Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Hi all! So busy as I know you are too, one thing is this year I’m making some food ahead of time so
it will give me more time to be with family instead of being in the kitchen. I can’t wait to eat Turkey…
how about you? smile

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I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.
I also want to thank YOU for stopping by and your sweet
comments…I do appreciate it because I know how busy you
are! I’m very grateful for you♥

ps. keep Nana Diana in your prayers her little grandson is sick and
in the hospital, please stop over her blog then pray…hard!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Art Deco Table

I needed a bedside table but all that I had was either to high or to low. So I looked in Target but didn’t want
to spend $80.00 or more right before Christmas on a table. The other day I had to run some errands so I
took the back way and stopped at a  antique store that I had  been meaning to stop to see
what they had. Glad I did because I found an Art Deco one, I love mixing different styles

bedroom side table 001

So hard taking pictures without me in them today anyway, this is the top of the table, I think
it’s glass but I’m not sure.
bedroom side table 002

Where the boards meet on the bottom I put a basket.

bedroom side table 003

I keep my hand lotion and lavender spray in it to keep them out of the way.
bedroom side table 004

I’m gathering everything together than picking out a paint color for the walls. I’m
sure the table will get painted in the future but for now I’m leaving it as is!

bedroom side table 005

Pretty isn’t it? I printed it from a blog and for the life of me I can’t remember who…she had
another one too in pink to print if you wanted. If you know who, please let me
know so I can add it here for you to print if you want.
bedroom side table 006
bedroom side table 008

Thanks so much for stopping by, oh, I’ve been on facebook lately so don’t forget to stop
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly? I left mine go so long because I just didn’t know the
safest way to clean them. I have good brushes and didn’t want to ruin them by just using anything
on them. So of course I went to Pinterest to find a formula that works. I found this one on
Worked like a dream! My brushes came out clean and germ free also.
Here they are drying.
I just thought I’d let you know that I tried this pin(on my Pinterest Board “Makeup and Tips”) and it works, you won’t believe the “gunk” that comes out of
the brushes, I also never thought to wipe the handles with a disinfected wipe, the handles on them were dirty… and do you know what else…you probably have everything in your home already to use. So all in all this is a great pin, there is also a You Tube on her post to show you how!
Nothing much going on here, I have been Christmas shopping though, so glad I’m starting early this year.
PS. I’m just itching to start decorating for Christmas how about you? :)  I’ve seen more people this year
already decorated, one even had her tree up!
Thanks s for stopping by!
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Delicious Pot Pie & Bedroom Peeks

Hello friends, boy, was it cold today, I had to be at my daughter’s early this morning so I
got the girls on the bus and came home to a nice cup of hot coffee and to visit my blog friends.
I clicked on Kelly’s blog, The Essence of Home she had a wonderful recipe for chicken
pot pie calling it “comfort food” and boy, did I need it. I knew my husband would love it
so went to the store to get the ingredients. That’s mine below less than half is left, that’s how
good it was on a cold evening. Plus we had a salad but skipped the cake.
Don’t forget to stop by
Kelly’s for the recipe, my husband loved it!
bedroom 2013 006
Adding and taking away is what I’ve been doing in the bedroom, for a while I just lost interest in it but bought the
quilt and shams and that sparked my interest again.
Here’s a few pictures of the way it used to be.
Amazing isn’t it how your tastes change?
I can only show you this side because I still have to bring in other pieces of furniture, I may move Gidget but for now she stays here.
I  posted about my inspriration for bedrooms
bedroom 2013 004
I love the deer head, I found it at Kohl’s a few months ago and hung my bookpage heart garland
from it.
bedroom 2013 002
Chalkboard…Goodwill/Lamp Yardsale Find
bedroom 2013 001
I found the crocheted pillow on clearance at Target and the other one I carried all around New York City thinking
that I’d never find it back here (bought it at TJMaxx there… you should see it, wow!) Two weeks ago I stopped
in Kohl’s and there it was.LOL
bedroom 2013 005
So far I’m loven it!
bedroom 2013 003
I’ve been having trouble with Live Writer lately, I choose the font size but after I publish it goes to
a smaller size font. I also can’t get back into my published posts on there to correct it, I’ve never had any
problems in all the time I’ve been using it, hope whoever knows about it and will fix it soon.
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Lovely Bedrooms

I’m slowly redoing my bedroom and decided to head to my Lovely Bedrooms Pinterest board for some decorating ideas!
Here are some that I do love, mostly something in the room that caught my eye, I figure I’ll use one idea from some
photos that I like and maybe I’ll end up with a room I finally love.

I  have a bench sort of like this one outside painted green.

I have a washstand  kind of like this, only painted white in my diningroom, love the coat hooks too.

I found a metal headboard at GW this summer for $9.99 maybe I’ll do it in black or a color.

Or I could keep the headboard I have and do it like this one, just fell in love with it when I saw this pic, so very neat .


Always loved this one…I do love the lamp and have one, the chair, I have one like it in the basement only it’s not painted green.


I love this lamp, it’s color it’s everything but any I’ve seen have been pricey, so I’ll wait.

There is that lamp again …I do love the rug and the blinds. I think it is such a neat, happy bedroom.


One thing I do have is this quilt and shams, the shams are so cute and they tie in the back. The different colored ruffles are subdued
and not bright at all. I got it on line at Walmart, I just kept checking on it and finally got it on sale and free shipping! The
reviews are just wonderful for it.

So do you think this is the smart way to go? I mean we spend hours on Pinterest may as well use it right?
Please if you want to pin any of them go to my Lovely Bedrooms board so that you give the right credit
to the right people, that is always so important!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty Gidget

Hello out there in blogland, are you enjoying the fall weather? Today here in Pa. it was in the 50’s, great weather for
voting…did you vote today? I always do because I feel it is such a privilege, tomorrow it is supposed to be 65. I’m
going to enjoy it while I
redone chest of doors 047
Now on to my project here, at the beginning of October I was driving home from the store and on my way to my house
I noticed a small chest of drawers sitting at the curb so I turned the car around and was a little disappointed to
find out it was pressed wood but looking it over thought it was in decent shape so I loaded it up in my car and
went on my way. Here it is sitting after lifting it out of the car. It sat there until Stush came home…I know he
just shivers when he sees a piece of furniture sitting in his man cave when he pulls in.
chest of drawers diningroom 001 
Here is a better look, marked and scratched and a couple of bubbles on top that Stush sanded down as close as he could.
I sanded it all over and then primed it, one thing I do believe in is letting the piece dry between procedures, the next
day I painted.
chest of drawers diningroom 004
But did the hardware first, they were in great condition.
chest of drawers diningroom 003
I used Valspar’s Polished Silver with primer. Loved it… covered in practically one coat but I always do two.
redone chest of doors 043
At first I thought I’d put it in the entryway, a place to keep winter scarfs, hats and gloves but I think I need it more in the master
bedroom, I spraypainted the hardware white and added a protective coat on them also!
redone chest of doors 045
The top isn’t to bad, and anyway we are the only ones that are going to see it plus it was free!!!
redone chest of doors 046
I even lined the drawers with paper that I found at TJMaxx.
redone chest of doors 044
I really love it and the hardware too!
redone chest of doors 049
Are you ready for the before and after? To think it would be at a landfill instead of looking as pretty as she does. I think
I’ll call her    I think I’ve caught the bug of redoing furniture guys… lol
PicMonkey Collage
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to read my blog, I have a new follower
but can’t get thur to her to thank her , thanks Candy contact me I’d love to follow you back!
Do you remember the very first piece that turned you on to painting  furniture ?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Hello everyone, how are you on this Halloween night? Alex and Nicholas had their Halloween tonight , they had a good one
warm out but windy with the leaves flying off the trees and sprinkles of rain.
I watched Nicholas today and when I got home I wanted to take a picture of the tree
that is in our front yard, it turns a gorgeous gold.
Fall 2013 001

I’ve always loved this tree, beautiful in the summer and gorgeous in the fall. I’m glad
I took the pictures today because I’m sure a lot of leaves were blown off tonight.
Fall 2013 002
I went really simple this year with the front porch, no rocking chair this year, just flowers and

Fall 2013 003

PicMonkey Collage
Thanks so much for stopping by …I can’t believe tomorrow is November 1st can you?