Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Monday!

How is everyone today? Our rain here has finally stopped and we are having 90 degree weather and

sun, so everyone is in a better mood it seems!

I wanted to show you how my flowers have progressed, the picture below shows when I just planted

the window box this spring,

Summer 2015 008

here it is now! Whoa!

July outside 008

The butterflies love them!

July outside 007

Remember my hydrangea that I bought with my fingers crossed?

This is what it looked like after I had cleared all the dead leaves

off of it!


outside 2015 003

I about fainted one day when I noticed this bloom, boy, would my mom

and dad be proud, both had green thumbs!

July outside 006

I have know idea what this is, coleus I think, looks cute in my blue

rusty watering can!

July outside 002



Now on to some things I have found!

I finally found a pom pom throw that didn’t cost an arm and leg, I found

this at Target online. It’s so soft!



July outside 001

These croquet balls caught my eye at the antique fair this past May! I’d love

to find more!



Summer 2015 005


July outside 003


I’m thinking on painting this wash stand a light gray or white, will see what happens!


I’m so glad to be back blogging again and so happy many of you supported me also!

Love you all!

I’ll be back soon!


Amaze Me Monday!

Inspire Me Tuesday




Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Laptop Died

That's why I haven't been posting, well that and  recovering from my operation. When I was recovering I really didn't feel like posting because there wasn't much to post about except for
how great my family was at the time and how well the nurses on my floor took care of me. Also
 just thankful for being alive, it was touch and go there for a while that night! I'd like to say also
that if I hadn't stopped smoking over two years ago I know in my heart that I wouldn't have made it!

My laptop was old with windows 7 and not being computer savvy I didn't want to go on to windows
8...scared to death but here I am now with windows 8 and soon it will be windows 10!!! On my old
laptop it would get so hot you couldn't touch it an then would shut down without any warning,
it did it once while I was writing a post and it was all gone so I decided to wait, my son had my new
laptop and had to return it. So I'm back now and ready to decorate!!!

Now I can't load my pictures from my iphone or camera, my son is coming for dinner tonight so maybe tomorrow I'll get back in the swing of things after he shows me how!

Here are two oldie but goodies, I don't like to post without pictures, for you!
This bench I found at a yardsale for $15.00, Michael was home this past weekend, he is putting his
cottage by the bay up for sale and I gave him this to put in his mudroom.


I have so much to show you!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th to you friends! I hope your having fun with your family and friends!



I pinky promise to be back soon