Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ta Da a New Camera and Shopping Online


Hi everyone,

I hope it’s done snowing out, we didn’t get it as bad as they were saying on the news… thank goodness! It really puts a damper on shopping doesn’t it? Have a shopping trip planned tomorrow but will have to see what the weather is like before I go, enough of this cabin fever already!

We got home Sunday from NC and Tuesday evening I could feel a sore throat coming on, well it turned into a head cold and sinus, thank goodness it’s going away and I’m starting to feel half way human, I was just sick in November so I wasn’t a happy camper but at least held off for Christmas and the wedding. Thank you to all who commented, I’m sure Jenn will read my blog and be so happy to read the sweet comments that you took the time to leave♥

Mr. K and I went to Best Buy yesterday to buy a camera that my son said was on sale, so we drove to the Waterfront to see, actually there were two he wanted us to look at, one was a Sony and the other an Olympus E-PL1 I chose the Olympus, the Sony was just a little to big for me and Chris recommended the one I chose. He said if I wasn’t buying it he was!LOL It was regular 449.00 and I got it for 159.00 and can I say I love it!!! I’m learning everyday, of course it’s all confusing but I think if I do a little sonmething everyday with it I’ll so enjoy it more.

Here is a picture I got from Best Buy’s site to show you, Mr K says it’s my Valentine’s gift and that’s fine with me, I love blogging and really wanted a new camera to post with. Boy, do I feel professional or something… not really there is so much to learn to use it the way it should be used.


Here’s one I took of a new silver lamp and shade from Target…yes, I did it in black and white, yeah me! Just a press of a button, I can’t wait to take pictures of the girls with it.


 The 1st time ever to get a shot like

this of my home, when I took the pic it

was yellow, with a press of a button it

completely changed it! Messy house just

didn’t have the energy.


Now for my shopping on line, hey, I was sick

and bored:) I ordered these running shoes from the Animal Rescue Site, they came today and they are so nice, see the purple paw on the very back of

the shoe? On sale for 26.00 with and get this, 1.00 shipping. We bought a Weslo treadmill for

Christmas so I need them very badly.


My dream came true…I’ve wanted these from

Pottery Barn for a long time, recently they

had all their curtains with free shipping so

I took advantage of it, they should be here any

day, these are for my kitchen BTW.


Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit

even though it had to be a little bit

to much with the camera but I’m sure

you know how excited I am about it and

I also don’t know why the paragraph changed

all the sudden but I’m to tired to figure

it out:0

Have a great evening wherever you are♥




cynthialeedesigns said...

Great camera!! I know what you mean about some of them being too big...makes them harder to hold.
Love the curtains that you are getting for your kitchen. We have a Pottery Barn outlet that is about 40 minutes away from here and I love to go there since everything is on sale at the outlet store.
Glad you are feeling better.

Nicole@ Black Cab Designs said...

Congrats on the new camera. Blogging has really made me thing my little point and shoot just isn't cutting it. Thanks for the kind comment on my chair redo, I really appreciate it!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Wonderful camera!! I know you have been wanting one for a long time. :)

Do you like your treadmill? I would like to have one at home so I could exercise when I can't make it to the gym.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Congrats on the new camera! I look forward to seeing your new photos. I could also use one of those treadmills too. Good luck with that! You are lucky to have dodged the snow, we are still digging out here. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well though, hope you are feeling better soon!

Ellen said...

Wow! Aren't you the blessed one indeed! You go Girl with that snazzy new camera! Love the shoes and the fact that it benefits life. The curtains are beautiful! I'm loving your shopping trip even if it is online!


Gina said...

Enjoy all your goodies! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

oh, I am so jealous of your camera! Have fun with it!

I love the curtains, too.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Rondell- You don't know me-YET..But I just got an award for blogging and decided I would pass the award along to the first 7 people that asked Debbie to feature them. So, if you get a chance, pop by my blog tomorrow and pick up your award. I have a link going to your blog there. I am signing up here as your newest follower. I am still growing so I am not a "big blog" but I do have a good solid following of people that respond so you might get some new followers. And, please sign up as a follower for me too...Thanks. ps..I was born and raised in Bradford County, PA. I still miss the mountains. Hug-Diana

simple~needs said...

rondell, everything looks amazing!!!
love the new camera, you got a great deal!!!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Rondell we understand a girl with a new BFF...meaning camera. Love your pics! Finally today back to school for the kids YAY!