Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Quick One Today!

Hi everyone!

I’m working on my kitchen today so this will be quick post!

HOMEGOODS was fabulous but wasn’t expecting the lines that were out the door at  11:10AM, they had opened at 8:00AM! People were coming out with carts loaded and we wondered if they would have anything left in the store! I did forget my camera but did take pictures with my new phone, I just have to wait for my son to get here to show me how to load the pictures onto my lap top, I tried but it didn’t work and of course there is  no instructions in the little book that came with the phone! Wish the store was closer I’d get a job there of course I wouldn’t have much of a paycheck left.LOL

I’ll leave you with pictures of Nicholas at 8 weeks now, he just looks like my son who is just thrilled with him!

Here he is at two days old!P8291333

8 weeks, wish I had got some when he woke up but was having to much fun with him to think of pictures



He’s such a sweetie!

Be back soon!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Precious! :D

*so what did you buy*

Gail said...

He's adorable! When Home Goods opened in our area, it was the same way. I just waited for a few weeks and then went back.

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Aww... he is just beautiful. I love new babies, they smell so good and their cheeks are so yummy! Not to mention their feet. Now I can't even look at my boys feet without saying YUK! HA!

Gina said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Home Goods. Your grandson is beautiful! I bet you want to smother him with kisses.

andrea said...

Beautiful baby boy! God's gift to everyone. andrea@townandprairie

Zuni said...

Hi, Rondell! Thanks for visiting me and following me--it brought me to your blog just in time to see Nicholas! He is sooo cute! Congratulations to all of you, and blessings! Doggone it! I missed a sale at Home Goods?!! Must've been some sale! I wouldn've traveled miles for that! LOL

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful child! He is just darling! I love Home Goods and ours was the same way when it opened. xo Diana

cynthia lee designs said...

Your grandson is so beautiful!!

Michele Smith said...

I wish there was a home goods closer to me. I've only been once and that was in Texas when I was visiting family.
Did you buy anything ?
Beautiful baby boy! I LOVE babies.
I LOVE Debbie's comment too LMAO
I LOVE babies feet, but I cringe when I see my 11 year old's feet LOL
I am just not a foot person.

CAS said...

Nicholas is just precious! We do love our "Grands," don't we?

So happy for you that you now have a HL. I didn't have one close until we made this last move. I was in mine a couple of times a week at first, but now I only go once a week....lol!
:) CAS