Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming Along on My Hutch/China Cabinet!

  • I’m not done with it yet, just taking my time so that I do it right…here it is with the hardware off, I’m going to get new but haven’t decided yet what, I don’t know if I should go with the pewter or black, I’ll decide when I’m done painting it I guess.
I sure do take my hat off to you ladies who do this all the time, this is my first time painting anything so big, I’m keeping fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it turns out half as good as all of yours! So I’ve been painting while the light is good during the day and just sitting looking at it at night:)
My dining room is such a mess, we can’t even use the table it’s just full of dishes and a paint can and brush, newspaper underneath it all…yuck.
I’d love to know what color I should paint the frames on the pictures on either side of it, right now they are a gold wood, so don’t forget to let me know in a comment okay? I’d appreciate any advice:)
See the washstand in the left hand corner, I bought two sample cans of Cafe Blue/ Valspar paint to use on it and put it in my bedroom as a nightstand. Plans for my bedroom are swirling around in my head so maybe that will be my next project!
Here’s a closer look…I took these photos at night so that’s why there are shadows, I know one thing I can’t wait to tweak it and try out different things to put in it:)
I have managed to change some things while the paint was drying, above the desk, which I found at a yardsale for $20.00, I put all white plates instead of two flowered ones that I had hanging there and I like the look.
I forgot to show you this cloche I found at GW for .99, they do have them at Marshall’s for $7.99 but much bigger than mine, I feel really lucky in finding this one for so cheap!
I was at Lowes and Walmart today and at Walmart I bought these green apples to put in this bowl that Mr. K gave me for Christmas, it’s a McCoy! I can’t wait to put it in the center of the table with the china cabinet in the background looking good! I’m liken my camera!!! Looks like you could grab one right out of the picture doesn’t it!
 I couldn’t wait to show all of you the progress on the china cabinet, boy, do my shoulders ache…of course the kettlebell is one reason, I have to tell you that I can see the difference in my shoulders and arms because of using it I’m trying to get in better shape for that trip to Jamaica which will be here before I know it:)
I’m linking to Debbie’s Newbie Party, stop over and see all of us newbies, you will be so glad you did! Don’t forget to leave comment and if you liked visiting here at my blog become a follower, I know I’ll be doing the same, I can’t wait to get over there and meet everyone. ♥


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Life Right Now and a Award

Yes, this is my life right now and I know I’m not alone, we are having ANOTHER snowstorm! I had plans to go to GW today to take bags that I have cleaned out of my bedroom closet and of course stalk/look around GW too but instead I’m contemplating on painting my hutch. I have the paint and I even bought my first Purdy brush, you would think I’d have it done by now and all tweaked but I think I’m a victim of cabin fever, just no gumption to do anything! Can you see the snow coming down?


I mean come on!!! I’ve had enough, as I type this it is coming down even worse!


This is a church across from us we are the only two that live up this way, the Steeler flag Mr. K stuck there, just can’t get on a tall ladder to hang it by our front door, and yes that is still a Christmas garland wrapped around the pole LOL, just has been to cold or to much snow to take it down.


Now this has made me happy, I received the Stylish Blogger Award, hurray for me!!! It sure has made me feel wanted, in fact when I read Ellen’s comment I couldn’t believe it and it put  a big smile on my face, then to read Diane’s, well I felt truly honored! Going from one blog to another and from one style to another has not been a easy, I mean I was in my comfort zone with my other blog…but that’s what change is all about, getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new, it just has taken me a little while to post this wonderful award… blame the weather:)


So thank you Ellen from Abounding Life stop by Ellen’s blog, she is a warm, and wonderful lady who loves her home and thank you Ellen for always taking the time to leave your sweet comments… I do appreciate it so much!

Thanks also to Diana from Nana Diana Takes a Break, love her humor and also her love of life…and you can also tell that she loves her grandchildren…love that! Thanks also Diana for stopping by, you both have been friends right from the start!

Now I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself:

1.I’ll be 60 in April and Mr. K’s birthday is the day after mine so he is exactly 1 year and a day older than me. To celebrate we are leaving for Jamaica, April 5th, with my BFF and her husband!

2.I love to read, I read Gone With the Wind when I was about 11 or 12 and when I was little would beg to be able to order books from grade school, I forget the name but you would order them and it was a big day when they came in.

3.I will be married 5 years this May 26th after a 25 year marriage went sour…like a lemon:) I was single though after the divorce for about 10 years and I had a great time but found out one thing…you can be in a crowed room and be lonely.

4.I have four children Michele, Nick, Michael and Chris, my daughter is 41, yah, do the math:)

5.I love clothes, boots, shoes and handbags. I remember my manager at Kaufmann’s always saying they were not purses but handbags and that has always stuck with me!

6.I love to workout and finally got back to it, I’m doing the kettlebell and the treadmill, got to fix what’s going down ladies!

7.My very best friend is my Father in Heaven, although I don’t say it too much on my blog but do mention it in my comments when needed, He is awesome! He got me thur the bad time of my 1st marriage and at that time I took His strong right hand and walked with him and I’ve never let go!

Now to list 7 bloggers, this is hard for me because I feel everyone deserves one and if you don’t want it that’s fine with me no feelings hurt here, everyone has different views on awards here in blogland. Myself I was honored and it’s a great way to get to know the blogger a little better.

1.Hilary…Sweet as June

2.Susan…Between Naps on the Porch

3.Becky…Clean Mama

4.Ashley…Forty Year Old Ranch

5.Sarah…Cozy Cottage Cute

6.Suzanne…Meridian Road

7.Amanda…The Hand Me Down House

You are all special to me I’ve learned so much from each and everyone of you from book wreaths(which BTW didn’t turn out to well but at least I attempted it)coffee filter wreaths and that one did succeed after days of trying.LOL What I’m trying to say is without blogging I would have NEVER tried to do these things but with all of you out there willing to share your ideas and beautiful photos I can at least attempt to try♥

Have a great day and hope your not getting the bad word lately… snow!








Sunday, January 23, 2011


All the kids are grown and gone but we have Buster,our yellow lab, he lets me baby him and I swear he would stay in one position forever if I just kept on petting him and scratching him behind the ears. He will be 4 in April and in those 4 years he has kept us so happy and loved.
In the spring and summer Mr. K will be working in the garage and I’ll ask “Where’s Buster”? I’ll look and there he is sitting in the car  waiting on Mr. K to drive him around. Loves going with Mr. K in the truck or car.
He doesn’t like to look at the camera and will turn his head every time unless I click real quick, I wasn’t quick enough this time.
He’s the best dog I’ve ever had, we got him from a farmer at the age of 4months and had never been in a house just outside with his brothers and sisters, already trained because he had always been outside, only chewed on sticks so didn’t know that your could do that with shoes or furniture:0 He sure has ruined us both about another dog because he has been so good.
As you can tell in this picture that I took tonight my husband is trying to hold him still, yes, Mr. K is a true Steeler fan dressed in Steeler attire, waiting for the game to start, BTW we won and we are going to the Super Bowl to play against the Packards.
Mr. K was thrilled with the new 58” tv he bought, Buster could care less!
He’s been doing this alot lately…crossing his legs/paws when he lays down, I think it’s the cutest thing!
Buster loves kids and any type of ball but the best thing about him is that he loves us♥
Thanks Debbie for having the cutest par tay!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

GW Shopping and Debbie Do’s Giveaway

First before I go any further, look at this picture I took with my new camera, I’m so amazed with myself… oh, and my camera too! I bought these fresh tea roses at Walmart for $5.00 a bunch and really should have bought two, they smell so good! I bought them because the day before I had read Kate’s blog Kate’s Place and she had bought some beautiful, fresh flowers and well, they looked so pretty on her table that when I went to Walmart for a curtain rod I picked some up … so glad I did, we received a snowstorm right after I got home, which I knew was coming in a few hours, at least 5 inches and now it’s 11 degrees out but I have a little bit of spring in this corner.
That didn’t stop my intended trip to GW though, I hadn’t been there for a while and was hoping to find something for my walls…and I did:) I got them for $3.99 a piece, love them, and on the back is a price of $85.00!!! They are very well made and the frames are in great condition, no nicks or scratches which is a miracle since GW just throws them all together one on top of each other.
Here’s a closer look at it. The mats are a grayish color which I don’t mind at all.
 The other one.
and the close up, the light from outside is very bright and I’m trying to figure out what the blue is from, oh well, still learning. I’m painting the frames white BTW.
 Guess what I get to do? Yep, I got the go ahead to paint it white, I’m thinking new hardware too.

Our GW gets merchandise from Target, which is nice, you just don’t get a discount on it, so I got the white 8x10 matted  frame for $2.99.
The clock was $1.99, I don’t know if I should take the shells off or not someone had glued them on at one time but I’ll see, the maker of the clock is Sterling and Noble.

I was also looking for mirrors for my entryway and found this one, I’ll see how it looks after I paint it.
I finally found one of these cow creamers too…just .59!

I did good didn’t I ? Now to do some painting very soon!
Before I forget our Debbie Do is having a giveaway on enameled signs from and here is the greatest part about it…you get to customize it, which drew me right in… I’d love that. I would like to have our house number right next to our door which is going to be painted black in the spring. So stop over and read all about it , I know you will be so glad you did.
I think that’s about it, I’ll be back tomorrow with for Sunday Favorites so have a good evening wherever you are♥


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Flora Doora

Hi everyone!
I’m having so much trouble finding things for my walls, I’m really stumped on what to do, so when I found the blog Flora Dora I fell in love with what Jane makes and sells in her Etsy shop. I wanted one so bad that I ordered one on the spot, I think it’s so unique and pretty. I wanted to hang it in my entryway from this peg rack which I found in Winston-Salem NC at a antique mall BTW. Yes, that’s me!
It came wrapped in this pink polka dot tissue paper which I loved. I love the wrapping almost as much as what I had ordered.

Isn’t it the neatest thing? It’s lined in plastic so that you can add water and real flowers plus it is so well made, I can’t wait to add the real deal, I added some nice faux greenery instead and I love it. Jane has others that are done in different fabrics but I wanted something neutral just in case I wanted to move it around, you all know how we love to do that! I liked the black ribbon that Jane use to tie a tag on so I left it for now.

Here is my entryway with it hanging from the peg rack, I love it!!!
I know it’s a little bare looking in here (took this picture with the a different setting on my camera)  but I’ve decided to buy only what makes my heart go pitter patter and Jane’s Flora Dora did that, stop on by her blog and have a visit to her Etsy shop while your there you will be so glad you did!
I also wanted to tell you about a great party  Karen over at Desert Cottage is having, a Share Your Love party where we can share all about our great love for our husbands, boyfriends or fiancĂ© and how we met them. Should be so much fun don’t you think? As Karen says “Who doesn’t like a good love story”?
How are my pictures coming along on my blog? I hope they are alot better than before for you. I’m still learning!
Have a great night wherever you are!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Lamps and Things!

JANUARY!!! Can you think of a more boring month? !Snow is all I see when I look out the windows, I so want to see this…
Oh, and especially this, I just love spring and early summer don’t you? The flowers are all so pretty and the grass so green, that by far is my favorite season.

Since I can’t have any of the above right now I’ll show you what I have bought lately. My BFF and I just go shopping to get out of the house and look around or return things. I had bought a tablecloth at Bed Bath and Beyond for Christmas but it was the wrong size after the leaf was put in so instead I got eight leaf napkins rings for Fall (have to build my stash of dishes, napkins etc. up so that I can do a tablescape someday:) also the cutest , tiny gourd candles all for 75% off, I thought I took a picture but didn’t so I’ll include one next time.
I bought this mirror at Target for above my mantel, I don’t know if I like it there or not, maybe I’ll use it in the bedroom if I ever find bedding that I like!!!
Lamp and shade from Target the lamp was on sale, I realized that I needed/wanted taller lamps:)
I found this lamp last evening at TJMaxx on clearance for $20.00 shade included…score!

I have it here now instead of the other one from Target, I moved that one to where it was before, in the front window. As you can see I tore some more covers off of books…Mr. K didn’t ask, just looked at me and went back to watching TV, I guess he just didn’t want to know;0
Here’s the bottom of it and a closer look at my books and buttons!
These vinyl chairs were on clearance for $3.49 so I picked them up, they come four to a tube, I won’t feel bad if one day I tire of them and take them down at that price.
 Oh, and another deal, got this one at Lowes for $20.00 too, Mr K had taken my other one that I had found at a yard sale for $2.00, so I was lucky to find this one which is bigger.
Well, ladies and gents, I’m going to heat up chili for supper, it’s really cold here so it is just the right meal to have this evening♥
I’m joining Kim at the Boring to Better Party and Cindy’s Show and Tell also my first time ever at a Coastal Charms Nifty Thrifty Tuesday. Thanks for hosting these great parties ladies!
Have a wonderful evening wherever you are!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Favorites

 Hi everyone, I'm joining a party over at Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites  with host Chari. I just found this sweet blog and decided to join the click on the link and go have some fun with everyone who joined posting their favorite post from the past, this gives new followers or people that have been visiting a chance to see an older post of yours! This post, that you are about to read was one of my most popular:0 Please leave a comment, even if it is only to say Hi! Love hearing from you♥

Or as Mr. K would say “Shabby Sheick”… gotta love him!

I finally got them up today, the windows are all open and the AC is off and it’s a beautiful day! I love them, so what do you think? I just wish I had a better more expensive camera, the walls look like a pale yellow but the paint color is called Buff.


Here is what it looked like before the shabby bug bit me, I don’t miss it though, that’s how I know it was time for a change.


The chair I had found along the road years ago and had it stained and I had also given to my daughter, since she wasn’t using it and was in her garage I knew it was destined to be painted white.


Here it is distressed and the pillow I found brand new at a yardsale for $3.00 it’s black ticking!


Now I’d like your opinion…I only used one panel where ever I put the curtains, do you think I should use two? I just don’t want a drapey look I still want to be able to view the outside. This is one set of doors on the left side of the fireplace…


In the picture below, door is on the left of the picture and the window on the right is where my diningroom table is, so you see I don’t want a wall of curtains, if you know what I mean. The doors only open on the side without the panel. I hope I haven’t totally confused you.LOL

I couldn’t resist showing the chandy again, the computer in the corner is my Mr. K’s he wants a roll top desk for the bedroom so that hopefully will be out of the corner someday, my lap top is on the table. My dream is to paint the Hoosier white and put the laptop on there, the thought of painting it is tiring though but it needs to be done. 


Thanks so much for stopping by I so appreciate it and BTW I love your comments too♥



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ta Da a New Camera and Shopping Online


Hi everyone,

I hope it’s done snowing out, we didn’t get it as bad as they were saying on the news… thank goodness! It really puts a damper on shopping doesn’t it? Have a shopping trip planned tomorrow but will have to see what the weather is like before I go, enough of this cabin fever already!

We got home Sunday from NC and Tuesday evening I could feel a sore throat coming on, well it turned into a head cold and sinus, thank goodness it’s going away and I’m starting to feel half way human, I was just sick in November so I wasn’t a happy camper but at least held off for Christmas and the wedding. Thank you to all who commented, I’m sure Jenn will read my blog and be so happy to read the sweet comments that you took the time to leave♥

Mr. K and I went to Best Buy yesterday to buy a camera that my son said was on sale, so we drove to the Waterfront to see, actually there were two he wanted us to look at, one was a Sony and the other an Olympus E-PL1 I chose the Olympus, the Sony was just a little to big for me and Chris recommended the one I chose. He said if I wasn’t buying it he was!LOL It was regular 449.00 and I got it for 159.00 and can I say I love it!!! I’m learning everyday, of course it’s all confusing but I think if I do a little sonmething everyday with it I’ll so enjoy it more.

Here is a picture I got from Best Buy’s site to show you, Mr K says it’s my Valentine’s gift and that’s fine with me, I love blogging and really wanted a new camera to post with. Boy, do I feel professional or something… not really there is so much to learn to use it the way it should be used.


Here’s one I took of a new silver lamp and shade from Target…yes, I did it in black and white, yeah me! Just a press of a button, I can’t wait to take pictures of the girls with it.


 The 1st time ever to get a shot like

this of my home, when I took the pic it

was yellow, with a press of a button it

completely changed it! Messy house just

didn’t have the energy.


Now for my shopping on line, hey, I was sick

and bored:) I ordered these running shoes from the Animal Rescue Site, they came today and they are so nice, see the purple paw on the very back of

the shoe? On sale for 26.00 with and get this, 1.00 shipping. We bought a Weslo treadmill for

Christmas so I need them very badly.


My dream came true…I’ve wanted these from

Pottery Barn for a long time, recently they

had all their curtains with free shipping so

I took advantage of it, they should be here any

day, these are for my kitchen BTW.


Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit

even though it had to be a little bit

to much with the camera but I’m sure

you know how excited I am about it and

I also don’t know why the paragraph changed

all the sudden but I’m to tired to figure

it out:0

Have a great evening wherever you are♥