Friday, March 30, 2012

Not Done Yet

I did do some crafting today on two projects but before I get to those…here are my kitchen counters♥
We did get the sink in too, the guys from Lowes were here about noon and right on time!  I still can’t believe the 1983 stainless steel sink is gone and in place I have a black one! Yay!!!

The cupboard doors still need to be put back on and the stove was brought back in on a dolly with me pushing  while Stush pulled it up the two steps from the garage now my neck is bothering me, oh well, all for a beautiful kitchen right?

This is right when they finished!
I think this is a better picture of the sink, I took the pictures right at dusk except for the one above.
While they were busy in the kitchen I tackled the projects, this one I’d been working on for at least two weeks but with working I just didn’t have the time, today I was off so I got it done. It’s a round suitcase that I bought at Tuesday Mornings and I got one coat on before I remembered to take a picture.
Here it is after being painted with a dark beige paint then sanded a lot and around the edges too, I like also how it showed the pattern I painted over. I used watered down black paint on top and quickly wiped it off then tinted some clear wax with dark brown paint and applied that all over. I didn’t sand the black stripe because it was dry but not all the way if you know what I mean, so I may do that but not right away.

I have it on top of the vintage suitcase on my stepback cupboard, do you see the black and white picture above the one I hung yesterday?
Well, I thought I’d try my hand at abstract painting! lol  I already had the frame and got the idea from JoAnn from Double-Wide in the Sky so when I read her post I thought I can do that! My dad painted in oils… so I said a prayer and let the brush do it’s thing. Smile  I could turn it the other way, but this way it at least looks like a sad fish. lol

If you stand back it really doesn’t look to bad if I do say so myself!
If you stand even farther back it almost looks like I bought it that way! Ha!
The long, wooden paddle you see there on the stool was used to stir laundry, my BIL gave me that and I was thinking of hanging it there but wasn’t sure. See the black paint on my couch cushions? I can only blame myself I must have got some on the hammer and laid it there, so after I was done off came the cushion covers into the washing machine they went. You should have seen both of us trying to get them back on after they were done that was a hoot!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I’m a Graduate of Debbie’s Newbie Party


Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a great spring day, love spring, my favorite season of the year where everything seems so fresh and clean and I can’t forget green! It’s a little cooler here now but that’s okay because it’s spring!!!

This evening I’m joining Debbie Do’s Newbie Reunion Party! Because you see I’m a graduate of her Newbie party and right now I’m feeling a little proud, why? Because I’ve kept this blog up and running for a while here even though I was scared to death to start a second new blog not knowing how it would take off but I put my myself out there and tried and I’m so glad I did♥ I’ve made so many friends and I’m always eager to get on the computer in the morning with a cup of coffee at my desk and visit you all, you make my day! Love Ya Deb!!!

Now I’m just going to ramble here this evening, I pulled up more pictures that I took and never posted.

This is my Easter centerpiece in the diningroom, the urn and grass are from GW a couple years ago, I added the egg picks from DT and tied it all up with the prettiest blue ribbon! Easy peasy and I think it turned out so neat! I think I saw this done on Pinterest but I’m not sure!



These are from GW too and they are heavy, tarnished Salt and Pepper shakers!


Happy Spring! I guess I should take the pinecones off the tray now, funny how you see things after you post the pictures that you didn’t see before.Smile



Ahhhh spring, now we get to wear these type of shoes instead of boots and socks!


I know I’ve posted this picture before but I do love it, to me I think it is the best picture I ever took and it wasn’t with a DSLR either. I bought the fresh, pink roses at Walmart and the vase I found at GW, I did really like this vase too, it was ceramic but looked galvanized… but sadly it is no more, hubby broke it taking the Christmas tree down last December, I could have cried but didn’tSad smile.


Well, I’ll end this post with pictures of what my kitchen looks like as I type this! My counters are being put in tomorrow!



No stove, sink or dishwasher, I really can’t wait to see it all done!Smile

I’ll post about it Friday.

Thanks so much for stopping by always so glad to have you!

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Found a Black & White Print

At TJMaxx on clearance for $10.00, I’ve had my eye on it for a while and would look at it every time I was there. Went to the clearance section this past Friday and there it was. Sometimes it’s worth waiting and praying it would still be there, this is the second time it’s worked for me! The quote is from Truman Capote!

I wanted it for right here where I hung it in the livingroom, I know I need a couple more but now since I want the black and white prints they are hard to find, at least for me!

Another view of it, I’m going towards a Pottery Barn look, I love PB and just received the summer catalog yesterday.

A view of my entry and to sort of give you an idea of the layout of my home.

I must have moved on this one, the long grass? in the basket I found at Marshall’s. I placed it by the tv to try and give some texture around it.

I can picture it with more black and white prints and I think it will add more to the area. I couldn’t figure out what that red thing was on the coffee table when this picture came up on my post, then it dawned on me it’s my Put it there after hanging the picture and forgot to move it out of the way .
I hope you enjoyed my post today, I’m also in a better I think what was bothering me was that my sister Judy was getting operated on the next day to remove plaque from her arteries and I must have been worrying about it too without realizing it. She is fine though and really seems to be like her old self again, thank God! Thank you for all your sweet comments on my post, it still completely amazes me with all the kindness out in blogland…thank you♥
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is What I See and Time for Me to Vent

Hi everyone!
It’s time for me to vent! Believe me Wordpress is looking pretty good to me, because blogger is a pain! This is what my blog background should look like, white.
To me this is what it looks like about 95%  of the time! I have no black on my blog except the writing, why it shows up like this I don’t know, does it look this way to you? Please tell me because I’m going crazy here!Sad smile I have tried to fix it so many times I’ve lost count! I’m looking for a blog designer believe me!
Also I went into my settings and blogger had me with word verification as “YES” when did that happen? The only time I had word verification is when I first started blogging five years or so ago! Please tell me if I have or had word verification, I of course changed it to “NO” but it could change again without me knowing it! This is how some bloggers have it and don’t even realize, it changed on me and it can happen to you, so check it ASAP!
Another frustrating thing is my house, it is a mess!!! The ceiling fans are all up and I love the style but I seem to love it in the kitchen but not in the room right off the kitchen! You can see both rooms as you walk in the kitchen door so they have to be the same.
This mirror has got to go, it’s driving me crazy with the it being in the same room as the ceiling fan , see the mess in the mirror? I only work part time but this week I’ve been working everyday and I’m so not used to that!

Here is the one in the livingroom, shiner but didn’t know that, hubby never said, they only thing he said was “It’s different than the other ones”  and I thought he meant style not chromeSad smile
I honestly don’t know what to do, if you have any suggestions please tell! Look, even the couch is a mess, he never straightens it after laying on it watching that monster over there!
It does seem to go with the clock which has a silver face!
I love to blog but I’m being sorely tempted, I’m sure it’s just the mood I’m in.LOL We all get in those moods don’t we?
If I’ve ever needed comments now is the time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Forgot to Show You

The sun is shining this morning, so pretty outside, trees are blooming their pretty flowers and the grass is getting greener and greener by the day! Soon Mr. K will be riding the lawn mower around this big yard. I hope it’s sunny wherever you are!
I’ve taken pictures and loaded them onto the computer and sometimes I just forget that I took them, so today I’m going to show some that I took and didn’t post.
I needed something on the small space of a wall right there between the cupboard door and the door jam, something that wouldn’t stick out and mark the cupboard door when Mr. K opened it(not me,( I’m always careful;0) I didn’t want the pear picture back up there so decided to find something that was flat. About a month ago I stopped at The Salvation Army on the way home from getting my hair done,

I found this breadboard for a 1.39 thinking I could stain it if nothing else. Then I remembered the stencils I had bought at Walmart and my stencil sponge at Hobby Lobby and decided to stencil it. Turned out great and I love the stencil sponge that I had a 40% off coupon and got it for $1.29!
I didn’t stain it, I just left as is, the black at the bottom was already there. It’s flat and doesn’t stick out to harm the cupboard door!
Also took this picture, I went down to the basement and brought out my popcorn crock/vase and the hydrangeas that I had bought from JoAnn’s a year or so ago.
A trip to Target and I found this neat basket for $14.99.
The turtles are from Jamaica, the wood one is all hand carved and I think I paid $5.00 for it. We leave May 26th, our 6th anniversary, for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I’ve never been in the Pacific Ocean so I’ll have to wet my ankles, that’s about as far as I
Here’s another one I didn’t share yet, the rattan vase that I found at either TJMaxx or Marshall’s and paid about $8.00 for it.
This photo is a “just because” I think it’s pretty! I think it’s one of the first pieces of furniture my mom bought when my mom and dad married.
Buster, this is where he usually is with his head on the windowsill waiting for Stush to come home, sometimes he barks when he sees an animal such as a squirrel but when he spies the blue car all hell breaks lose and he takes off running thur the house to the
Have you seen this quote from Will Rodgers on Pinterest? Love it!
Hope you enjoyed my post today, have a wonderful one! Please leave a comment, when I come home from work it’s so nice and relaxing to sit down and read what you took the time to say♥
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loven My Kitchen

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, ours was busy as usual as I’m sure yours was too! Sounds like everyone is having gorgeous weather too out in blogland!
I wanted to show you one of the ceiling fans that my husband put up, it’s one of the three that we bought.. They are all the same except the one that will go in the livingroom is bigger! Do you like them? So hard to chose out of all of them online but I liked the brushed nickel blades, I didn’t want any wood so these just drew me in, they also have a remote, so neat to move up to the tech world! I also liked how well it went with the light fixture over my sink!
With the light on. We are also going to do the under the cabinet lights.
I took the yelloware bowls down, to me it just doesn’t go or maybe I’m just so tired of them, I think that could be the case.
I finally bought somethings to put in the wire baskets, black and white tea towels from TJMaxx and Marshall’s.
In the other one I put my chicken pitcher and the cutest owl s&p shakers plus these little  bowls, I bought both at either TJMaxx or Marshall’s I forget which!

Gives the room some depth now. My kitchen is still a mess so that’s why there isn’t a full picture of it.

I’ve been thinking of using these colors, I love the green color so much anymore. I got my inspiration from this picture that I’m going to frame from of all places…The Dollar Tree!
This is my kitchen right when I was going to painting the cabinets, I think it’s come a long way!
Also still loving this!
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