Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter Blahs

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been gone for a while
but I guess I just hit a brick wall with blogging
plus it is January only three more days and it will
be gone for another year! It’s been hard doing
projects because of the weather and temps, we
have had some cold weather here in Pa. I asked
Stush bring in a dresser so that I could paint it.
I got a lot done on it but then ran out of paint,
we ordered the Deco Art paint from Home Depot.
So here it sits in the keeping room which I am turning
into a tv room and I don’t know if I’ll keep my desk
in here or not. The drawers are all done just have to
put a second coat on the body of it then wax it!
PicMonkey Collage
I’ve decided to clear out a lot of “stuff”I
see many of you doing the same and I know one
thing it has made me feel better. We have the
snow and cold here in Pa. until March so I try
to do some changing around like moving things
that have been in one spot for a year or more
and changing vignettes too! This is my coffee I
I did I’m loven the black, white and green!
january 004
Of course shopping is the best therapy, I
love to shop! I took the wire baskets from
where I had them above the stove and moved
some cookbooks over but then I was stumped
until I saw these cute little bowls at TJMaxx!
i phone 018
I always have trouble with a centerpiece for my
diningroom table because we do use it practically
everyday so I was looking for something that could
be moved easily. I found this basket on the
clearance shelf and knew this would be easy!
january 011
Thanks for stopping by, I promise to be back
again this week…happy hump day!
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year and Favorite Posts of 2014

Happy New Year everyone! We had a great Christmas and New Year although my son Michael came
home from Annapolis and got the flu so I didn’t see him until a few days after Christmas as he was
at his in-laws when it came over him! A lot of people out there were sick and little ones too, can’t wait
for warmer weather but that’s not happening any time soon, we have had cold weather but no snow and that’s
what they predicted in the Farmer’s Almanac this year.

Here are my favorites from the year 2014:
Last year in January we started out the new year with a trip to Pittsburgh  where we had a really great time!

iphone 014

My Valentine’s Mantel, I’ll be doing this soonSmile:)

bar cart 008

Freshened up my Hoosier

hoosier 1214 007

bedroom 2 012

Nate's rug 007

flowers 2014 007

new york city 029


Christmas tour 2014 016

I hope you enjoy looking at my posts from 2014 and I’m really excited
to look forward to this new year!