Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Will Be Fantastic…I Keep Telling Myself That

 I bought this wood chair at the community yard sales that I went to for $2.00…score! Didn’t know what to do with it but I had bought Mediterranean blue spray paint by Valspar last week so decided to use that just to see what the paint color looked like. Now, can turquoise and Mediterranean blue be used in the same room?
Here’s a closer look…right now my home is a total wreck and I’ll admit I’m soooo overwhelmed but I keep telling myself that the outcome will be fantastic…I keep telling myself that over and
I found this coffee pot/teapot at Goodwill for $3.99, it was there one week and the next week it was still there so I bought it…it was sort of calling me to take it home! It does have engraving around the top of the pot, sort of like a frieze design? It’s very pretty!
 This morning while I was blog hopping I read a post about their having a bird nest in their stainless, steel BBQ( sorry, can’t remember whose blog it was) and couldn’t use it which   reminded me of when, about 8 years ago, my youngest son and I lived together…
which the wreath looked like this at the time, the nest was snuggled right in the center of all the ivy you see there, trouble was I had it on the front door. We both worked  retail so would sometimes come home after dark and every time my son would come home mama Robin would fly out and scare him half to death,lol. Not me though, maybe she knew I was a mother too and that I wouldn’t hurt her babies.
Well, I still have that same wreath and the nest is still in there but today I decided it needed a facelift! I spent $2.00 at the Dollar Tree for the flowers and I love it! It hangs above my potting bench on an old, chippy window that I picked up at someone’s curb garbage a few years ago!
I better get my house at least vacuumed…tonight I’m going to see Sex and the City 2 with a couple of girlfriends.
Just thought I’d show that I haven’t caved in with this massive(to me) redecorating.LOL



Kimberly said...

Hi Rondell, I'm so enjoying your transformation!
Take care, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Remember, there are no rules, it's what you love! said...

the chair looks great! I love your window and wreath!
I think it was donna (funky junk) with the bbq grill. funny!
thanks for voting for my project! I appreciate it.

Katie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! :) And I TOTALLY think that chair would look awesome in a room with turquoise. Beautiful color!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rondell,
I love the color you painted your chair. I just picked a wooden bird in that color at our local craft shop...been looking at them for weeks and there was only 2 left, so I decided that I had better get it. I only have a few pieces in that color right now, but I'm sure loving that color.
I feel like my house is messed up right now looks like a mix of two styles, but lots of the primitives are going in a garage sale. So I'm trying not to worry about the bare spots and just enjoy the hunt for new items. Even changing my crafts for my shows this Fall to my new style.
I have lots of blogs on my sidebar with this style of decorating if you want to check them out and adding your new one there as soon as I done here.

Kathleen Grace said...

So glad to meet you! I think you can mix lots of different blues, the chair looks great in that color. The wreath looks wonderful, Aren't we glad some people don't see the beauty in a chippy window? It makes for great curbside shopping.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Rondell, the chair looks so pretty in that color!
I'm glad you are still up to the challenge of changing your style. May it be a fun experience! Who knows, you might change a lot of us! LOL!

Now I'm going to read all your past posts.

Have a great day!

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

I am so glad to hear about this color. I have picked up that can of spray paint in Lowes and put it back every time. Seeing it on your chair tells me that I love it.

Thanks so much for the sweet note today :)

Sailing Simply said...

I think the color looks great! Enjoyed the story about the birds nest in your wreath. I've had them try to build nests in my all the time too an it's on the front door. I run them off though from that one! LOL! I have to draw the line with them somewhere, we have nests all over! Your new flowers look wonderful too!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I am so HAPPY for you. I love the colors that I see, and YES change is good. I am a follower of yours again!!!!!Also, I have you under my favorites!

Kathy said...

Love the color of the chair! I'm going to have to find that one! Great makeover for your wreath too!
I am visiting those who follow me! I truly appreciate you!

Kathy said...

amazing the new life you can give to a $2.00 chair!
How cute it turned out!
Coffe pot is a beauty and your wreath redo = great!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Tina said...

Hi Rondell. I really love the blue colour of your chair and I adore your wreath. I would love to have a potting table like yours! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, I try really hard to keep up with followers and I am so sorry I somehow missed you. I am so happy to have found your gorgeous blog and am up to catch up on all I have missed:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx