Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Mantel and New Centerpiece

How are you all?  Beautiful here today, blue skies and fluffy white clouds but a chill in the
air …only 51 degrees today.
I wanted to show you my Halloween mantel before Halloween is over…gheese this month
has flown by hasn’t it?
First I’ll show you my new centerpiece that I put together, I got tired of the basket, the box
the jars and vase are sitting on I found a couple years ago for $4.00 which says “Varnishes”
on the one side.
I went thur my stash and found two jars in the hoosier plus the vase, added cracked corn in all
of them and some sugar maple smelling tea lights
halloween mantel 002
I put a larger candle in the middle one but didn’t care for it, I like it like the
above picture. The tin witch is from Goodwill.
halloween mantel 001
Do you like my banner?
halloween mantel 003
Here’s a closer look…I found it this year at Goodwill for a
halloween mantel 004
halloween mantel 005
I hope you are having a great Sunday, thanks for stopping by!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The View and my New iPhone 5c


Well, we made it to the View and it was just so much fun. The wait in line was about 2 hours (so worth it ) but the weather was great…a wonderful fall day in NYC!
Whoopi was off that day (so disappointed) and I’m not a Harry Potter fan but it was still neat to see and be a part of. They had free coffee and pastry while you
waited outside and they were all very nice.
After the show was over Barbara Walters came back out and thanked us
all for coming, which I thought was nice of her.
During commercials you could ask them questions, I got to ask where Jenny got her glasses from, she said she gets them for free (so envious ) and the ones she had on that day were an Alexander Daas, she needs to wear glasses because she’s blind as a bat she says, and contacts just pop out on her. She is very pretty btw.

PicMonkey Collage

This is where we waited in line before getting inside the studio.
Of course we shopped on Canal Street:)


This is where we stayed.
This…  we think was Carrie’s home for Sex and the City in Greenwich Village.
These next few brownstone homes are on the same street as our hotel and were built in 1854.
and we ate!!! Little Italy!
Sorry this one blurred, I used my new iphone for the pics, so much easier than lugging a camera around. This is a pic of the cabbage plants that I love but can never find around here.

This is my new iphone it’s pink but I think it is more a coral myself, my first iphone and I’m loven it I learn something new everyday on it.

I think our next trip will be sometime next spring.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I’ll Be at the View Tuesday Morning



Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Sunday. I’ve been getting ready for another trip to New York City, we leave

tomorrow morning and will be sitting in the audience at the View…I’m so excited to see them all in person.

I’ll be gone till late Wednesday evening. They don’t scan the audience to much on the View but I will be

wearing a short sleeved red sweater and sitting by my bff who will be wearing pink. They do tell you to wear

something bright and we are also going to try and get close to the front, which means getting up early Tuesday morning.






Hope your all having fun decorating for fall. I’ll be back Thursday to tell you all

about it. Ok?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Church Lamp…Score

Hello everyone, yesterday was gray and chilly but today is sunny and I’ll be heading out for my walk/run,
yes, I said run, soon. At 62 I’m adding it to my exercise routine. This will be my sixth week of doing it, meaning
walking fast and then a burst of running. My stomach has went down and I feel fit and healthy. You see almost 9 months ago
I quit smoking about 2 packs a day, never did I think I could quit but I did using the patch and a generic one at that! So,
I figured if I can quit smoking, (I can do anything!!!) I can lose this 15 lbs. that I’ve gained since quitting, believe me you gain weight whether you want to or not.
Now to the lamp, I’ve had it in the basement for close to two years, I found it at a church sale for $2.00. I
was going to try painting the shade like I’ve seen it done out there in blogland but it was to dirty and looked
Here it is :
PicMonkey Collage
I have it on the end table in the livingroom, the lamp I had there was to tall, this one looks a lot better and sure saved me money!
The new lampshade is from Walmart.
lamp redp 006
One other thing I wanted to show you is the new teal pillow that I found on sale at Kohl’s, new
picture above the couch is from TJMaxx.
lamp redp 004
lamp redp 005

Michael brought all these baseballs home for me from Annapolis, he umpires down there.
lamp redp 002
lamp redp 003
We have had such a pretty fall this year mostly weather wise.
lamp redp 009
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Peacock Blue Pumpkin

Hello everyone! A little chilly here today so the windows are closed and an extra blanket is on the bed.
I had some Peacock Blue spraypaint left from when I did my desk chair here, and decided to give this lonely old pumpkin a coat of it. It’s now sitting on my mantel along side a very old lantern that I found at auction, it has very sharp prongs on the bottom so a candle can be used inside.
I think the pumpkin turned out cute don’t you? Also wrapped
some twine around the stem.

blue pumpkin 001

I brought out my Halloween guy that I had found at GW.
blue pumpkin 004
I think he’s a cutie! I like happy Halloween
not scary!

blue pumpkin 003

Pumpkins seem to be all over the place here, I never know how many I have until I get them all out. 
blue pumpkin 009

Brightens my kitchen counters!
blue pumpkin 010

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

2 Church Sales Over the Weekend

I’m doing a little work on my blog so bare with me, I like to change it around, I missed my pictures in the header
I don’t plan on weekends like this past one but I must say it is so nice when they do work out to gather some treasures, such beautiful weather too.  I had forgot about both sales … a sign and my son reminded me 1. His church food fair and indoor flea market. 2. The sign reminded me of the one I always try to make, they have one in the spring and fall.
I always find neat things at my son’s church every year, last year I found
Wicker trays for $3.00, so I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would find something neat this year too.
I think I did very well, I spied this ironstone sugar bowl for $2.00, an older lady was sitting where you paid and said she had brought it in and mentioned that she had the teapot to go with it in her china cabinet. It’s a nice sized sugar bowl, doesn’t have the lid though.
 blue pumpkin 011
Sorry for the blur on this next picture…it’s Martha Stewart Wrought Iron Sconces, which were originally $25.00 and found them for $5.00!
blue pumpkin 012
I figured I could use them if Jenn ever took the hutch, I’d love someday to get a dresser. Until that day I could maybe use one in the bathroom and one under the cabinets in the kitchen. It even came with the light bulbs.
blue pumpkin 013
A bunch of placemats were piled on this wrought iron wall hanging, I could see the very top of it
peeking out so I had to investigate. Loved it when I could see all of it, didn’t have a clue where
I could use it but for $2.00 I figured it was worth taking it home.
blue pumpkin 014
I’m so glad I bought it, put the picture back in the other room
and hung this one in it’s place.
blue pumpkin 015
At the other church sale all books were .50 so I bought a few, I like
this cookbook and do plan on making the Spinach-Feta Stuffed Chicken soon.
blue pumpkin 007
Great down to earth recipes inside.
blue pumpkin 008
A brass planter also for a $1.00, brass is becoming popular again so I figured I’d snatch it up. I’m working on something that I know will look so neat on top of it, hopefully
I’ll be done with it soon.
blue pumpkin 006
I did find some pinecones with some florist wire wrapped around them but didn’t take a picture of them, I think you
would all know what they look like.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Diningroom 2013

Remember these Dollar Tree plates I bought either last year or could be the year before?  And I know you
remember the ironstone gravy boat for .25 at a yard sale in May, my lucky day, they are looking pretty good in the hutch for

chest of drawers diningroom 009

This is my view from where I sit at my desk. I added the fall wreath to the shutter and put my white stool
underneath it.


This year I put a tray on top the little ladder with my cloche and black and white pumpkins.


Same centerpiece as last year too. Just so easy to move when we eat our dinner here!


chest of drawers diningroom 006

Fall flowers and my chalkboard Rooster.
chest of drawers diningroom 008

Thanks so very much for stopping by out of your busy day, I watched Nicholas today so it’s early to bed tonight.smile

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mantel Love

Hello there! Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of October, right?
I’m really liken my mantel this year,
I used four of my crocks that I have had for years, you wouldn’t believe how many I do have down in the basement.
Anyway, I thought I’d use a few this year for a little bit of a rustic look.
Oh, and while I’m thinking about it the owl pillow on my sofa in my last post I bought at TJMaxx or Marshall’s, a few of you asked about it in the comments.
Actually the two on the mantel and one on the left side at the bottom are called salt jars, a primitive mason jar if you will, you can feel the salt on the sides of them. Found these early in the 80’s so only paid a few dollars for them.
I think it all looks so nice against the white brick, one of the best things I ever did was to paint that fireplace, smile!
I’ve had the grapevine wreath and wanted to use it this year so wrapped some faux bittersweet from GW around it and added the blackbird from DT.
Believe me that is one budget friendly wreath!
PicMonkey Collage
Always use the checked pumpkin from Target…this is the left side of the mantle. The grapevine pumpkin is from JoAnn’s I bought it last year!



I wanted another pillow with just a bit of blue in it so found it at Walmart.
I think it goes so well with the Peacock blue chair, don’t you?
I hope you are having a beautiful Fall Monday!
I’ll be joining these parties…I can’t wait to see all the Fall inspiration out there!
Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!