Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What I’ve been Up To and My New Ride!

Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the rest of this summer,
I can’t believe it’s August already and reading blogs have found that some kids
are going back to school already.
I’m trying to enjoy these last weeks too but to say this hasn’t been the best 
summer of my life is so very true!
As you know I was discharged from the hospital the beginning of May having
a perforated gallbladder, well last week I rammed head on into a car in front
of me
that had stopped to turn left, I took my eyes off the road for two seconds and
that’s all it took to total my white car! I was taken by ambulance to the same
hospital, I was laying there thinking “I can’t believe I’m here again” oh, and did
I say that I had my granddaughter, Samantha in the car with me? She was fine,
thank God the air bag didn’t go off on the passenger side because she doesn’t weigh
a lot. Yes, every Grammy’s nightmare, we are both bruised from the seat belts and
my right arm was cut and bruised from the air bag, but we are both alive and okay.
We had a rental car… then yesterday we bought this car a Ford Escape which we both
really like, I haven’t driven it yet though…still nervous I guess! Anyway, that’s why I
haven’t been back to blogging and also computer issues, learning how to do everything
on this new laptop with Windows 8 and soon Window 10!
So I think I’ll just randomly share some pictures that I’ve taken over this period of
not being able to blog regularly.


Sorry about the iphone picture of my Hydrangea but I’m so happy with it,
to have it bloom so fast is just amazing to me:)

Shopping at Kohl’s… I did buy the blue ceramic basket!

I shared this Pyrex casserole dish on instagram and a very nice lady who collects Pyrex said
it is called snow garland. It is my son in laws late mothers! After I poked around
more I found a glass lid for it and a smaller version of this one with lid, I
think it is such a pretty blue. I


I have been playing around a bit with my livingroom and actually took all the colored
pillows out and had the room very neutral
But…it just isn’t me, I need color although I do adore the whites/neutrals and you
ladies that have it do it so well. I even moved my little, wood ladder by the sofa for
an end table. I still have it here and seeing if I still like… so far so good!


Well, friends this post has taken me so long to do, learning this tech stuff is so tiring…
my brain is fried with it. I’ll keep on trying though because I’m missing all of you so


cynthia lee designs said...

Sorry to hear that you were in an glad that you and your granddaughter are okay. I've had Hydrangeas for 15 years and some years I get tons of blooms and some years just a few blooms. This was just 3 pink blooms.

ANNE said...

What an awful thing to have happen! So glad your granddaughter wasn't seriously hurt and hope you recover soon.

I like your new car. Rest rest rest!!!!


Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Thank God you two only received minor injuries - it could have been much worse. Glad you're on the mend and your new ride looks great! It's only natural to be very cautious now about driving but you've learned a valuable lesson and hopefully you'll be back to your old self!

Stacey said...

Bless your heart! I sure hope your summer improves!

Kelly said...

Hey! You and I have the exact same car now! Mine is the same color as yours too. Good choice. You will loooooove it. I love mine and it's already a year old. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt worse than you were. Accidents happen to all of us but it's never easy to deal with! Your new car should automatically turn off the passenger side air bag if the weight of the person isn't enough. It's a nice protective device. I love the last pic of your sofa with the little step ladder beside it holding your lamp. I think the all neutral look works in your room! But of course, I'm the opposite. I have to get used to having color in my house and you're the other way around.

Brandi said...

So sorry to read about your surgery and car accident. I can imagine how frightening that was. Glad you and your granddaughter are both okay.