Sunday, November 16, 2014

Part Two of Vermont

Hi everyone, Happy Veteran’s Day!
I think I left off on my last post when we were visiting Stowe Mt. After that
we went to Ben & Jerry’s where we took a tour of the factory ate ice crème
and watched and listened to an employee tell about how it all started. It was
very interesting!

vermont 055

I couldn’t tell if this was chalkpaint or not but I thought it was pretty neat, we
were at a restaurant in Burlington, Vt. and all the doors were like this.
vermont 016
Hubs and me with the Green Mountains in the
vermont 042
This is the burial plots for the Von Trapp family
vermont 048
Here is another view of the mountains.
vermont 049

After saying good bye to our relatives we took a ferry and
crossed Lake Champlain, it took about 30 minutes.
vermont 057

vermont 059
Little islands!
vermont 060

vermont 061
They frown on having docks on the lakes so they have boat
houses instead that you can see on the left. We took the
scenic route home which was beautiful!

vermont 062

Hope you enjoyed seeing Vermont, I loved all the scenery…it is a very beautiful state!
I still wish I could have brought their Good Will home with me.LOL
I’m also working on something, I have it all primed but today it turned to cold to
work on maybe in my next post I’ll give you a peek at what I’m working on!



cynthia lee designs said...

Beautiful photos! I would love to go to Vermont someday.

Suzan Sweatman said...

How fun to see this- I've been to Vermont many times ( we had lunch once at the Von Trapp lodge )
I live in Montreal - so not that far at all!
Thanks for sharing.

JoAnne said...

Vermont looks really beautiful. I just love New England - we took a trip to New Hampshire last year and I loved it. BTW - I like your hubby's Steelers sweatshirt! : )

NanaDiana said...

I absolutely love Vermont and have not been there in years. The last time I was there we went to the Bear Factory in Burlington and my daughter picked out a bear. It is a beautiful state. xo Diana

C.D. Loken said...

I've never been to Vermont-but your wonderful photo's sure make me want to be there right now!!