Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Fall Porch 2014!

I can’t believe it’s the first day of fall and today it certainly felt like it, a high of only 59 degrees!
I actually had to wear a jacket to go to Walmart today, the sky is blue though and the sun is out!


I did do two different things this year I bought mums for the porch and made a
burlap bow for the wreath. I was going to buy a hanging basket of mums but
decided the fern looked just as good.


This wreath I bought at a yardsale a couple years ago and I just added some pics from
Joann’s to feel it out more, this year I added the burlap bow to it!


I still have to add faux leaves to my window boxes and next bring out a
little bit of Halloween.
Have a great Fall evening everyone!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Random Things Friday

Hello everyone!
It’s beautiful here in Pennsylvania, the sky couldn’t be more blue and the mums are so pretty, I’m going
to enjoy fall just the same as I enjoyed this summer.

I’ve been exercising ( Turbo Jam ) and walking/jogging watching what I eat plus drinking this:

XO 006

I chose to drink the chocolate vegan which is so good, it has also
given me energy which I forgot what it was like to have. 
I’m still on my first bag of Shakeology so I’ll let you know my progress
in a couple weeks.

I stopped by Goodwill a couple weeks ago and found this bamboo mirror for
a couple dollars, I don’t know whether to paint it or not so right now I’m
keeping it the way it is.

XO 004
Here it is in the diningroom, I also found the hanging cornucopia for 1.00 at a yardsale. I forgot to remove the
photo albums on the table, we had company from Vermont last week so they were brought out!
XO 005

I’ve also been to Michael’s and used a 40% coupon on these metal letters, you can hang them
on the wall or have them stand like I did. I chose the X and O because there weren’t many letters
XO 001
I finally found this stashed away in a box, I was so happy to find it… I thought
it had got thrown away by mistake.
XO 009
Now I can’t find the blue pumpkin I painted last year.Sad smile
blue pumpkin 001
XO 012

I’m also loven black and white
XO 011

Have a wonderful weekend… there is a neat yardsale tomorrow that I’m going
to go to, hope I find something!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall is Just Around the Corner

Hello everyone, how are each and everyone of you? Did you enjoy your summer like I did, I can’t believe it’s over an
the kids are back in school.
I’ve been looking thur some fall photos to just review what I’ve done in decorating for fall thur the years and
thought you would like to see too!
This was taken in 2010, love the feathers, now I can’t find them hope they are in my fall stash..
2011 and I hung a yardsale wreath on my newly painted black door that I had added leaves and pumpkins to.~
I think that is the only large pumpkin I bought that year!
Found this painted crock at the flea market.
Should have never sold this lantern last summer, oh, well live and learn!
Last year I painted a pumpkin blue…maybe this year I’ll change it.
blue pumpkin 001
Neat arrangement on an antique breadboard with my milkglass cake stand.
blue pumpkin 009
The sunflowers certainly brightened up this corner of the kitchen!
The glass candlestick and glass vase were married to make this unique piece,
both from the Dollar Tree, Oh and I almost forgot, I made the GW vase too with rope
bought at Walmart!
blue pumpkin 010
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my past fall decorating, can’t wait to start again for 2014!
Thank you so much for staying around while I took a much needed time away from my computer.