Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ikea Bagel Rail on My Kitchen Wall

I think this is one of the cheapest wall d├ęcor I’ve ever bought and I love it.
This side of the kitchen needed something but couldn’t think of anything until
I was at Ikea and had it all in my hands but put it back. Boy, was I sorry when
I got home and realized it would have looked great. Have you ever done that?
ikea 010
This is the side I’m talking about the one right next to the fridge,
we only do coffee here but on holidays we use this side for food,
plates, silverware and napkins.
ikea 007
I brought out my cookie cutters, some are very old since I started to collect
them in 1983.
ikea 008
Anyway I went online and ordered what I wanted knowing it would look good
since I could visualize what it would look like by standing there.
ikea 004
I decided to use the hanging bucket as a napkin holder for now, works great.
ikea 009
The towel is from TJMaxx
ikea 001
I hope you had a wonderful day, a little warmer today but cloudy… that’s ok,
I’ll take it!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Spring!

I’m so darn happy it’s spring even though the weather is crappy but thankfully no snow laying
on the ground just gloomy and rainy today.
I just wanted some pretty colors for the first day of spring so went to Wally World and
found one
Forenthia stem, found them at Walmart and just cut the bottom off and stuck them in the watering
new tulips 009
Also some new tulips, this time in a lighter shade.
new tulips 010
The picture below I took with a softer feature on my camera, I
think it’s pretty. 
new tulips 013
I also got my moss bunny out and a picture that used to be beside my hutch, I thought it
would be springy for the mantle.
new tulips 006
new tulips 004
I have to do some eggs for up here and take the twigs out of the vase, little by
little I’ll get it the way I want it!
new tulips 008
I have gift cards for PB and was going to order a burlap shade for this crock lamp, they wanted
$49.00 for this size, somehow I just couldn’t click on check out. LOL I wanted to find one not
so expensive. Well, BHG came thur with one for $7.98…love it and the price!
new tulips 012
I love my few touches for spring, are you getting ready for the warmer
weather? I can’t wait to see flowers and hanging baskets!
new tulips 001
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I always appreciate you taking the time out to
visit for a while…I wouldn’t blog if it wasn’t for you!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Bit of My Bedroom

y Bedroom 2014 006
I’m all over the place with stuff for the walls, tried this one look with the wire basket.
Bedroom 2014 010
That’s Gidget, no matter where I put her she looks good!
Bedroom 2014 005
I love her and the hydrangea picture!
Bedroom 2014 008
I found out the the aqua suitcase is worth $80.00 and I paid a $1.00. I think
I’ll keep it though!
Bedroom 2014 007
My bedroom so far…I had to have a lighter color rug so that if I dropped something I could see where it was!
Bedroom 2014 002
The mirror is also a jewelry  box, which I love for all my jewelry.
Bedroom 2014 003
Bedroom 2014 009
That’s me trying to take a picture! My planter I found at Marshall’s, I guess you could put a candle in it to if you wanted.
Bedroom 2014 001
The shoes, you won’t believe, are from Walmart!
Bedroom 2014 004
So I hope you enjoyed the showing of my bedroom, I’m going very slow in there, I’m very happy with the
lighter carpet. I hope you are enjoying the rest of the week, just think we will be going to the pool soon!!! LOL!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Tulips and Some Finds

I just couldn’t resist the pretty tulips I’ve been seeing all over blogland, so at Walmart I bought some, I loved
the color of these a lot of you have showed. When I bought them I wondered where I would put them and what I would use for a
vase. Well, the old hoosier and blue ball jar won…

tulips 008

tulips 001

tulips 010
Then I went to Goodwill (I hadn’t been there in months) I found this planter for $1.99.
tulips 002
The lidded basket was a GW find a way few months ago.
tulips 004
The little planter above was just .99 marked USA, I just love it!
I did stop at an antique store and found this watering can for $20.00. It
will come in handy this summer.

tulips 011

Look at the wooden spoon I found and dust broom, no more then $2.00 for both.
tulips 006

tulips 005
These are brand-new S&P’s they were still in the package! I usually buy a set each
Christmas but last year I didn’t find any that I liked.

tulips 007
How about these six cordial teeny glasses…..
pretty engraving on them for .25 a piece!
PicMonkey Collage
One thing I’d like to ask is…do you find me adding the price of things that I find, how
shall I say it…offensive? Please let me know in the comments below, I know I see
some don’t care for it and some that do.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Freshened Up the Hoosier for Spring

Hi everyone, how are you… I hope good and that you are enjoying some spring weather! Right now we are having sunshine, Yay!!!
I repainted the hoosier with Polished Pearl by Behr said to be a match of ASCP old white.
hoosier 1214 012
I had painted it with a shade of gray from Valspar and really didn’t care for it, it had to much blue in it for me.
hoosier 001
An artist I’m, but it will have to do, I don’t know if you know this but my favorite season is Spring some like Fall more
but not me.
hoosier 1214 005
I didn’t change the top to much, just added a trophy that I found at TJMaxx.
hoosier 1214 013
I’m loven the brass colored letters on the book spines too.
hoosier 1214 006
I’ve also been trying a different styling on it, trouble is everything looks good on it!
hoosier 1214 011
See what I mean!
I don’t know about the lampshade though, had it and decided to see what it looked liked, I have two gift cards for PB so I
may buy the burlap one, the one on it is from Target. I also need to add one more thing to make it an odd number.
funny what you see after the picture is taken;) Oh, how do you like the crock lamp on the hoosier, found it a good 5 years ago for $5.00.
hoosier 1214 019
Love the old with the new!
hoosier 1214 003
Now on to my next paint project!
hoosier 1214 004
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Threshold Shower Curtain

My bathroom is the easiest and least expensive room to redo so I do it a lot, I think this is the 4th time but who’s counting, it’s fun, right?
The shower curtain is from Target and the Threshold line, I bought it to see if I could handle color, well more color than I’m used to
in my home.
bathroom2014 001
So far so good!
bathroom2014 008
I have a couple pieces of milkglass inside plus more out in another cupboard.
bathroom2014 003 
I bought these two pictures on the streets of New York then framed them, frames are from Walmart.
bathroom2014 002
I finally found a place for the mirror that I found a while back, it sort of matches the design in the shower curtain
don’t you think?
I have this room pictured in my mind a lot different but until then this will do!
bathroom2014 007

We had more snow yesterday but not as much as they said we were going to get so I only had to put
the kids on the bus this morning. To keep from going stir crazy I’ve been painting a piece of furniture
hopefully I’ll have it done by Friday.
Have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Painted Gray Basket

Well, I’m finally feeling like I’m human again, besides a cough I’m feeling ok and have some energy back. So upset when I came down with this cold because I had so
many projects planned.
I’m still trying to take it easy so the project I did today was very easy to do
but the change is noticeable. I made it for my bedroom to hold
magazines and it turned out just the way I wanted it to.
painted basket 004
This is what it looked like, still in great shape for how old it is but
to orange looking for me.
painted basket 002
I took pictures of it here because the lighting is so much better
painted basket 006
painted basket 003
Thanks so much for stopping by and for your get well comments!
I swear it made me feel better.