Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey, Pottery Barn, I’m Over Here!

Good morning! Not sunny here today at all, the weatherman is on the tv now saying rain or snow showers…yuck! Everyday needs a bright moment right?  A gloomy, cloudy day needs one even more and I sure got one this morning when I opened my new PB catalog that I mentioned that I received in the mail.
About a month ago I did this with a vinyl from Target, I got three of them on clearance for cheap…I used a sheet of scrapbook paper then added the chair, my favorite out of all three!

I had it hanging in my bathroom, I’m redecorating that room too, to a more black and white look just have to find a shower curtain that has black and white in a pattern I love.P3300443
Here they are, I about flipped, I know the background is different but my idea, do you hear me PB? My idea…I wonder if they go thur decorating blogs, I just wonder.LOL
I may get a bigger frame and change the background, not sure!
I’m thinking of doing a gallery wall here next to the bookcase, just need to buy a frame for this picture of my son’s family taken about 6 years ago and now has another baby on the way♥
Well, that is my bright moment for today and a good one at that, almost chocked on my coffee when I saw the picture in the catalog but had to share it with you!
Have a great day wherever you are!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Black to White…of course!

Hi You Guys! What a busy weekend we had and looks like another one heading our way again, now it’s a soccer game next Friday evening and Alex’s birthday party Saturday♥ Then Sunday and Monday to get packing for our birthday trip to Jamaica, I will be so happy to escape from this cold weather we have been having here in Pa. lots of sun but chilly, cold weather outside!
Last night I started to paint this magazine end table that was Mr. K’s mother’s at about 10:30 pm, right after Dancing with the Stars was over, at first I had painted it black and lately knew it would look so much better Cottage White by Behr!  So I went to it and was painting until about 1:30 am. I got one coat on it after sanding it a bit'…
Yes, I use the diningroom table to paint on, sure couldn’t paint outside and one thing I will say about this Behr paint is that there is no odor what so ever, believe me my husband would complain about it if it did have a smell to it!
I was going to just leave it all white and not distress it but Mr.K had bought me a detail sander two Christmas’s ago and I thought I’d practice with it a little. I’m still on the lookout for another type of end table, at GW I found two matching ones in good condition but they wanted $39.00 a piece for them, I really couldn’t believe it, so I passed on them. On the left is my husband’s chair on the other is a hunter green wing chair that is covered with a slipcover that I found at a yardsale, brandnew for $3.00, so I just tuck it in alot since it’s not really made for a wingchair! It is great for now until I get a wingback slipcover for it or paint the chair like I’ve seen in blogland lately, do I dare?

I forgot to say that this endtable is also a magazine rack which is on the back of the table…here is some distressing on the front…
The door…
I planned on using a glass knob but couldn’t find it, I know I put it somewhere because I only had one left, instead I used a shiny brass knob that I spraypainted with Krylon brushed nickel, I think it turned out really good!
Here’s the magazine rack, holds quite a few magazines too! I also think the table is from the 60’s or 70’s.
My new Pottery Barn catalog came in the mail today just in time to use here!
This is what I have on it, not a lamp because the chairs and endtable divide the diningroom and livingroom, there is a lamp on the other side of my husband’s chair. The cute bird I found at Michael’s on clearance for 2 something and the basket holds the remotes and pen and tablet, it’s one of three baskets that I found at TJMaxx for $12.99.
Hope you liked it!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moved Furniture Around

Boy, am I late for the Wednesday linky parties but I’ve worked late two nights in a row and another one tomorrow night. That’s okay though gives me extra spending money and who doesn’t like that?:)
I’ve been working on my dining room forever it seems so today I decided to move some furniture around a bit. The picture below was taken the other day and it was night out so not the best with all the shadows.
Today I moved the bookcase over to the wall across from where it had been, remember my dry sink used to be there.
This is the wall it used to be on, I moved the bench, which I need to repaint, in here and also the chalkboard from the kitchen wall.
I think I’m liking it better this way! It’s really the first time I’ve taken things from other rooms into a another room to help finish it.
Now I have a dry sink setting in my kitchen, Mr. K asked me “What are you going to do with that?” I don’t no” was my reply and I don’t! LOL It was my mother’s so I can’t sell it so it’s just sitting there is all I can say. Where the chalkboard was I’d like to get a new clock, I had one there and I still find myself looking at it for the time.
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A Fine Actress~Gone


When I was a small girl, as a family, we went to the drive-in every weekend, we would pop or own popcorn and use paper bags to put it in but we would still visit the concession stand to buy those wonderful footlong hotdogs smothered in mustard and onion and pop (soda),  I can still smell it all now:)

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones I got to see all of those old, to you younger ones out there, movies and my favorite actress of all time, was Elizabeth Taylor!!! I always thought she was the most beautiful lady in the world, those violet eyes!

My favorite movie that she made was The Giant playing opposite of her good friend Rock Hudson who later in their friendship passed away from Aids. Liz then became an advocate of that horrible disease, raising millions for Aid victims.


Yes, she had many marriages, eight I think, but truthfully I think Michael Todd was her first true love then later Richard Burton, who she married twice. As she was quoted as saying “We loved each other too much.” They were fantastic in Cleopatra she was 25 and Richard 50…what a love story that was…very stormy one!


I saw them all, National Velvet, The Giant, Raintree County, Elephant Walk, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Butterfield 8, Cleopatra and many more all on the big screen on a hot summer’s night!

So thanks Liz for being a part of my childhood, so many great memories you gave me! After playing on the swings, that the drive-in provided for the children, dusk would come and we would return to our cars, adjust the speaker to the car window and settle back to be swept away to a place where Elizabeth reigned as Queen!



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nickel Brushed Spray Painted Pots

It was a great day here today in Pa. the sun actually was shining for a while and it felt so good, so I decided to spray paint a little something like probably most of us were doing right?
I had bought these two plastic pots at the Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago to be ready for when the stores started selling flowers for spring.
Sunday I was looking thur the Target section in the Sunday paper when I saw the ad for these zinc planters, I loved them but not the price of them! Then I remembered I had bought a can of Krylon Nickle spraypaint for about $4.00 because I figured I could always use it for something and thought why not try it on those DT planters, so I did.
I didn’t use the primer because it wouldn’t spray and I just wasn’t in the mood to fool with it.
Here is how they turned out, I think spraying them really brought out the design on them!
I may do another couple coats on them but for now they are fine and I’m sure any other color spray paint would be just as nice, maybe I’ll look for a zinc one:0
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Monday, March 21, 2011

National (not really) Take a Risk Day

The Nester is having a National (not really) Take a Risk Day and I thought I’d  join in! I’m showing the risk I took on when I painted my hutch/china cabinet.
Yes, I really held my breath when I first approached it with a paint brush in hand.LOL I was scared to death but I did it, my first big piece of furniture to paint.
The more I painted the more I fell in love, I just couldn’t believe I had started let alone finished it.

It’s gorgeous isn’t it?
I love the soup tureens on top of it, all from GW by the way!
Thank you Nester for giving me the courage to attempt something like this, I’ve followed her for a long time even when I was a different decorating style and I’ll always remember her saying “ It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” that’s when I had my aha moment!
I know some of you have seen my hutch before but hope you don’t mind seeing it again! The paint is Behr Cottage White!


~Finally Found a Wire Basket~

Hello everyone! I hope your all doing great on this second day of spring, I took a couple days off from blogging to just enjoy the weather and my son Michael who came home from Annapolis. I’ve also been getting ready for our vacation to Jamaica on April 5th, washing summer clothes and trying to see if everything will fit in one suitcase, 25.00 a suitcase, can you believe it? I’d rather spend the money being in Jamaica than on a suitcase.
Yep, I finally did find one at TJ Maxx and was really excited about it, it’s black but that’s okay! I wanted to replace the basket that I had had for ten years or so with it and it does update the bookcase. I keep all my camera equipment in it so I don’t misplace it, so it seems to be serving me well!.
This is so hard to decorate, at least for me, it just seems that if I add any color here it screams that color if you know what I mean.
Here is a closer look, I did find the green moss balls at our Dollar Tree but I do think I need to buy another package, I’ll look tomorrow when I go into work. 
I did manage to run in GW twice, the first time I went I left empty handed, that hasn’t happened in a while. The second time I only found two things, a terra cotta candleholder that I thought would go well on my patio table since it’s so heavy and I doubt the wind would blow it over and a Pottery Barnish looking shelf that I didn’t take a picture of because it is just a flat piece of angled wood.


I like the whitewash on it, I set it up here to show you and obviously the candle doesn’t go to well with it but I think you get the picture:)
I’ve been enjoying viewing blogs from the south and all their blooming flowers and trees, just makes me sigh but yesterday I saw my first Robin…hooray! The leaves on the trees are sprouting so I’m sure in another week it will just start to burst out all the sudden!
Here is hoping that you are busy in this beautiful weather creating or painting something:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Happy Birthday Michael Patrick~

Happy Birthday Michael Patrick! I sure was busy back then on this day 36 years ago...they induced labor and I had him in an hour... 8lbs 12ozs! A good baby, fantastic son, always there for me and a wonderful highschool teacher!
Love you, Mom

Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Ideas Blog Hopping!

Have you ever did this, been blog hopping in the morning and seen something on another blog and jumped right up and hunted down everything you needed and created it? That’s what I did this morning when I saw this on Debra’s blog Common Ground, Debra had been to Spring open house in her area and took some wonderful pictures… so stop over to see you will be glad you did, plus get great ideas like me. So I thought “how cute and easy this would be to do, just a page out of an old book and some twine.
Here’s mine, a little different but it sure gave me the satisfaction of doing something today.LOL Today was a day of taking the oldest granddaughter to soccer practice and picking her up while her mom took the youngest one to Med Express for an ear infection!  Then cooking supper, vacuuming, washing clothes well, you get the picture, it was just one crazy day:0
Nothing earth shattering but enough to satisfy that decorating urge we all get, just used a Dollar Tree plant and a page out of a book! See the ceramic balls? I got them at Pier One and yes, I painted my mantel Cottage White but I’m not so sure about it! I know it looks alot better than the blue but it just seems to bright looking. 
Do you think I should distress it? I know I don’t want to use the mocha glaze on it but I do have a walnut stain. I’m just not sure what to do with it, I know I was very, very tempted to keep on going with my paint brush all over the brick.LOL I didn’t want to push my luck though, all in due time:)
Another view of it!
I also had some wonderful news today, I’m going to be a grammy again (4th time) in September! My oldest son Nick and daughter-in-law Christine, he told me they took a video of Alex, who will be 7 the end of this month, when they told her last evening and said it was just priceless, she has wanted a brother or sister forever♥ Now everyone’s dream is coming true!
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Added today…I finally just saved the picture as a thumbnail and Mr. Linky excepted that, did anyone else have this trouble, I’ve never resized my pictures so I don’t know what the problem is. Just wanted to let you know that I’m now listed with the parties above:)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

~My First Cloche~

Hi every one! I hope you had a wonderful day today, I got home from work a little while ago and thought I’d relax and blog hop then post. Here in Pa. we aren’t having very nice weather, it’s been raining it seems forever and tonight we are supposed to get 2 to 3 inches of snow, haven’t seen the sun for a while. I did notice today that my Hostas are coming up and was so happy to see them poking thur the ground, spring is on the way I guess:)
Here is a cloche that I found at GW for $2.99, actually I found out from another blog that it is really a cover for a clock but that’s okay I can use it as a cloche, they had a smaller one but I passed on it now I wish I had bought that one too!
The snow white bird with a crown I found at Michael’s and the faux plant at Gabe’s a while ago. I have them sitting on a white plate from GW and I’m pretty sure I only paid .25 for the plate, can’t beat the price!
Did you notice the vintage eggs in the first photo? I found those at GW too, I can’t remember how much I paid for them but I know it wasn’t alot. They are heavy though, I don’t know if they are silver or ceramic, I like to think that they are from the 40’s or 50’s… I know I’ve never seen anything like them before.
I keep the cloche and eggs in my newly painted hutch/china cupboard, I’m keeping Easter decorating simple this year and see if I like it or not. Just trying not to be cluttery, don’t know if that’s a word or not but it fits! LOL!
I’ve seen the bigger cloches at Marshall’s and never buy one then when I go back again they are gone, so next time I see one there I’m going to buy one…I do think they are neat♥
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Want To See the Future!

My son had a meeting all day yesterday for Best Buy, want to see the future with electronics and glass, I know me and Mr. Kay would be lost but oh so wonderful for our grandchildren's future.LOL

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Terrific Under Ten Tuesdays

This is nothing new in blogland but when my oldest granddaughter saw my chalkboard she asked me if I’d make her one of course I said I would.
I had found this frame and picture at GW for $2.99, very 80’s or 90’s, and figured I could use the frame someday and that day came today!
Here’s a closer look at the frame, it’s a long, thin frame
I used Behr Cottage White, because I have alot of it left yet, and put about 3 coats of it on. When I do craft I’m so messy, I try not to be but it always works out that way!
I used Valspar blackboard paint (14.99) on the picture part and did about 4 coats on it. I’d love to try the clay pots this spring they have on the label wouldn’t you? They would look so nice on my potting bench too!
Here it is, I rotated this picture BTW I’m patting myself on the back because I didn’t have to consult the direction book.LOL
I hope she likes it♥
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Terrific Under Ten Tuesdays with Kindra
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