Monday, July 9, 2012

Pictures I’ve Taken and Never Posted

Do you ever take pictures and then not post them? I do, so I thought I’d show you some!
This is my livingroom, looks so much better with the fireplace white don’t you think? I want a brown leather couch with nail head trim, I’m so tired of the blue, denim one believe me it will never wear out. I also want a glass top coffee table too! I’ve been haunting Craigslist like crazy!
Here is my window boxes, I later added sweet potatoes vine to it.
Aren’t they so neat? I didn’t know I could buy them around here, I don’t think I’ve ever saw them until I started blogging.
Bought these green chairs at Lowes for around the pool.
Here are my sun faces, as I call them, the one below the shelf I bought in Cabo and the little blue one to the left of it I bought there too!
We went to the flea market a couple weeks ago and I got this hanging basket for $5.00!
Found the planter for $2.00 at a yardsale, love the dish that is attached underneath it.
The Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. You can see someone tracing a name!
The guy in the red shirt kept getting in my way but the man in front of him stood for a while saluting.
This is some of the length of it…so sad and so quiet there.
This picture shows you the names and how close they all are together and if you look at the picture above it is mind boggling at how many are on there.
The Lincoln Memorial
I wanted to show Syd the WW II memorial where her great granddad served.
He was in the Navy and in the Pacific so I tried to figure out which battle he would have been in. I think it was Midway, I never ever heard him say one word about the war, nothing! The only thing I did find out … he was one of the ones that helped get the dead soldiers out of the water. It just wasn’t talked about in our home, I was the baby of four and young, then a teenager so I didn’t even think about what he may have went thur.
I’ve been here twice and both times I choke up, I just didn’t know!
It’s beautiful there…if you ever can go see it!
I’ll be partying here!

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{ Kristen } said...

You've added so many lovely touches to your home! Washington DC is such a wonderful place. Loved your pictures :)

Leslie said...

I love your livingroom ~ very pretty.
I live in Baltimore and been to DC a pile of times and I have not visited the wall yet. I am putting that in my Fall list!!! great pictures.

NanaDiana said...

When I visited the Vietnam memorial I just broke down and bawled. I found it very, very emotional. ALL those names and people, young and old, that gave their lives for freedom. Very touching.

Great photos all the way around- xo Diana said...

Great photos! I do take a lot of photos that I forget to/decide not to post. I like putting them all together in one post. Your home is lovely. I also love using sweet potato vine in containers!
I'm following you back! Thanks for the follow!


Gina said...

I haven't been to DC since I was a teenager. I would love to go again! There is so much we don't know when we are young, but it all becomes very real & very touching when we are older.

Your living room looks great! I think its funny because you want a brown leather sofa, which is what I have, and can't wait to get rid of! lol

Kelly said...

Those are some great pics! I've never been to Washington DC. My husband would love all of those war memorial markers. He is a huge history buff!

cynthia lee designs said...

Your living room looks great!! We have a brown sofa with the nailhead trim, but ours is suede instead of leather...we love it.
I went to DC when I was 10 years old and have not been back since then, but we sure would like to go again someday.

Michele Smith said...

Your living room looks great!
I've never been to D.C. my son went last year though. I think my Dad would love to visit, he is big in history.

Hubba said...

Such a cute website! I'm a new follower and would love if you followed me back at

Liz Thackeray said...

Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog. So glad I did! There is so much great stuff here :) I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Washington. I live in Arlington, VA (just across the river), and love it here. I love your planter boxes that you found! I'm a big yard-saler, and am always on the hunt for good finds and good deals. One website I've been using is I love it because it maps out local yard sales for me! Just thought I'd pass that along!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

That's so neat you shared your unshared photos. I have a reason for not sharing mine. LOL! Your flower box looks very good. Mine are a mess this year as some things died while other things lived and I haven't replaced the dead plants yet. My front porch flower boxs only have the sweet potato vine living right now. It is very hardy! I love it too!
We hope one day to visit the wall. It's so nice you took your Grand to see it. I think that is such a meaningful trip that she will remember for a life time. Thanks for sharing!