Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is What I See and Time for Me to Vent

Hi everyone!
It’s time for me to vent! Believe me Wordpress is looking pretty good to me, because blogger is a pain! This is what my blog background should look like, white.
To me this is what it looks like about 95%  of the time! I have no black on my blog except the writing, why it shows up like this I don’t know, does it look this way to you? Please tell me because I’m going crazy here!Sad smile I have tried to fix it so many times I’ve lost count! I’m looking for a blog designer believe me!
Also I went into my settings and blogger had me with word verification as “YES” when did that happen? The only time I had word verification is when I first started blogging five years or so ago! Please tell me if I have or had word verification, I of course changed it to “NO” but it could change again without me knowing it! This is how some bloggers have it and don’t even realize, it changed on me and it can happen to you, so check it ASAP!
Another frustrating thing is my house, it is a mess!!! The ceiling fans are all up and I love the style but I seem to love it in the kitchen but not in the room right off the kitchen! You can see both rooms as you walk in the kitchen door so they have to be the same.
This mirror has got to go, it’s driving me crazy with the it being in the same room as the ceiling fan , see the mess in the mirror? I only work part time but this week I’ve been working everyday and I’m so not used to that!

Here is the one in the livingroom, shiner but didn’t know that, hubby never said, they only thing he said was “It’s different than the other ones”  and I thought he meant style not chromeSad smile
I honestly don’t know what to do, if you have any suggestions please tell! Look, even the couch is a mess, he never straightens it after laying on it watching that monster over there!
It does seem to go with the clock which has a silver face!
I love to blog but I’m being sorely tempted, I’m sure it’s just the mood I’m in.LOL We all get in those moods don’t we?
If I’ve ever needed comments now is the time!


Brandi said...

Your blog shows up all white on my computer. I don't remember your blog having word verification either. Your ceiling fans look fine to me!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hi Rondell! We all need to vent sometimes! Your room is lovely! And I see your blog with an all-white background!

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

Its white! I will let you know if you have word verification after I post this comment.

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

Nope... no WV. And I LOVE that mirror!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your blog looks fine to me! I'm still having problems commenting on some blogs so I have had my share of problems! Wish Blogger had a hotline!!

Love your room, the ceiling fans are beautiful!


Shannon @ Cozy Home Scenes And Cozy Home Kitchen said...

Your blog looks white to me. However, I know weird things happen on blogger all the time. The font of my post headers change all the time and currently I cannot add blogs to my blog roll. Drives me nuts too. Everyone cries "wordpress" when things like this happen, yet in truth I'm sure we'd have some trouble if we were there.

If you don't like the fan, could you paint it? My family has painted light fixtures, so I would think you could paint the fan to make it more fitting with your style.

As for the couch, the only thing I can suggest is throw out the husband....just kidding! Men don't "get" that the couch is there to look pretty, not to lay all over.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow Rondell!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I agree that mirror has quite an ornate frame for the rest of the room decor.. and its NOT messy~!
your background is all white on my pc.. do you know how to go into your html and change the background??
you can email me and I'll walk ya through that. reason for email is I'd need to take screen shots/pics- so you could see exactly what I am speaking of.. text with photo explaination always makes it easier.
email is...

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I pulled up your page codes- using Source. your background is listed there BUT its going Back to default color which is " ffffff" thats whats making it white..

Amanda said...

Deep breath! Your home is lovely, a bit of mess never hurts, just makes your home looked lived in!

I see a white background and I've never had to do the word thingy, I think there was an update a little while ago which may have messed up the word thingy, but I don't keep up with blogger buzz so can't be certain.

Try not to stress too much, we all have 'those days'.

Almost the weekend!!

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

We all have days we need to vent.
That is one good thing about a blog, its a place to let it out.
Your blog is showing all white for me, too.
And I think your house looks wonderful.
If you want to see what a messy house looks like, come over to mine. Hehee!
I think I need two dish washers!! Because no matter how many times I put them into wash, POOF! More appear all over the counter. ;)

If word verification shows up when I click to publish comment, I'll make another comment letting you know.
If not, then its all good. :)

Gail said...

It's showing white here too and its okay to vent! Hope your days gets better my friend!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- That's not so messy! You should see this place when the grands are here-looks like a bomb exploded and I am a neat freak-but I just kind of give it over when they are here.

You are right about the mirror though- I don't think it is "right" for the setting-maybe a bit too ornate for the light fixture-which kind of sets an industrial tone (which I happen to like). You will move things around and figure it out...deep breath....deep breath...

I get disgusted with blogger sometimes, too, but I am afraid to touch it for fear I will screw something up!

Good luck-it will all look better tomorrow!;>) xo Diana

Gina said...

Ok, first let me say, your blog background is all white.

Second, don't sweat the mess!
We all have a mess every once in awhile, or some of us, ahem ahem, may have a mess more than one in awhile! LOL To be honest, I don't even see your mess.

Third, I love the mirror, but I guess if it's bothering you with the ceiling fan, I'd move it. happy that at least your pillows are still ON the couch. Mine are usually thrown about the floor for everyone to trip on!

Anne said...

Your blog looks fine now.It is frustrating isn't it.I think your home is beautiful.I stress out too much on keeping up too.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Blogger can do some strange things sometimes. Your blog background is white with black writing as far as I can see! And it's not asking me for word verification!

I have just about resigned myself to a mess here lately! Just remember....this too shall pass! :)


Winterwood said...

your blog shows up white here too. I am going mad with blogger too as a few months ago it ate up my quick pencil editor and I cant get it back and cant quick edit - I am slowly losing it with blogging because of this. but... keep at it!

love your ceiling fans!

cynthia lee designs said...

Your blog looks okay to me. It is a white background and the only black I'm seeing is the lettering.

CAS said...

Venting is fine; you're among! The only black I see is in the one block of your blog header with your blog title. I've never noticed word verification on your blog, but I did go & check mine to make sure mine is still off & it is. Good luck with everything.

Your fans look good, maybe they have a bit more of a modern look than you are used to.

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Your blog is totally white for me right now so don't worry about that. When I get frustrated I try to remind myself that houses are meant to be lived in. Once my husband remarked to me "Who cares? This isn't the White House." I've always remembered that and use it to keep perspective. I'll let you know in another comment if the WV is on or off. Hope you have a good weekend...Ann

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

WV is off. Woohoo!

Kelly said...

Oh yes! I know I get in those moods plenty. Why do men insist on having the biggest tv they can fit in a room or afford? My husband just bought a bigger one for us and then added a sound system to it. While I'll admit it is nice, now I can't get him away from the tv to do anything around the house! See? Now, it's my turn to vent. Ha! I also had a problem with my blog recently where all my followers just disappeared! I feel your pain with Blogger.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Your blog is all white on this end here too. Your picture looks like you might be viewing it in a different mode at times perhaps. Looks like maybe your viewing it in a reader mode or maybe google plus or something? IDK! I just signed up for google+ because I could no longer add any more photos to picasa. Some how google and blogger and picasa are all entertwined and the upgrades all seem to affect each other in my opinion. I think your house looks great. Try moving the mirror and see if you new fans grow on you more. I'm sure there is another place in your house you can place that pretty piece. I totally get the overworked thing. What I can't figure out is why I am still blogging even thought I'm so tired and have so little time. LOL! Hope you have a great weekend!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Rondell it's showing up white on my end, but I know all about your frustrations with blogger! I just started to be able to add new blogs to my blog list after two months of not being able to!! That drove me CRAZY!! I love that mirror, maybe you could find a new place for it in another room.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Hi Rondelle...thanks for following me.
I only see white.
My hubby would flip over those fans....but our ceilings in the MH are too low for them....
My couch is always a mess...except in pics...real life!!

About Me said...

Your blog shows up white on my computer. I know the frustration of things changing and the time and frustration it take to figure it out. I've had it that if you follow my blog via rss feed and place it on your homepage it will not up date since Dec. 2011. I've found no solution after hours of searching. My facebook page stopped updating my feed about the same time, so it has to be with the feed. So I understand and it's ok to vent. Venting helps with the frustration. I've thought about going to wordpress but of heard frustrations stories with wordpress as well.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your blog looks all white to me! That should make you happy. The ceiling fans look great! Didn't know about the word verification suddenly reappearing! That's NOT good! Will post now and then come back and let you know if I had to do the word verification!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Just so you know, there was NO word verification that came up! Enjoy your day!