Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally Painted My Hoosier!

Going from one style to another is FUN and HARD work let me tell you! Picking the right paint colors to me is stressful to say the least! I wanted to paint my Hoosier cupboard a neat color but just didn’t know what shade it would be until I saw my free sample from Valspar's Jade Bath. So I tried it out on a cutery carrier I had had for a while and really liked the color.
Here is my Hoosier  when I was prim…yes I made that sampler you see there and I mounted on a bread board.
I still have all my crocks and salt glazed jars which I found back in the 80’s for $3.00 each.
Here it is now, my husband said it looks white to him but it’s not as you can tell by the runner on the table and the white single drawer shelf there to the left on the wall!
I used a soft setting on some pictures, this is looking in from the kitchen, I’m thinking of taking the ceiling fan down and adding a new ceiling light…that would be another decision to make:)
I like what I have here, the scale I found for $5.00 at a community yardsale last year, the bowl is from GW and the letter holder is from TJMaxx or Marshall’s.
We were at Pat Catan’s yesterday, my daughter had to get tea cups for Samantha’s birthday tea party today, I found these all white sea shells and three starfish(I bought all they had left) the tea light on the scale is shaped like a seashell and I found that at GW and also the S&P’s.
Not to happy with what I have on top the two glass holders are made from Dollar Tree glassware and the rusty birdcage is from Marshall’s. Don’t you just love cool return register’s? I’m thinking a neat basket up there to hide it would be better!
Of course I kept the original hardware which is at least 100 years old, I bought this hoosier for $100.00 back in the early 80’s from a 100 year old man’s estate it was white with black and red decals on the center of each door, I think now it is the prettiest it’s ever been.
Here is a peek of my livingroom with the soft setting, the only slipcover I can find on the net is PB and that is about 149.00 for it! See the hall wall right between the picture of Syd and the cupboard with all my milkglass? I’m looking for a picture to go there so far no luck!
I’m liking what I’ve done so far, seeing it on pictures gives some satisfaction, are there other areas that I haven’t done yet sure is but I’ll keep you posted on them, after all I have all the rest of spring and summer to do them! Have a wonderful day!
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Thanks ladies for hosting, they are always fun to go to!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box(with a little help)

How are you everyone? Was your Easter good with family and friends? Ours was…the three little granddaughters were so much fun and next year there will be another one to make an Easter basket for…we are surely blessed♥
Here is an under $10.00 idea and very quick to do, always like them quick and easy, I found this idea from another blog and of course I didn’t write the name of the blog down so  if anyone knows please let me know and I’ll give credit where credit is due, ok?
Do you remember this washstand I painted? It had been redone in an oak stain and I never did care for it so I finally bit the bullet and painted it. I used Valspar Cafe Blue then watered down brown craft paint over it, it’s now used as a nightstand in my bedroom.
I was so stumped about hardware for it, I didn’t want to use want I had on the kitchen cabinets or the diningroom hutch so there it sat and sat and sat until I read about this great idea and thought I’d try it.
Here it is with the drawers and door opened so I didn’t have to take a draw out to open one or the other!
Here it is now…for handles I used ribbon from Walmart called French Block Black.P4260581
Love the pattern on it!
Believe it or not they are just as strong as regular handles only I’m sure after a while they will wear and have to be replaced:)
Oh, and I finally found my glass knob, found it in my hutch drawer so added it here!P4260583
Until I find something that I love I’ll use the ribbon.
I thought it was a really neat idea don’t you think?
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Skeleton Keys!

Just a quick post this morning before I go to work, I didn’t even start the big project that I mentioned I’d like to do in my last post, just not enough time what with working everyday till Easter. I did take the time to do this though…very quick and easy and I think sometimes we need these quick ones so that it satisfies the creative goddess in us!
I started with a GW frame that I found for .99 and painted Cottage White ( because I still have alot left ) and these faux skeleton keys I found at JoAnn’s for half off!
A scrap of drop cloth fabric…don’t you just love this stuff?
My trusty little glue gun, I love using the smaller glue guns!
I have some walls that are bare so my focus right now is finding something for them and although small it will be a great filler♥
I don’t have any black glaze but I do plan to find some soon, so I watered down some black craft paint and used that instead, I think it turned out neat!
The cost? About $3.50 to do, makes me happy:)
Got to go get ready! I’m linking to these great Friday parties:
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Thanks lady’s for hosting, always so much fun!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Cutlery Carrier!

Gee, guess I needed a vacation from a vacation huh? Travel to and from Jamaica was not good and running thur the airport carrying heavy luggage was just not good for me at all! I woke up Monday morning with pain under my left shoulder blade and couldn’t take a deep breath without pain so off to the chiro I went! I had a rib out of place that was causing the pain and the only thing out of the ordinary I did was the heavy luggage and running with it, I went back today and I’m feeling much, much better…thank goodness!
So needless to say I haven’t felt very creative at all but yesterday I did manage to paint this cutlery carrier, at least that’s what I call it, I bought it at the flea market years ago! It started out a dark, varnished wood then when I was into prim I had painted it a mustard color and put a stain over it.  Dark and stormy here so I tried pictures in the best places I could
When I got home from vacation I found my free sample of Valspar paint waiting for me, such a cute free kit I thought.
The color I chose was Jade Bath, here is the picture of the paint I hope it shows up good on your computer! Looks gray on mine but like I said the weather here in Pa. is gloomy today. Believe me it’s a very light blue with a greenish hint to it.
I’m a little disappointed I thought it would show up better, I couldn’t wait for another day because I work everyday till Sat. evening. I think you can tell by comparing it to the crocheted runner it’s on and the curtains that are to the left.
Some distressing I did with my detail sander, love that sander because without any pressure from me it gives great distressing! I also added mocha glaze to it very lightly.
Look at the bubbles in the glass of this Mason jar, I have a whole box full of them that I traded with my sister for a prim crock bench…no more looking for ball jars anymore I have more than enough in my basement!
Another picture of it, such pretty colors!
I’m keeping it here for now!

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I hope to be back for Friday's parties too, I’m going to really try to get a project done that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Thanks Ladies for having these great parties for us, so many ideas and inspiration out there!!!
I do love reading your comments they make it all worth while don’t you think? A huge thank you to my newest followers and one's that have been following you are the greatest!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Jamaica

So much fun!

Hello everyone, I’m so glad to be back to blogville again! We had a great, wonderful, fun time and it made turning 60 not so bad, in fact I didn’t even think of it all day long!
I’ll show you some pics and let you see for yourself, I’m busy with all that you have to take care of once your back from a week’s vacation, yesterday I washed clothes and it seemed like I did that all day long…the traveling was very exhausting, to get home I changed planes three times!!! We left Jamaica at 7:45 AM and pulled in our driveway at 11:00 PM (we gained an hour) after all the travel time and plane and luggage changing they had lost one of my suitcases containing all my jewelry, dirty clothes, shoes and my Derma Wand…I can’t be without that! so I was a little upset but thank goodness they brought it last evening with everything intact:)
Here are the pics:
This is where we stayed (Riu) and we passed this Fan Palm everyday, it just fascinated me.
I’m in the middle and on the left is my bff Lynda and on the right is her husband Mike who sat in back of me, in school, from 7th grade on! Great friends!

The sunsets were just breath taking, I used the sunset setting on my camera!
My birthday at Rick’s Cafe!
Mr.K turned 61 the next day:)
Another sunset!
A flower in our faucets in the bathroom in our room!
We were here everyday right after breakfast.
Me…the walls were a coral color with with trim but forgot to take a pic of it!
Bar on the beach!
Our pool area.
Grammy’s feet…lol!!!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures…turning 60 wasn’t to bad:)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting To Know You!

I saw this on Southern Comfort in a Northern Life and thought I’d join in, Keely is hosting Getting To Know You:

the q's.

1. do you weigh yourself?     Once in a while…I go by how my clothes fit, if I weigh myself everyday I become paranoid.LOL


2. what's the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?   Frog legs when I was about 10 years old!


3. snail mail or email?   Email I guess, it’s so much quicker especially if your waiting on an answer to a question!


4. do you have any irrational fears...what are they?  Snakes(hate them) spiders and the ocean, I’ll only go up to my ankles…I guess I’ve seen to many scary movies.


5. do you play an instrument?   No, and I’ve never wanted to!


6. would you rather be bitten by a snake or attacked by a bear?   I guess a snake although I would be flippen out with either one!

7. do you ever go braless in public?  Only in the morning when I run to Kwik Fill for some Delight coffee cream, I figure if the college kids can come in in their pj bottoms and slippers I can wear a coat over a pj top and no bra:)

8. today i am thankful for........................?

My faith and My husband…he is the best!!!


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