Thursday, September 30, 2010

White Wednesday on Thursday

Isn’t this the cutest tea pot you have seen in a while? I found it at GW for $1.99 and thought YES! I finally found a white tea pot for my kitchen! When I turned it around this is what I found out what it really was…


A tart warmer! Looks like it has two eyes and a BIG mouth doesn’t it? It’s cute though , I used some small tea lights at first but found huge tea lights at the Dollar Store they last alot longer than the smaller ones also used a gingerbread tart and it smelled so good all day long!


I have the teapot warmer on my kitchen counter bar with this fall arrangement…the small, galvanized bucket I found at a yard sale a couple summers ago for .25 and I plopped in a fall arrangement from Dollar General, $3.00 and added the pheasant feathers, turned out adorable!


I found these fall, glittery, felt/foam leaves at the Dollar Tree too and put them on the Go plate, teacup (underneath) and glass topper that I made Oh and the pumpkin is from the Dollar Tree too. Placemat is from Target ♥ TARGET!


A view of my kitchen window sigh, I’d love to paint the cabinets white and I’m sure I’ll get them done next spring, we are having a huge picnic for my Stepdaughter next summer, she is getting married on January 1st in North Carolina, you know how it is when you are having company one thing in decorating leads to another? I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the cabinets and hopefully some glass doors on some of them, trouble is Mr. I is a do it yourself person but he is short on time and would never pay somebody to do it…so I wait!


The clock you see to the right I won from CSN I love it but just can’t decide or find something to go with it, I’ll take a better picture of it when I get that done:)

I’m linking to Kath’s Faded Charm’s White Wednesday and also Debbie Do’s Garage Sailing Party, have a wonderful day…it’s raining here in Pa. and I work tonight so I’m enjoying this rainy fall day!



Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Fall Decorating

Hello Everyone! It’s been over a week since my last post and I know I missed some parties that went on but I’ve been trying to get some painting done and also decorate for fall. I’m using fall things from last year and I did buy some things from only at the Dollar Store to keep the cost down from switching from one style to another:) So here is my mantel, not the best picture but I think you get the picture, it’s a 7 ft mantel and very hard (for me anyway) to decorate but I think this turned out pretty good. Thanks to all of you who have inspired me♥
This post is picture heavy so I thought I’d warn you ahead of time…this is the middle of my decorated mantel, everything but the white pumpkin is from GW!
To the left on the mantel.
To the right, the clock is from Target which I broke while taking it out of the package.
Now if I turn two things around I’m ready for Halloween, the white pumpkin I bought at Hallmark a couple years ago and the gourd, with the spooky face I found at GW for .79.
The shelf above the sofa!
My coffee table!
A better view! The mercury votive holder from Target (love that store) candle, Pottery Barn, ceramic planter which spells popcorn, GW and so is the tray from GW!
This is on the lower shelf and I added a few sprigs of berries!
On my hutch!
Now this is my entry way looking from the livingroom!
A friend bought me this lighted berry garland, I guess I could clip the stars off. LOL
I have two mirrors that I painted white and I’m pretty sure I’m going to hang one here and keep the mirror that is hanging there also, sort of a wall of mirrors?
A corner of the entryway.
My sewing machine cabinet which is in the keepingroom, which is a room right off the kitchen!
I really like how this picture turned out and love the crocheted runner I found at an estate sale this summer!
Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you to my newest followers I so appreciate all of you!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goodwill Goodies

Changing from one style to another isn’t easy, fun but not easy! Besides changing your colors you have to make decisions about what to keep and makeover and what to sell which isn’t easy either, especially when you have alot of “stuff. ” So far my decisions have just been to paint things white which I have been doing practically everyday but with work, granddaughters and keeping the house somewhat presentable it’s been a challenge to say the least! So what’s a girl to do besides wishing she could just twitch her nose and have it all done? Well, go to Goodwill of course, I know there is always something there, waiting for me to pick it off the shelf and put it in my buggy:)
Such as this adorable little soup tureen, it’s only about 7 inches wide at the very bottom, anyone know what it is used for? It would be to small for soup I think, cost was $3.99!
Also saw these glasses, not a full set but so pretty, I was at Goodwill yesterday just to see if they had put more of these out but no such luck they are more of an aqua color then what the picture is showing, .25 a piece.
This fruit bowl is filled with tomatoes from out plants that we planted… so good, there is writing on the bottom that is to light to photograph, when I got it home I looked it up and it’s worth $12.99…I got it for $1.99!!!
You can see the beaded effect it has around it!
Aren’t these s & p shakers pretty? .99 a piece is what I paid for them.
Here’s a little touch of fall that I have on the hearth and it does seem more fall today with the rain and temps in the low 70’s, maybe today I’ll go to the basement and get more fall things out.
I’m linking up to Kath’s Faded Charms White Wednesday a day late I know:)
It’s Thursday already…the weeks are flying by are they for you too?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Simply Shabby Chic Curtains

Or as Mr. K would say “Shabby Sheick”… gotta love him!
I finally got them up today, the windows are all open and the AC is off and it’s a beautiful day! I love them, so what do you think? I just wish I had a better more expensive camera, the walls look like a pale yellow but the paint color is called Buff.
Here is what it looked like before the shabby bug bit me, I don’t miss it though, that’s how I know it was time for a change.
The chair I had found along the road years ago and had it stained and I had also given to my daughter, since she wasn’t using it and was in her garage I knew it was destined to be painted white.
Here it is distressed and the pillow I found brand new at a yardsale for $3.00 it’s black ticking!
Now I’d like your opinion…I only used one panel where ever I put the curtains, do you think I should use two? I just don’t want a drapey look I still want to be able to view the outside. This is one set of doors on the left side of the fireplace…
In the picture below, door is on the left of the picture and the window on the right is where my diningroom table is, so you see I don’t want a wall of curtains, if you know what I mean. The doors only open on the side without the panel. I hope I haven’t totally confused you.LOL
I couldn’t resist showing the chandy again, the computer in the corner is my Mr. K’s he wants a roll top desk for the bedroom so that hopefully will be out of the corner someday, my lap top is on the table. My dream is to paint the Hoosier white and put the laptop on there, the thought of painting it is tiring though but it needs to be done. 
Thanks so much for stopping by I so appreciate it and BTW I love your comments too♥
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

White Wednesday and Before and After

I finally got my new chandelier up in my diningroom, everything else is a mess but it sure is a beauty…I’m so  in love with “her”.
Of course I’ve been painting and my next project was an old sewing machine cabinet that was given to me in the 90’s, I had stripped and stained it but it was time for a new look and I also wanted it back in my room off the kitchen…here it is in the garage.
Yes, the sewing machine, a Franklin, is still in it and you operate it by rocking the very bottom part and the wheel turns and it still has the different tools to use with it too!
Here it is now, I bought the glass knobs at Target, I missed having it in front of the window with a lamp on it.
The lamp I found for $5.00 at the yardsale, I forgot to show it, this is what I put on it for  now to take pictures.
I still have to do a little distressing but couldn’t wait to get it in here!
Hope you like it!
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