Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little Bit of Patriotic!

I have missed so many great linky party’s this week but didn’t want to miss the one for the The Vintage Patriotic Party at Common Ground and other ones too! I have a little bit of time here today so I’m doing this post earlier than I usually do. This area is so far from the house that I hope I remember to water the flowers in the vintage planter which I found at a yardsale, it’s made out of pressed tin and was so rusty, I actually sprayed it with flat white paint a little because it was getting just to rusty looking for me:) The birdhouse I bought years ago, it seems anyway, so I gave a one coat of flat white paint and put both the planter and the birdhouse on tree stumps…thank you Mr. Ice storm for providing the stumps!
I know it’s not alot but it’s all I can manage right now…hey, I did get my front door painted and the ugly, out of date storm door taken off, I’ve been trying to get the Mr. to do this since I moved in here. I wonder what it is when you throw a big party everything that you have wanted to do with your house gets done all at once it seems.LOL I’ll be showing pictures soon of it and other things I’ve been up to, I’ve been a painting fool I tell ya!
A further look away! Can you see all the pine needles on the ground? I guess they are a blessing it’s just that sometimes I wish they would just go away!
A little straighter picture below.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and has a great 4th of July, we live in a great country, land of the FREE! We have to remember that always…traveling I’ve often stood and just marveled at the beauty of the country I’m in but then I remember that they don’t have what we Americans have… Freedom of choice and I feel so thankful that
God decided he wanted me to be born an American!
I’m joining these great party’s, thank you ladies for hosting even though you are so busy too!
Common Ground for Vintage Patriotic Party

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Party @ French Country Cottage!


Remember when I finally painted my Hoosier? You can read about that here i you’d like!  Anyway yesterday, for just a few minutes, I played around with it, I always seem to want to do that right when I’m supposed to be getting ready for work, and remembered the box of blue ball jars I had in the basement! I wondered how they would look on top of it since I had painted it Jade Bath from Valspar paints.


I like how it turned out especially for the summer months, can you believe how we are heading into July already? Time flies when you are working on everything around you doesn’t it?


Here is a full picture, sorry about the early morning shadows, the weather here in SW Pa. has been cloudy and stormy for the past few days!


I also was rummaging around in my “stuff” and found this blue ticking napkin and I know I have three more somewhere! So I thought for summer I take away the crocheted runner and use this instead!


Here is a full picture of the room off the kitchen, I switched the flowers arrangements and like it alot better!


Now off to work…  again but I’m off tomorrow!!!

I’ linking to the French Country Cottage for the Summer Blog Party!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Some of the Back Porch!

OMG ladies we been so busy trying to get everything ready for the wedding/picnic on July 9th and you know how it is you get one thing done and then your like well the area right next to it needs done and on and on and on! That’s what is happening around here, right now the front door is all taped off and ready to be painted but I leave for work in an hour.LOL Been thinking of quitting but trying to hold off because it just might be a mood I’m in right now and feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going on. I did get the kitchen door painted a Cottage White but it is still on saw horses waiting to get put back on, you maybe wondering where Mr.K is in all this well the people he hired to asphalt his parking lot that in rents out to college kids decides to do it this week of all weeks!!! Well, enough ranting…thanks for letting me!


It’s not all done yet so I’ll just show areas to you then hopefully before the wedding I’ll be able to show it all in you picture for you. It’s a long porch and there is so much to do to get it ready…here is my swing, love it! The blue and green striped pillows are from Walmart and the dandelion one is from Low’s, the little table that I found at a yard sale for a $1.00 was painted white but I bought Peel a Boo blue spray paint and gave it a coat of it. I spray painted all my birdhouses white! BTW the Noah’s ark looking thing in the background is our boat still covered and not in the water yet, that’s how busy we have been.LOL


Our table, free and I just gave it a fresh coat of black, the chairs I bought on sale at Rite Aid and you can also see the outdoor rug I found at Lowes this past February for $40.00, the border is green so I went with a blue and green theme this year!



A new For a Buck store just opened up downtown and I found all three candle holders for about $4.50 this store adds on to $1.00.LOL I found the green/blue towel there too!



In my last post I asked for some advice on what to do for my potting bench and I took your advice…so here it is, of course I ran out of drop cloth, I was just using what I had so I have to pick up one soon to continue around the sides.



I hung the gardening tools on the window like Terry at Terry @ La Bella Vie suggested, thanks Terry!



Then hung my watering cans where I had the gardening tools!


Another white birdhouse and some red geraniums, you all were right it did need some color on all that wood!


Well, gotta go and get ready for work, next week my daughter is on vacation so I will have more time to get more things done!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drop Cloths for Benches!

Good morning Bloggers!  I’m up early to go and watch Syd and Sam then this afternoon take them to dancing recital practice…a Grammy’s work is never done!:)
I thought I’d add some pictures of two projects I’ve done with drop cloths, if you have never used a drop cloth for a project try it and you will be so surprised at there versatility and ease of use, I know I was hooked!
This was my mom’s little footstool, I painted the legs white, actually I’ve covered it twice!
Here is the first time I covered it with a pillowcase I had found at a estate sale for a $1.00 really loved it but I found my taste changing and wanted another style and truthfully wanted to try the grain sack look everyone was doing! Here is the pillowcase with the pink rosebuds!
and it all done!  So pretty but I couldn’t leave well enough alone.LOL
I just had to try the grainsack look so went to Lowes and bought a dropcloth, they are so inexpensive! Here are the tools that I used! I know we all have these but thought I’d include them for the newbies out there that may be reading this.

I found this one picture of it done and it’s now in my enteryway!
I also used the dropcloth on this bench I found for $15.00 at a yardsale last summer, I first covered it in fabric I found at JoAnn’s!
Pretty but wanted a different look!
Remember it is so easy to do, I love the newest look to it!
I’m linking up to My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia for the dropcloth  link party going on!
Stop by and see all the fabulous projects going on!
Gotta run!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you leave a comment, you know how they can make you smile even on a crappy day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chalkboard Paint for Summer!

I’ve always wanted to do this but just never got around to it last summer so when the  Summer Block/blog party started up I was bound and determined to get this done, to finally paint some planters like what’s on the paint can.
I just did the rims of the planters, don’t ask me why maybe it’s because I ‘vet worked two weekends in a row and we are trying to get everything done before the wedding/picnic on July 9th so much to do and it’s either so hot out or like this morning rainy and cloudy! I guess it will all come together before then:)
So here they are…I know, I know to much space between the two he's I’ll fix that before the 9th…hopefully! I also used chalk ink from Michael’s, so much better than regular chalk!
Here is a peek at my potting bench Mr. K built for me, I’m still not done adding to it. Does anyone have any suggestions, I’d be so happy to have your help on it, sometimes another pair of eyes can see something that I don’t especially with all the other projects I’m trying to get done:0  The window is from my BIL’s family home garage and heavy isn’t the word for it!
I did find these on sale at Joann's for 60% off and hung them on the side or do you think they would look better hung on the choppy window on either side of the glass part?
Seems like I need more color down here on the shelf too!
I do like this arrangement but seems so skimpy or something!

Talk about painting projects I still have these to do, I didn’t give them a fresh coat of paint last summer so this year they really are screaming for me to do it ! This yellow is called Yellow Crème!
The large planter is from Walmart, love them because they look so real but are light as a feather! I got the top part of this vintage chair done and still have to do the very bottom. I have four of these chairs in different styles and all were given to me!
I hope you enjoyed reading my post today, stop by the block party to see what everyone’s been doing!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!




This is my son Michael, no he's not a dad yet:) Although he is old enough, 35 years old but not married yet, he lives in Annapolis, Maryland and just became a homeowner this past year, Annapolis is about 4 hours away from us so I do get to see him on holidays and weekends, he came home this weekend and is golfing and I’m dogsitting he dog:) The reason I showed you his picture is because he is the "picture" of my dad, same mouth, same eyes and yes, if he styled his hair in the 30's look, same hair although he has it covered here in the "cool" style.



My dad is in his 20's in this photo and I don't blame mom one bit for falling in love with him, I think he is quite handsome, mom told me once that they meant at a carnival on the ferris wheel, little did they know that WWII would seperate them four long years. He was a very hard working man and loved his garden, I think my love of vegetables is all because of him, he would explain to me how each vegetable was good for my body:) to this day I think the only vegetable I don't like is eggplant! I would give anything to eat his corn and tomatoes again....sigh.  I was the baby of the four children and was his little girl…even at the age of 60 those feeling and memories just don’t go away…Love and miss you dad♥ 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fooling With My Sewing Machine!

No, not the kind that you sew on and make beautiful pillows and drapes and bed skirts. I’m talking about the old one that was given to me years ago that I have in the room off the kitchen, I never know what to call that room by the way.
I was just sitting here with my lap top blog hopping and my eyes rested on that sewing machine and I thought at that moment that it needed something else on it besides the lamp and African violet that I haven’t killed yet, four years and it’s still alive a major thing for me with plants! So I remembered that I had two of these milk glass compotes, one I bought at GW and the other one given to me at a yardsale each worth $12.00 I looked it up on Google:) Anyway I filled it with shells and added it to the sewing machine!
I then added a picture of Sam when she was two on a black picture holder…P6160976
I found this floral arrangement at a moving sale last weekend for a $1.00! I thought it was so pretty for the warmer weather.
It’s hard to take pictures at 8:15 at night and it’s also hard to decorate the top of that sewing machine, always did have a hard time with it!
Here’s another pic of it, I think I like it and hope you do too!
Thank you to my followers and the newest ones too… love you all! Hope your having a great evening with family and frriends!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Yardsale Finds at The Nester’s

This is what the bench looked like when I bought it, see below what I did with it!

Good Morning or afternoon!

The Nester is having a linky party about the best yardsale finds ever so I thought I’d show a few of mine that have come my way over the years, alot is still in the basement waiting to be sold or painted. I’ve been visiting yard sales since the 80’s so I’ve bought alot and sold alot at our annual yardsale at my sister’s house every August and this year will be no different…can’t wait!

I found this desk at my sister’s yardsale about four years ago, a brown wood with a railing all along the top of it for $20.00, my husband removed it for me and I painted it a barn red and it was fine until I went from prim to a cottage look a year ago. I think it looks just dreamy painted white don’t you?

I moved the chair aside for a better look at the desk! The top flips up and I keep my address book in there plus tissue paper and cards!
Beautiful Ball jars that I traded for…a whole box full of them!
They go so well with everything and every style of decorating I think!
I found this bench at a yardsale right up the road, the lady wanted $20.00 for it but she was cleaning up for the day and I got it for $15.00! Pays to get there late sometimes! I painted it white and recovered the orange seat with a drop cloth and then painted the black stripes on it, sigh, I so love it! The black ticking pillow, brand  new, at another yardsale for a $1.00!

When I first painted it I had did it with this pretty fabric but soon wanted the feedsack look and I’m much more happier with it now!

I think I paid $5.00 for this aqua suitcase, what a find it was, sooooo vintage and old…
especially with the initials on it in brass! I wonder where this suitcase has been?

Here is another find that I still have, I just can’t bring myself to sell her, a $1.00 is all I paid for her! I painted the frame black when I was prim and I’m not sure if I painted it white it would look good or not, what do you think?
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