Saturday, March 23, 2013

First Day of Spring

Isn’t he sweet? I think I found him last year at Target, he sits on my diningroom table all ready for spring! It’s been windy for the past two days and cold but you can just tell that spring is just ready to burst , at least around here. I know some of you have snow which thankfully we don’t although a while ago there were snow flakes and then it quit!

Easter vigenttes 002
This chubby one is sitting in my entryway, can’t remember where he came from.

Easter vigenttes 006
Here on the hoosier I have the bowl from a North Carolina yardsale with eggs from the Dollar Tree!

Easter vigenttes 007
Really colorful aren’t they?  I just cut up some raffia to use for a nest I think the grandkids will love them.

Easter vigenttes 008

I’ve been collecting different sized candleholders, I just love the look of them gathered together so for now they sit on the shelf above my sofa!
Easter vigenttes 004

You can see a little bit of one to the left, the mercury one I bought at Marshall’s.
Easter vigenttes 003

While I was snapping pictures Buster walked in so I took a picture of him because it’s rare that I can get him to be in one, I think he’s afraid of the camera!

Easter vigenttes 001
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Great Way to Hang Your Plates

Here are my plates that I’ve hung, I know I’ve showed them to you before, as you can tell there are no wire hooks showing are there?

plates2013 004
That’s because I used these Disc hangers ( that I won a while ago from a giveaway and finally got around to using them!
plates2013 001
I must say they are wonderful, all you do is moisten the sticky side of the disc, apply and leave over night to dry! They also tell you what size disc holds how much weight, I have a really big one that I’m saving to hold something heavier that I might like to hang one day! Notice how you can’t see any wire hook thingys, just the plate!
plates2013 008
The plates have been hanging there for a couple weeks and have been just fine!
plates2013 002
Just thought you would like to know how these work and that they hold so very well!
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Spring Mantle 2013

Hello everyone! I hope your having a nice evening, I took some pictures today because although it’s cold out the sun was shining!
I’m so ready for capris and flip flops aren’t you?
I knew I bought the two wicker trays at the church sale for something and for $3.00 I didn’t go wrong! I placed the cloche on the mantle too along with the new, little suitcase.
spring mantle 002
spring mantle 003
spring mantle 010
The eggs are about 30 some years old, I made them in ceramics class and the moss ball I found at Walmart…the last one they had!
spring mantle 004
The rabbit is from TJMax, they had a smaller one but I thought the bigger one would look better up there!
spring mantle 005
The egg cup is from Target with a Dollar Tree egg, looks how it sparkles in the mirror!
spring mantle 006
I tied some of my Baker’s twine around this box, it’s the blue kind!

spring mantle 008
Now for this picture…do you think the burlap lampshade with the red going around it looks better or the plain one that I changed it to? I just can’t decide!
PicMonkey Collage
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Are Having a Wedding in June

Here we are last Saturday at the bridal shop getting measured for the dresses! Sydney, Alex and Samantha!
ektorp sofa II 033
Nicholas is in the wedding too! Here he had just woke up!
ektorp sofa II 041
With the dresses on, not the colors that they will be wearing though!
ektorp sofa II 044
Syd is turning into such a young lady, just can’t believe it.
ektorp sofa II 043
They are all growing up right before my eyes!
ektorp sofa II 034
Samantha Rondell yes, that’s her name♥
ektorp sofa II 039
My son’s daughter Alex such a sweetie!
ektorp sofa II 048
I think they had a good time trying on dresses.ektorp sofa II 040
Beautiful dresses, both brides and prom goers were there so it was a very busy day for the bridal shop!
ektorp sofa II 032
He was such a good boy!
ektorp sofa II 046
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can You Say Ektorp?

I’m so excited to show you my brand new Ektorp sofa with the white slipcover! I so love it, my dream come true! Here it is!
ektorp sofa II 056
ektorp sofa II 050
The slipcovers were so easy to put on too, I worked yesterday so Stush and his brother went to Ikea to purchase it, when I got home it was put together but he said “I wasn’t putting the slipcovers on”, that’s okay, I wanted to do that myself anyway:) I think I may change the lamp shade though and raise the one long picture higher.
ektorp sofa II 052
Closer look oh, and do you like the new apple green pillows?
ektorp sofa 009
Then I got to messing with my stepback cupboard!
ektorp sofa II 053
The newer things are the faux plants on top and the Nate Berkus basket that I got for $10.00.
ektorp sofa II 055
I think I need to put more white plates in it after seeing this picture.
ektorp sofa II 054
Yesterday my daughter and I stopped in Ikea just to look around…warning never go to there on Saturdays the place was packed! The lines to check out were so long of a wait, my daughter said it looked like a herd of cattle, there just wasn’t a place to stop, no wonder the buggies can go sideways.
I did buy some Gerber flowers and the vase! Also the black and white pillow on the sofa to the left.
ektorp sofa II 057
Love the beading around it!
ektorp sofa II 058
I hope you liked the couch, I know I do and one thing I really love about it is that I can change it to another of their slipcovers, they had a beautiful gray one but I’m happy with the white for now!
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Snowstorm and Tulips

Seems like winter just didn’t want to leave just yet, I woke up to this yesterday morning!
snowstorm and tulips 001
But then I looked into the diningroom and knew spring was just around the corner… I just had to have patience!
snowstorm and tulips 006
Thanks goodness for pretty flowers and the color green so that we can have our homes ready for the first day when we look outside our window and see some new leaves on the trees and flowers being sold to plant in the yard!
snowstorm and tulips 004
I watched Nicholas today, he now says Gammy, so cute how he says it…a good day!
snowstorm and tulips 007
I also cleaned this corner out, I just don’t want the room to be cluttered, so to me this looks better! Still looking for a rug too, just don’t know what kind to get…patterned or plain or even a color!
snowstorm and tulips 008
TGIF, well almost, hope you have a wonderful weekend, supposed to be 50 here on Saturday, can’t wait!
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bringing in a Little Bit of Green

Hello everyone! Snowed last night and the night before but you know what I noticed? By noon it’s all gone! Yay!!! I’ve seen robin’s all about so I know SPRING is so, so near! That’s why I’ve started bringing in the green!
While in North Carolina I visited Target in Winston Salem, of course I loved it, went back again matter a fact! On this trip I found this rug on clearance for $14.98. I’ve been looking for one in the apple green color, that’s what I call this color. I think it looks so springy don’t you?

kitchen 2013 003
Tea Towels from TJMaxx!
kitchen 2013 004
Also picked up this hand soap for the kitchen sink, it’s by Method and the design is from Orla Kiely…tomato vine, a very clean, fresh scent!
kitchen 2013 005
I found the owl tea light at Goodwill a while ago and he brings just the right amount of green to the counter top!
kitchen 2013 006
Yesterday I went shopping with my daughter, we stopped in TJMaxx and look what I found…rolls of Baker’s Twine in every color of the rainbow. All for $ 9.99, two rolls for each color…jackpot!!! Because I’ve really wanted some for a while! I found them right where you check out, you know where they put things as your waiting to be next in line?
kitchen 2013 008
What are you doing on this Monday afternoon? I’m cleaning because I watched my son’s 3 dog’s this weekend…can you say a handful? All very good dogs but the dog hair is something I would not want everyday:) Buster is enough!
kitchen 2013 002
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