Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Spring!

I’m so darn happy it’s spring even though the weather is crappy but thankfully no snow laying
on the ground just gloomy and rainy today.
I just wanted some pretty colors for the first day of spring so went to Wally World and
found one
Forenthia stem, found them at Walmart and just cut the bottom off and stuck them in the watering
new tulips 009
Also some new tulips, this time in a lighter shade.
new tulips 010
The picture below I took with a softer feature on my camera, I
think it’s pretty. 
new tulips 013
I also got my moss bunny out and a picture that used to be beside my hutch, I thought it
would be springy for the mantle.
new tulips 006
new tulips 004
I have to do some eggs for up here and take the twigs out of the vase, little by
little I’ll get it the way I want it!
new tulips 008
I have gift cards for PB and was going to order a burlap shade for this crock lamp, they wanted
$49.00 for this size, somehow I just couldn’t click on check out. LOL I wanted to find one not
so expensive. Well, BHG came thur with one for $7.98…love it and the price!
new tulips 012
I love my few touches for spring, are you getting ready for the warmer
weather? I can’t wait to see flowers and hanging baskets!
new tulips 001
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I always appreciate you taking the time out to
visit for a while…I wouldn’t blog if it wasn’t for you!
Have a great weekend!


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Very pretty. I love the moss bunny.

pogonip said...

Bunnies and forsythia--definitely signs of springtime. Wishing you sunshine and warmer weather soon!

NanaDiana said...

Rondell, It is looking pretty and Springlike at your home. I am so ready for it, too. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend- xo Diana

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your touches of Spring!! Your mantel looks great. It felt like Spring here today, but they are calling for a little frozen mix tomorrow.

Mary Keels said...

Hoping to do a little more spring decorating this weekend. Love the tulips, they are gorgeous. I don't blame you a bit on the lampshade. I always look for them on the cheap. Glad you found the one you like and a such a great deal. It looks fantastic!

Linda Young said...

I like your forsythia in the water can and tulips in Ball jar. Simple and pretty. Your mantel looks great with the moss bunny! The chalkboard doors on the Hoosier cabinet are a great idea! Happy Spring! Certainly something to celebrate after such a harsh winter!

linda56 said...

yes I too am so ready for spring...I love all your springy touches.....its too bad more folks don't take the time to comment....but I like you only blog because of the comments...makes me feel like they enjoy my I started following how many folks come to my two days I had over a thousand folks hit my blog...but only about 6 comments.....go I am trying to look at the positive...they would not come if they didn't enjoy it....hope that helps you feel better about the comments too...I love your blog...

ANNE said...

so fresh and pretty! I bought tulips this week as well and it feels like spring!!!


KATHY said...

I love all your spring touches!! Love the lamp too!!


Debbiedoos said...

Happy Spring Rondell. I love your Spring touches.

Lady of the Manor said...

The Spring touches in your home are beautiful!!

tablescapesbybev said...

Very pretty...I'm crazy about those hot pink tulips

Kelly said...

I really like all of your new Spring touches. The tulips look so pretty in that blue ball jar. I don't blame you for being hesitant to buy a lampshade at PB. They are SO expensive! You did good finding one so much cheaper. I like Target, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby as well for lampshades at good prices.

The Charm of Home said...

Very pretty. It really helps to put out flowers doesn't it.