Monday, May 5, 2014

Decorating Mishap!

 The other day I got the idea to put all my black books together on my bookcase shelf, I’ve
seen it done and loved it each time! But the basket was up on top
of the hoosier and my hubs wasn’t home. So instead of getting the
little ladder I use around the house I tried reaching and lifting the
basket full of books up and over the little ridge on top of the hoosier.
easter and grocery sign 006
Of course…. I dropped it and everything came tumbling down
easter and grocery sign 005

My poor plant and what hurts worse is the terra cotta pot, it had aged on it’s own so nicely
and I sure liked it but
now it’s gone! Here is what it looked like before

hoosier 1214 013

easter and grocery sign 008

Have you ever had this happen to you?

What a
easter and grocery sign 009

Thank goodness the wicker bottles didn’t fall and break, everything is now
back in place! Why didn’t I get the little ladder in the garage or wait
until hubs got home? I guess I just wanted to see the end result to fast … the book-
case shelf did come out nice!
easter and grocery sign 007
Here are my grandkids at our little Easter egg hunt!
easter and grocery sign 001

easter and grocery sign 002

easter and grocery sign 003

easter and grocery sign 004

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, thanks for stopping by!



Kelly said...

Oh my goodness! I knew what was coming as I was reading your post. Yes, I've done something similar before. And it's a very bad feeling. Sorry about your broken pot.

Angela Santaniello said...

ALL. THE. TIME. This is completely classic of something I would do. Like rather than taking two minutes to get a ladder I will be balancing on something and, in the end, knock it all down. :(

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Dawn said...

Oh darn it, I hate it when things like that happen. I do the same thing thought, get to lazy to get the step stool out.

cynthia lee designs said...

Oh no!! I just knew that something bad was coming as I read your sorry to hear that the pot broke.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

It happens sometime. Glad nobody got hurt.

Carol said...

Cutie pie grands, Rondell! I get impatient like that, but I'm only 5'2'' and everything is "high," so I always have to get at least the tall step-ladder or the regular ladder. Too bad about the plant and clay pot & the mess, but the end result is great!