Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Mantel and CL Find!

Here is a sneak peek of my little flower garden by the pool house, I know my mother would be so proud of me and my Climitis.

Hi everyone! I’m back today to show you my summer decorated mantel, I think this is the best yet but yet again I always think that:)  I went with a white and green theme, even bought me some real ivy from Lowes, they say it’s hard to kill so that kind of plant is so right for me! I think it looks great in the bird planter. I don't know if I should add more or not so for right now I'm leaving it this way, for one thing it's not cluttered looking and that's a good thing!
I painted this mirror I posted about that I found at GW for $3.99, I painted it Cottage White, because I still have some left!
I added some glaze to it to give it a little tone down.
Here is the ivy, I like it because you have to wait until the soil is dry before watering, yeah!
I put some moss balls from the Dollar Tree in this GW vase/glass urn.

Two starfish from Pat Caftan's really finishes it off I think. I looked for white starfish in Jamaica but do you know I couldn’t find even one!
Mr. K asked what I wanted for our anniversary and I told him a desk from Craigslist, nothing expensive because I wanted to paint and distress it. We found this one for $40.00 already stripped and ready to be painted:) I don’t know what color paint I’ll use on it, I just have to keep looking at her and decide! For now she’s in the garage.
She also has her original hardware on her and is in great shape! Here’s a pic of her hardware I don’t know if I’ll keep them or not. I think they would look good painted or maybe those glass handles that are out there, I think Target sells them. What do you think?
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I also wanted to thank those that have become followers recently, I can’t see my followers on my blog so as soon as I can I’ll be right over to thank you. This has been going on for a while now…thank you blogger!!!!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Giveaway and Distressing!

 The last little, baby Robin to leave the nest! Amazing where they will build a nest!

It’s going to be hot here today, 92 so there won’t be any decorating going on just be in the pool all day. That’s so great to say now isn’t it? After a cold winter?
I wanted to show you another giveaway I won over at Kristin’s Uncommon Slice of Suburbia! When I saw Kristen’s Easy Canvas Print, I just fell in love with it and kept my fingers crossed that I would be a winner…and I won! Yeah! Well, it arrived the other day and here it is:
First look how great they package their canvas’s! Snug as a bug in a rug!
I’ve had such fun putting it here and there, still not sure where it will go for sure though, I know I’ll be using it on the mantel some time! I have it here on my shutter in the entryway then…
here next to my Hoosier too!
I did a little distressing on it and I like it but it seems when I paint something I always wait to distress it:)
This is what I have on top for spring and summer!
I like it here too in fact it can go anywhere and look so good! Stop by Easy Canvas Prints and have fun picking out and seeing what yours could look like in canvas!
P5270892Thank you Kristin and Megan (from Easy Canvas Prints) you are both sweethearts!!! Communication with them was wonderful and delivery so very fast!
I’ll be back tomorrow or tonight to show you what I got for my anniversary, I wanted to start on it today but it’s just going to be to hot and humid… but soon!
Thanks for stopping by, always so glad to see you and that when you leave me a comment it always puts a smile on my face:)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Doing a Little in the Guest Bedroom!

 I can't believe this is the first time I've ever picked flowers and brought them into the house...see what blogging does to you. LOL

Hello everyone! How are you? I know, I’ve been gone for a week…gee it doesn’t seem that long but I’ve worked more days than usual this past week  and when I get home I’m tired plus this past week was Dancing With the Stars finale and wanted to see Hines Ward take the trophy home to Pittsburgh! Yeah Hines!!!!

Anyway I wasn’t doing a whole lot of decorating either so that put a halt to my posts but I always check out your blogs and always get inspired so much that I did paint a peg rack in the guest room that always bothered me when I passed by the door in the hallway!  I also wanted to say that I haven’t been able to leave a comment on those of you that have the drop down box on your comment section, so that’s why I haven’t been commenting on your blog lately. If what your post is about and it interests me or if I think it’s so very neat I’ll leave a comment even if your never leave one on here, that’s just the way I am and what blogging is all about, I don’t care if you have 4,000 followers or 60 I comment!
Here’s what I painted Cottage White!  As you can see it’s black and before that it was Barn Red.  See the chest of drawers? I picked up a paint chip in gray to paint it! The gray and white pillow sham I found at GW for $1.00 so I’m going to go with that color for the chest of drawers!
I’m sort of leaning towards the Winter’s Day or Going Gray, what do you think? I think the bottom one, Gray Frost would be to dark. The paint chips are from Olympic Paints at Lowe’s.
Looks so much better, I used the soft setting on my camera, lets see if I took it in another setting…
I distressed it too as you can see on the pegs! The little jar is from my son Michael and it’s from Yankee Candle Co. The shell garland is from Pat Catan’s and only cost about $3.00…love it! When I bought it I didn’t know what I was going to do with it but when I saw the peg board I knew it was made for it!
These are pictures of my mom and dad (in the upper left ) when they were about 16 or 17 and the lower one is Mr. K’s mother and aunt, I love older black and white pictures!

Michael also bought me this frame and it’s made from a torn down barn ( that’s me and the Mr. K in Boston outside of Cheer’s ) so nice and chippy!
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post!
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I actually had this post ready yesterday but because of a windy storm we lost the interent until today!

Friday, May 20, 2011

stella & dot

Hi everyone! A new start to another weekend and I hope it’s a good one for you! It has rained almost everyday this past week, thunderstorms and just plain old rain that poured at times! Today only a 30% chance of it so what’s a girl to do, go shopping of course! Yes, today I’ll be visiting Michaels oh, stop by Traci’s Beneath My Heart blog she did a post on Michael’s and there is a 40% coupon there to print and use for your next visit to Michael’s…so sweet of her don’t you think? I’ve already printed mine off and I’m ready to go!!! I’ll also be stopping in at Marshall’s ,TJMax and Burlington House a wonderful day planned with my bff!
Before I go though I wanted to show you what I won, yes, I’ve been really lucky(blessed) here lately with giveaways, here’s the first one I have received, a beautiful pair of earrings from the fab Stella & Dot! Jaclyn from Cool Home Creations had a giveaway and I was thrilled to win them…I’m wearing them today with a top and a pair of jean Capri's, I should feel so pretty while wearing them!
Aren’t they pretty?
Look at the pretty packaging, love the aqua! I’m telling you the day I got them I had had a hard day at work and when I got home these were waiting for me!
My daughter and the girls came to dinner Monday and I showed her the earrings “I can’t believe you got a piece of Stella & Dot jewelry” she said, I wondered where she had heard of the co.(because she doesn’t blog) and she said they had been at the Women’s Conference in Pittsburgh at the Convention Center when she was there for work and was really impressed with them. So I’m planning on buying her a piece of jewelry from Stella & Dot for her birthday in September:0 Stop by and see all of the beautiful jewelry, I’m lucky enough to be wearing some today…a big smile here!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Far So Good!


The ekg turned out great, the echocardiogram will take two days for the results, but the doctor says everything looks fine! I was shocked, I thought for sure there was damage, I had really worked myself up because my blood pressure was higher than usual:0

Thank you Bonnie, Debbie, Amanda, Michelle, Michelle Louise, Jen T and Annie Louise for your prayers, they do work and I totally believe in it!!! I am so very thankful  for the blogging world without you I don’t know where alot of us would be without this internet friendship and goodwill towards each other.

Thank you again and now I’m going to go and relax!!!


Please Pray for Me Today

I have a 2 o’clock appt. today for the heart doctor, he suggested that my sister’s siblings and brother and sister get tested because he felt that my sister’s condition with her heart could be genetic…so say a prayer that if there is damage it can be corrected with medication not operations. A little afraid here right now.


Got to go! Thanks you in advance!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is a Lazy Post!

This post ladies is just some pictures that I took and didn’t post or some that I just forgot to add to a post.
I found this planter at Walmart and was surprised when I picked it up, they are so light not heavy at all, as you can see I planted some flowers.
This is the planter I bought at the Dollar Tree and sprayed with nickel spray paint, I have them in the back of the house now, the little bunny I got at Rite Aide for half off only $6.00!
The next two are GW finds, the picture was .99 and is a sketch of the chapel at Duke University, love black and white pictures!
I finally found one of these bottles with the cork in it still…$2.99!
I stopped at a moving sale last weekend and got this mirror for $3.00.
Also this…all for $2.00…I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, looks like it’s for the bathroom.
A little late I know but this is my table for Easter

Polish eggs in a ironstone bowl!
My ceramic eggs I did way back in the 70’s!
A picture I found in Jamaica
I have a question, how do I load photos on to live writer from Picasa?  I downloaded Sharper Photo on live writer but don’t know what I’m doing as far as getting it on here. If anyone knows PLEASE leave a comment, I’d so appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Window Boxes!

Our azalea bush is blooming, yay!!!

Well, I worked till seven yesterday and thought I could get back on here last night and post but was so tired when I got home so here I am this morning all bright and bushy tailed posting… until tonight when I’m tired again from working till seven:)
Yesterday before I left for work I painted my window boxes which had been white when I bought them at a yardsale for 2.00 apiece but painted them barn red two summers ago. It was time to paint them again some of the paint was chipping off and it wasn’t chipping off in a good way if you know what I mean! I decided to paint them after I had planted flowers in them of course but figured I’d go ahead and paint because they would bug me all summer long if I didn’t. Here’s how they turned out…I ♥ the new paint color on them!
Here they are all taped off, I can’t believe I painted after planting and you can see some of the paint chipping away!
It was tricky but I got her done, actually didn’t take me that long! I also used the paint that we have on our garage door Khaki which I think looks great with the brown brick!
Completed!!! Just amazing what a fresh coat of paint does! This is the kitchen window!P5110818
We have so much more work to do outside or I should say Mr. K does…we have two acres and every spring he goes around with the tractor and wagon picking up branches and cutting trees that have fallen during the winter weather. Here’s a view of the road coming up to our home! Loven my Boston Fern, I have two that I buy every year for the back porch!
Room off the kitchen window!
Here’s a shot of our ranch home, yep another Boston Fern out front this year, I’m going to try and see if one will survive here. As you can see the bushes need trimmed and new mulch is needed plus I want to paint the door black…so far I’m loving it!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hairdo and Mother’s Day!

I did it too! Cass from An Oasis in the Desert and Deb from Debbiedoo’s ( I couldn’t get to the post on Deb’s great hairdo so I linked to her Scentsy button you can take a look at what she sells and her post about her hair is a few posts down) took a step out to change their hair do, I did too on Friday! It sure needed it, I was at the hairdresser a couple days before leaving for our vacation and skipped the highlights for my hair because of the sun and pool water so it really needed it by the time for my next appointment:) So here’s a picture of me before my hair appt. in the afternoon, this was that morning at Alex’s Mexican play/chorus.
Really long in the back and didn’t like how it separated from the front.
My DIL with Alex in her class room.
Not the greatest picture but hey, this is real life:) This is at our Mother’s Day dinner at Francesca's, Chris(who made me laugh) took it when I wasn’t prepared, I got my hairdresser to lighten my hair and cut off some length on the back. I like it alot better, these old arms got so tired of reaching back there to dry it or straighten it.
Sam and Alex waiting on their food.
Sydney just loves her Uncle Chris!
Chris gave me a wireless printer for my birthday/mother’s day…love it! It's a hp photosmart plus special edition...love that he is manager at Best Buy!
Here are two prints we did, great printer, I needed one for my lap top! They are very clear and natural looking.
I also was so surprised when they all got me a Pandora bracelet, I can’t wait to add to it, ♥ it so much! One is a heart from the granddaughter’s and the other says MOM from the kids.
I’ll be back tonight, after work to show you some finds and to link up to some great parties going on!