Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lovely Wedding

Well, the wedding is over all the preparations turned out just beautiful and everyone had such a good time! Took me a couple days to recoup, the weather was in one word…hot!!!
I now have three married, my youngest is the only one left and he’s 33!
Here are some pictures I took for you to see in no particular order, I didn’t take any of the ceremony because I just wanted to hear their vows said, it was held outside and I could hear them perfectly. The reception was held in a barn nestled beside old historic homes

wedding June 22 011
I’ve also did the pictures with Picmonkey so that Corrie could see the different things that you can do with your pictures when you use it.
wedding June 22 002
wedding June 22 006
wedding June 22 015
wedding June 22 018
Alex is the only one I got still in her dress.
wedding June 22 012
wedding June 22 009
wedding June 22 024
wedding June 22 004
wedding June 22 023
We danced to the Beach Boys”If You Should Ever Leave Me” for the mother and son dance!
wedding June 22 020
My killer shoes and I mean that in every way'.LOL I had a really hard time matching shoes, nothing went with the dress except these ones.
wedding june 22 002
I had seen this on Pinterest and told Corrie I’d like it, a stretchy bracelet with the real yellow roses attached.
wedding June 22 027
We all had a wonderful time and I think they make a beautiful couple, tomorrow they leave for their honeymoon in Aruba♥
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Saturday, June 22, 2013


I’ve been so busy with the wedding, it’s this Saturday and I can’t believe it’s actually almost here. Everything has gone great except for having a dress that is so hard to match with shoes! I swear I’ve had 3 pair of shoes so far that haven’t matched. I finally found a pair at Macy’s, more than I wanted to pay but at this point in time I don’t care:) At the end of this post I’ll show you what I have been working on for the wedding.
Now for the planters:
My window boxes…I found the two at a yardsale for $2.00 for both but I really do think this is the last year for them…Stush so has to make new ones for next year! Don’t you love the flowers? I found them at Pike Days and they were only $2.75 a bunch.
plannters and ball jars 004
The 3 pots in the front are from a yardsale 3 for .75, love the pink ones.

plannters and ball jars 003
Here’s my Little Piece of Heaven as I call it, as I’ve said before the clematis only blooms in the spring, I so wish it bloomed all summer too because it is so pretty!

I found this coca cola crate at a yardsale for $5.00.


Found the cowboy boots at a yardsale too and put some succulents in them. Cute!
cowboy planter 001
I’ve been busy painting these Ball Jars for the wedding…neat huh? Paint color is Blue Bahamas!
plannters and ball jars 009
Thanks so much for stopping by, always so glad to have you!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

They say I look like my dad, I have his brown eyes and had the dark hair. So many years have gone by since I last heard your voice and it’s also been a lot of years since I said the word Dad or Mom to each of you and I so miss that.

Happy Father’s Day, dad!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Friday Finds

I’m keeping my promise to myself to go to as many yardsales as I can this summer but have found out I like the community ones the best don’t you?
Here’s what I’ve found:
I’ve fallen in love with the baseball in a jar look so far I have four, two I found at a yardsale, one I found and I can’t remember about the other one. Just have to find more to fill up a big pickle jar!
washstand and online pics 010

Really cute don’t you think? A little chicken on this pitcher the price was to good to leave her there!
washstand and online pics 008
Wuthering Heights, I’ve never read it so for .25 I bought it to try!
washstand and online pics 009
I also found a new piece of pottery, at first I thought it was a McCoy but when I turned it over I saw this…
washstand and online pics 007
It’s by Cookson and there are some being sold on Ebay, anyway I loved the color gray and the design.

washstand and online pics 006
Here is my favorite, a pair of little cowboy boots for $2.00 as a planter and the lady, who was so nice, gave me the succulents out of her yard for free!

cowboy planter 001
I just used a razor to put a slit in the cowboy boot and stuck the plant right in there!
cowboy planter 003
cowboy planter 004
We had a storm last night that went thur so that’s what you see on the porch from the geraniums:)
Thanks for stopping by I always appreciate it!
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Renewed Washstand

Hi all! Been raining here for what it seems  forever, one thing about the rain that I do like is I don’t have to water the flowers but now I’d gladly water them if we could just see some sun soon!
While it’s crummy outside I decided to paint my washstand another color…this is what it looked like before I first painted it. Okay but needed updated real bad.

I first painted it Valspar Café Blue, I loved it, I left the top wood and just darkened it with some brown paint using it very lightly.

Now it’s painted Valspar Polar Star a very light gray. You can see the difference there between the corner of the hutch and the washstand, the hutch is painted Cottage White!
I also have to get some hardware for it, I do have a glass knob on the door.
washstand and online pics 017
I even distressed it a lot more than I usually do and I’m liken it! I have a detailed sander but think I have to invest in a palm sander to do better on the sides of the piece.
washstand and online pics 015
washstand and online pics 016

washstand and online pics 019
Now I have to wax it!
washstand and online pics 020
Maybe decorate it differently too but I sort of like the old bottles on the tray. 
washstand and online pics 021

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

May in Review

Hello everyone!
Today I thought I’d show the month of May’s review of what I’ve done as far as the house is concerned, that way I can see how productive I have been too!
I’m really happy with my chalkboard backsplash, only two coats of it did the trick. I also painted the switchplates with it and sprayed them with a protective matt finish so that they don’t chip or scratch! Read about it here

I do want to make another banner out of burlap soon because I loved making this one out of scrapbook paper to hang on the chippy window. Read about it here

Fireplace 2013 002

Pepperoni Dip, so good! Sorry about the blurry picture. Read about it here

Fireplace 2013 008
I also worked on my front porch for the month of May and was so happy to finally get out and do it as I know we all were, right? Read about it here

Front Porch 2 004
I’ll be doing this at the beginning of each month, maybe it will help me get more things done around here? lol

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take a Walk Around My Livingroom

Hi Ladies! The weather has turned from down right cold to hot and it looks like the rest of the week is going to be that way too! I’m so ready for it! So bring it on!!!
I thought today I’d take you on a tour of my livingroom, I haven’t showed it for a while, everything is the same but this time I can talk about some things that I didn’t get to before!
I’m still loving the burlap, apple green and my Extorp sofa. I love Ikea just wish it was closer, like 37 miles closer:) That’s where I got the black and white pillow too that you see there! The green ones are from Marshall’s.

Around the Livingroom 011
I like taking pictures like this…it’s great to see where something should be moved to or to just take it out of the room altogether! I’m thinking like the shutter should be moved and more pictures added below the ones on the gallery wall.
Around the Livingroom 001
Lately I’ve been using my spring smelling candles, this one is called Mountain Lake from Yankee Candles, the windows are open and the curtains are blowing in the breeze making the whole house smell fresh and clean.

Around the Livingroom 002
To take this picture I was standing right in front of the screen door to the back porch.

Around the Livingroom 003
I’ve been so tempted to paint the step back cupboard that Stush built for me one Christmas I guess I’d go white but not stark white! What do you think?

Around the Livingroom 004
Well, it’s over the hump day and the weekend is almost here, what will you be up to? I will be either in my daughter’s pool or on the docks!

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