Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas things 2 019

Merry Christmas to all and thank you for stopping by all year long, I really love hearing from you!
Taking a few days off for the Christmas season I hope you all have a wonderful one.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Santa

My hoosier is in the room off the kitchen, when I was into the prim style I called it the Keepingroom, now I really don’t know what to call it. Anyway, I painted the hoosier gray but to me it’s has a blue cast to it and
I don’t want that so, soon it will be another color, I added the chalkpaint to the doors and always
have fun with them…now it says Merry Santa, the grands always get a kick out of it.

Christmas Viginettes 003

I promised to show you my S&P’s for Christmas, I haven’t found a set for this year yet though.
I usually find them on sale after Christmas.
Christmas Viginettes 004

Now for a Grammy moment!
I know we have all been to Christmas concerts and parties this year, here are mine.
I first went to Alex and Nicholas’ Christmas party at their church…this is Alexandra/Alex, she performed at
the Hard Rock Café again this year, she sings beautifully!
Next is Nicholas my one and only grandson (so far)
all dressed up.
Then their Santa picture taken with iphone.

Tuesday I went to Samantha’s concert, so cute I took this with my iphone… so not
as sharp as I would have liked.
and with her class.

So how are you all doing?  I just can’t believe it’s going to be Christmas in three days can you? lol
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Home Tour 2013

I’m joining the Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes like I do every year, wouldn’t seem like Christmas without her tour.
I’ll start with the livingroom, my mantel constantly gets changed around and this year I brought more red into my home,
so when I saw the wreath at Target I had to get it along with a couple bottle brush trees.
Christmas 2013 002
Here is my newest Christmas pillow isn’t it cute?
Christmas 2013 008
And my other one on the other end of the couch.
Christmas 2013 009
Above the couch on a shelf some of my collection of old bottles,
Christmas things 2 023
On the other end is this and a snowflake votive !
Christmas things 2 024
My diningroom is open to the livingroom…
Christmas 2013 004

PicMonkey Collage
Christmas 2013 016
I didn’t do to much in the entryway, just moved a chair there and filled the tarnished silver bowl with pinecones and candycanes.
Christmas 2013 020
Or the bedroom except for some white poinsettias.
Christmas 2013 021
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree and Other Decor

My Christmas tree is basically the same as last year except for a few new
ornaments and different styled faux presents under the tree. I used Target
giftwrap and ribbon I had in my stash. That also is still the same velvet
skirt too, I remember my husband almost chocking when he paid for
Christmas things 2 010
Here are my newest ornaments, I always enjoy going shopping after Christmas, love getting
a good deal on them,.
My granddaughter bought me this black and silver lamp from Walmart, thank
you for thinking of Grammy, Samantha.
The owl I bought from Walmart too, I thought they had a lot of nice ornaments this
The bottom left are one of three birds I bought at Macy’s after Christmas sale last year. He is
much bigger than he appears in the picture and I think he is felted, they had been more than
I’d ever pay but got a great price on them. Next is a silver glittered shoe, love me my shoes!
PicMonkey Collage
I added some books to this chair to lift up the silver bowl a bit. I’m still loving
this blue.
Christmas things 2 017
I decorated my scale different this year on the hoosier, with an old Rumford Baking tin
sitting on some greens. Do you like my owl S&P’s? I think they are cute, I’ll show you all
my Christmas S&P’s in another post.
Christmas things 2 006
I added some white poinsettias to the bedroom in a milk glass vase. The owl bracelet
sitting in a white dish I bought on the streets of New York City.
Christmas 2013 021
I’ll be back soon with more, some days there isn’t any sun for good pictures so I have to hurry and grab my
camera when I can if it’s out.
Thanks for stopping by I always appreciate you!
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Red

Hello everyone, how are you holding up with Christmas just
weeks away? I started decorating right after Thanksgiving,
we did put the tree up but didn’t decorate it, and I’m so
glad I did because Christmas has come really fast this
year. I’ve started shopping earlier this year too.

Today I took some pictures while the sun shined at times.
I found this centerpiece at Michael’s I put it in a wooden
box and I added the pinecones. I have it sitting on a
runner I bought a couple months ago at TJMaxx knowing then
that I wanted to add more red to my Christmas decorating.

Christmas things 002

After I took the picture above I tried it with this frame I
had painted blue. I like it but just not sure about it,
I love it with the red.
Christmas things 003
My hairdresser gave me two sets of these Christmas dishes for a service of 8,I just love them, they were bought at Kohl’s and I think they go well with the
feedsack runner.

Christmas things 004

Christmas things 006
You can see my tree in the background.

Christmas things 001
I kept this vignette the same as last year but did add some twinkle lights.
Christmas things 005
I bought the red mirrored tray… in fact I went shopping for one and
found it, first time that has happened. See the little snowflakes I
made? I used some sort of baby yarn from Walmart. They turned out so
cute, they even shed a little so it does look like snow.
Christmas things 007
I love the look of different candle sticks all arranged together don’t you?
There is brass, ceramic, mercury glass, silver and pewter. Different
shapes and textures. I love adding red this year in my home.
Christmas things 008

I hope you had a great Monday and are finishing up with
your decorating and baking oh,and shopping too.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Little Bit of Target Christmas

Yes, I went a little crazy  among the Christmas decorations at Target, who doesn’t love Target, I know I do.
I wanted to do something different this year for Christmas, I loved last years decorating but
loving to decorate means
trying something new/different to see if you like that style…and I do, it’s fun! The wreath and the wire NOEL caught my
eye right away so into the buggy they went. I knew the wreath would be right at home on the chippy
Christmas 2013 012
Then I saw this Merry Christmas garland with the red and black used on it and
thought it would look great on the fireplace but you can’t pull it up in the
middle because it ruins the look of it. So to the hutch it went, I sort of like it
Christmas 2013 005
This snowflake pillow I bought last year at Target and love using it on my white couch, this is the
first year of Christmas for my Ikea sofa.
Christmas 2013 009
I had to move the desk for the Christmas tree so the chair got moved to the
entryway. Love the tarnished silver bowl with the pinecones and candy canes,
the colors just go together don’t they?
Christmas 2013 020
Are you finished decorating? I am somewhat, I know a lot of past Christmas decor is going to
the yardsale this coming summer, I’ve finally had enough of storing it and not using any of
it. I have more to show…I’ll be back soon!
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Past in the Diningroom

This is my diningroom 2012 which I really loved, I’ll probably do the same only I think with more red this year.
My favs are the green apples and the center piece, love the neat iron holder with handles, right now it’s filled
with baseballs but my most favorite thing is the way the sun is shining thur onto the table.

Christmas 2012 008

Love the polka dotted ribbon and for this year I bought two more rolls of it!
The diningroom and livingroom are one long room so I’ll show some of it to you.
Christmas 2012 009

My mantle I really liked it, I stenciled the JOY onto burlap and framed it then use
a sparkling snowflake to make it special.
Christmas 2012 002

This is the tree without the black polka dotted bows
Christmas Eve 009

The feather tree I found at Marshall’s a few years ago and have
it sitting on a milkglass cake plate.
Diningroom 2012 001

This is also in the corner of the diningroom
Diningroom 2012 006

Thank you for stopping by…have you started to decorate yet? I
have and I’m still not