Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Livingroom

Yes, it’s time to change our rooms for the season isn’t it? I love bringing in the browns, creams and oranges especially with my white Extorp.
I just bought it this past spring/summer so it’s been fun buying different color pillows for it…it’s like having
a new couch each season.
I didn’t buy anything fallish because I figured I had enough, nope I’m wrong, I bought two faux bigger pumpkins from Walmart plus
the two small glitter ones
pictured below.
Oh,  I bought the last orange candle that Walmart had too, the short one I found
at GW last year.  There’s my Avon squirrel with the acorns, found him for .50.
One thing I did do was bring in this end table that I used to have between the two chairs, I was figuring that the sofa didn’t look balanced and
this would do the trick.
I found the knob on sale at Anthropology.
One other project I did was to turn this …
green chair 009
into this!
It’s Valspar spray-paint…Peacock Blue. I loved the green for summer and it went so well with the green pillows on the
sofa, plus the green Hydrangeas that I had on the diningroom table. Now it’s fall and soon to be winter and I’m going
with my always favorite/always go back to BLUE. At least for a while anyway!
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Easing into Fall

Hi all! I hope you are having  a wonderful Sunday, mine so far has been a relaxing one.

It’s been chilly here in Pa., mornings are colder then warm up little later in the day

…yes, Fall is in the air.

So I started to decorate some and decided to share some areas with you that I have done.

The cloche is on my shelves in the kitchen.

Front porch 2013 008


Love the shelves to decorate for any season.

Front porch 2013 007

Front porch 2013 017A tiny part of my mantle…

Front porch 2013 015


Why does my mantle still give me problems, it’s white and deep enough with a chippy window on it. LOL


As I was decorating I was cleaning too, dusting my pottery I turned over a white bowl that my

husband had bought me for Christmas and held it up to the light to see the word McCoy on

the bottom what a nice surprise it was. Now I have 7 pieces of McCoy. There’s the white bowl and

the little blue vase I found at a garage sale this summer for .50 love the blue!


Front porch 2013 012

I love it all on my mom’s piecrust end table.


Front porch 2013 013

Front porch 2013 011

My new runner for my diningroom table I love the black stripe on it!

That’s about all I’ve been up to here, thanks so much for stopping by and a BIG hello to my newest followers.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

911 Today

Hi Friends
How are you? I hope you are all doing well
I waited until today to post because when we were in New York City we visited Ground Zero and of course I took pictures for you.
It certainly has changed since the last time I was there which was 2002.
Here are some photos, I wish the museum had been opened but that won’t be until next year and that you will have to pay to get in. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. The 4th picture down is of one of the new year and NYC 014
school year and NYC 020
school year and NYC 008
school year and NYC 011
school year and NYC 017
school year and NYC 016
school year and NYC 019

Here we are standing in front of the Survivor Tree
school year and NYC 012

school year and NYC 007

school year and NYC 009

We also went on the Sex and the City Tour which was fun to see where Carrie Bradshaw and her friends had been.
I’ll be back with more soon.