they sure are expensive but beautiful things in there, I didn’t get to go in Restoration Hardware to look around but maybe next time!
Here’s the K next to the very first thing I painted…the lamp, I need a new shade for this lamp too.
I painted this black frame today also


Used this antiquing medium that I found at Jo-Ann’s with a linen white.
This is how it turned out, pretty neat I think for the first time, I used a folder that I bought at the Dollar Tree and cut it to use for a picture. You can’t tell by this picture but using the medium brought some of the black out on the frame.
well, just got home a little bit ago from work so I’m finishing up this post, did you think I’d let my entryway alone? Nope, tweaked it a little when I got home and now here is how it looks right now. I switched the washstand and the chair.
What do you think?
Should the suitcase sit on the floor or chair?
I know I need more “stuff” like rugs, lampshades and I know I need to paint so many more things, I’m really stumped on what shade of white to get…anyone know of any? I know everyone talks about a Heirloom White on blogs…what shade of white should I go with?
I hope everyone is having a good evening where ever you are♥
PS. What size picture do you use if you are using Live Writer? I so appreciate it if you know and leave a comment for me!


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

It looks pretty!
I vote for the suitcase on the floor~and if you want something more white than cream, don't do Heirloom White. It's a very yellowish cream, not really white at all.

Decorchick! said...

Hi Rondell! Your entry looks great and the frame!! I think the suitcase maybe on the floor would be the better option? Your wall looks white, so I'm not sure about the other things all white too. I would choose a color to pop against the white wall. But I have to disagree with Suzanne about Heirloom White. I've used it on TONS of things and it's not yellowy at all. It's the perfect creamy white in my opinion! :) Great job. :)

Grammee Linda said...

Hi Rondell, I use a picture that is no more than 400 wide in Live writer - that works with my blog layout but yours might be different. You can always go back to the post and edit the pictures size even if you have published the post already so experiment with your layout.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I like your changes you made, but believe the first way you had it looked better with the table and chair switched.

La Maison Reid said...

Your entry is really coming along! I like it much better this way. I would put the suitcase on the floor. The only other thing I would tweak would be to put the painting a little lower and maybe a bit more to towards the lamp. I just read somewhere that the #1 decorating mistake is to hang pictures too high. Google it, you'll see! Just a suggestion.

Katherine said...

Hi Rondell!
I think I like the arrangement the first way, but with the French case on the floor next to the chair. I use Heirloom white for spraying, and Glidden Cappuccino White for brushing on furniture. They are pretty close, a nice off white. I started moving away from straight primitive/Colonial about 4 years ago, and it was surprising how many of my old favorites blend in with my farmhouse/European country look now. Just by adding a little molding, paint and different knobs can transform a piece. I love what you've done so far!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

you're doing such a lovely job of "transforming" your home! loving your whites...

cynthialeedesigns said...

Hi Rondell,
Love the suitcase. I liked it on the chair, but I really love it on the floor. I love all the white touches that you have added. The picture is really pretty. Your new style is looking great!!

Debbie said...

Yup, suitcase on the floor...I think this change is really great! Makes the space brighter. Good job.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

thanks for stopping! I love your new entryway! I like the neat suitcase on the floor, but a chair at the entryway could be useful.


gena said...

Looks great - so welcoming !

thanks for sharing,

La said...

NICE! You were a very busy girl.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love a suitcase on the floor! Thanks for your visit, love the book!
Take care

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

First off, thank you so much for becoming a new follower of my little blog and you have a new face popping up as well!!

Will the suitcase fit on the little shelf that is under the table? That would look really cute I think!

I understand your dilemma. It takes me a long time of moving things around to get it looking right for me!

Kindra said...

Rondell, I love, love your "new" entryway! The turquoise lamp pops! And the madeover white items are just the right touch!

I went in TJ Max yesterday for the first time in YEARS! Probably 10. And I found some cute, cute plates to put up on my bathroom wall. I could of spent a small fortune in there!

Have a great weekend!