Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pittsburgh, Mt. Washington and Nicholas

Hello all you Eskimos out there, I’m sitting here with a throw over my lap (a new throw btw) like an old lady, I’m freezing’',
it’s 3 degrees out and I know we haven’t had this Artic freeze as long as some of you but I m tired of it
already. The kids had no school today and a 2 hour delay for tomorrow morning.
In my last post I mentioned that we went to Mt. Washington, I took some pictures and thought I’d share
a few with you.
This is the Point and where the 3 rivers meet Allegheny, Monongahela and the Ohio rivers.  At one
time there was a settlement on the Point also.
iphone 015

This statue really impressed me as it was huge and made of bronze, it’s George Washington and
Seneca leader Guyasuta.
iphone 010
iphone 017
You can see the bridges to the left, I think I count 3 of them.
iphone 014
Then we all went for lunch at Mario’s on the Southside.
Really good food there and nice family atmosphere too. Then on to the movie where we viewed
American Hustle, very good but not what I expected. Jennifer Lawrence played a great part so
I’m anxious to see the Oscars this year to see if she’s nominated.
iphone 022
Christmas was wonderful, we couldn’t wait for the kids to come, Nicholas loved his Thomas the Train riding toy that I
just couldn’t resist buying him.
iphone 007
iphone 008
I’ll be babysitting him Thursday and I can’t wait to see him and get him to show me all his Christmas toys.
I’ve also been sick but I’m feeling a little better today.
I’ll be joining these parties:
Show and Tell


Betty W said...

Sorry to hear that you are ill. Take care of yourself with rest and plenty of liquids. Your Grandson is so cute.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- yes- I miss my home state of Pennsylvania!!!!

That little Thomas the Train is our little CJK's favorite new toy. He brought it here and raced all over with it- so much fun to see them- xo Diana

Kelly said...

Looks like you had a nice little get away. It was very cold here last week but is now feeling pretty darn good! I actually wore short sleeves today and the sun came out after a heavy rain this morning. Hope it is warmer in your region now too.

Carol said...

That looks like a wonderful place to see, Rondell. I love American history and historical places of interest. Pennsylvania is on our bucket list of places in the USA to visit someday. Oh, I remember Thomas the Train -- was our grandson's favorite toy when he was little. Y'all have certainly had more than your fair share of winter weather. Hope it clears up soon, along with you feeling better!

Deserae said...

Beautiful pics!! Your grandson is such a cutie pie :o) Hope you are feeling much better SOON?!?!?

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Wow, what a gorgeous view! I love American history and appreciate you showing some of the historical points here. It looks like a fun day! Your grandson is so cute! I know he love his Thomas the Train! Thank you for stopping by may blog today! It's great to see yours too!